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Friday, 3 June 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 010.

One. Dream Catchers. 
I can't remember a time where I haven't had a dream catcher above my bed. I couldn't tell you why I love them so much, but I absolutely do. I think they're beautiful.  

Two. The Body Shop. 
I remember when I was about 12 or 13 my mum took me down to The Body Shop and I was allowed to pick out my very first make up items. I was so so excited about being allowed my own powder, blusher and mascara and I've loved The Body Shop ever since! 

Three. Hand Cream. 
I used to really dislike the feeling of cream on my hands but recently my hands have been super dry that I've had to get over my dislike of hand creams. My absolute favourite is the shea butter hand cream from L'Occitane but I also really like Hand Food from Soap and Glory.

Four. Bloggers. 
Beauty blogs were the first to introduce me to the wonderful world of blogger and since then I've discovered so many wonderful blogs from baking to fashion and family life to literature. Of course, like everything, it's got it's bad points but social media is a really amazing thing and there would be something missing from my evenings if I didn't have any posts to read from my favourite bloggers. 

Five. Maxi Dresses. 
Images from ASOS.
Everyone should have a maxi dress in their wardrobe because I'm pretty sure there's one to suit absolutely everyone's figure somewhere on the high street. I don't have lovely toned and tanned legs so I'll be living in midi & maxi dresses this summer. I can't believe it's taken me twenty two years to discover the maxi dress. I've been missing out!

What have you loved this week?


  1. Yes! I love Body Shop as well.

  2. Not sure if you've seen my blog post on it, but you get a £5 Body Shop gift card with this month's InStyle magazine! I'm also a Body Shop lover :) and Hand Food!
    I think the things I've loved this week are mainly: strawberry laces (I'm in revision mode & these are easy to sneak into the library), Nando's Hot Peri Peri Sauce & the sunshine of course!
    Lovely post as always!
    Elspeth xxx

  3. ahh, such a lovely post! I'm a fan of the Body Shop too.... I love that they now do the animal soaps again, they were one of my favourite things to get for Christmas as a kid! x

  4. Hand Food smells really nice, it's my favourite. Must check out L'occitaine soon, too. My mum has some of their products - might steal some this weekend! x

  5. I adore dreamcatchers, my friend is thinking of getting a dreamcatcher tattoo which will be so lovely! We have the same two favourite handcreams Jennie - handcream is essential in a waitressing job haha (: Hope you're well honey! xx

  6. I love dream catchers! I have one, and love it so much, it's not left my room in about ten years! xx

  7. i keep on meaning to try out hand food, i've heard good things about it! :) i love body shop too for the same reason, although i tend to only buy the body butters and make up remover now a days xx

  8. I love your five love posts Jennie! I got a gorgeous dreamcatcher in Portugal this year to go in the house I'm moving into in September with a huge window.. can't wait :)

  9. my boyfriend's mum has the full set of soap and glory stuff and i love going round there and using it all in the shower, always smells so delicious!

  10. I made a dreamcatcher onee =)

  11. I love dream catchers I always have them above my bed and so does my little brother, the are meant to be a filter so that they capture all your bad dreams so you only ever have good dreams!
    Maxi dresses are the best although i only have 1 which is crazy xx :o)

  12. I love dream catchers! I always used to have one in my room...need to get one again as I do miss having them!

    Love hand food, it smells gorgeous and makes my hands feel so soft!


  13. I love Soap & Glory products. Their Scrub of your life is a must! =)

  14. Thanks for the shout out :)

    I also now have the urge to get my hands on a dream catcher!

  15. Thanks for the Friday Love Jennie! I'm addicted to Soap and Glory everything...I'm so drawn in by the pink and the clever quotes ;) xx


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