Sunday, 22 April 2012

Life via Instagram 005.

Peter Pan collar & glasses. // My pink ombre is back! // Silly face. 
Ralphie being a cutie pie! 
Exporting a new YouTube video. // An Instagram milestone! // Cute polka dot dress
Sweet chilli udon noodles with tofu. // Making pasta. // Miso soup. 
Bailey likes to watch TV. // Bailey also likes to sit on me. // Super sweet silver locket
La Sardinia camera from Lily's giveaway! // Bunny in a top hat necklace. // Lovely l'Occitane packaging. 

Are you having a lovely weekend? 

P.S. I was quite liking the new blogger interface until I scheduled this post & it didn't publish and then blogger just decided to delete all the content from it. Annoyed is not the word! Silly blogger!


  1. I love the pink ombre and Ralphie is such a little cutie! :) x

  2. Loooooving your pink ombre hun! And how gorguz is that necklace?!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  3. nice pics your dog is adorable! X

  4. Always love your photos posts <3
    Your hair looks gorgeous! xo

  5. Cute! :)

  6. i love instagram posts! the pink ombre is cute :-)

  7. I'm obsessed with lockets at the moment and I really want the L'Occitaine new range!

    1. The L'Occitane products are so gorgeous! xo

  8. I adore l'Occatine products and your bunny is so cute! x

  9. I love your hair, the dog, the bunny and the food :)

  10. You look great, I love the dip dye!

    Lea x

  11. very cute pics. Your rabbit is so cute!!

  12. Your bunnie is the cutest, love all the pics though


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