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Sunday, 17 June 2012

What I Wore: Ice Cream Sundae - Wear Your Wardrobe 03.

The weather in my little part of the UK at the moment makes this outfit completely inappropriate. Hello rain storms in June! Although I must admit that I do enjoy rainy days sometimes, I'm currently tucked up in bed with a cup of tea & an extra blanket listening to the rain drops on my window. It's times like these where I feel incredibly lucky and content with life. This is the third part of my Wear Your Wardrobe challenge weekend (see part one here & part two here!) which was given to me by the lifestyle magazine Most Wanted created by Voucher Codes. The aim of the challenge is to prove that you really don't need to go out and buy a million and one new clothing pieces each season; a few on trend items can completely transform your existing wardrobe!

Cardigan: H&M. Dress: MatalanBelt: Matalan&diams
Sandals: Primark. Necklace: 16th birthday gift. 

I bought this cardigan from H&M probably around two years ago now specifically to wear with a black dress and that is the only way I had ever worn it until this weekend. Sometimes I'm very safe with fashion and it's easy for me to get stuck in a rut and forget that it's totally okay to mix and match pieces and colours. As soon as I saw this lilac Racer Back Sundress in Matalan I knew it would be the perfect piece to revitalise my neglected cardigan. I would one hundred percent recommend having a little look in Matalan at the moment, they have some amazingly beautiful pieces in for such affordable prices!

This sundress is one of those incredibly flattering and simple pieces that are just so versatile. It's fitted around the bust and waist and then flares out slightly over the hips giving a beautiful silhouette. It also has pockets, which is a detail that instantly makes it infinitely more wonderful than it already was! Its simplicity means it is so easily dressed up with heels and a pretty cover up or dressed down with sandals and a cardigan. I added a pastel pink belt at the waist for a little bit of added detail and because two pastel colours in one outfit clearly isn't enough for me!

Are you in love with pastel shades this season? How would you style this simple sundress?


P.S. The last installment of the Wear Your Wardrobe challenge will be up tomorrow. I've saved my absolute favourite outfit for last!


  1. Cute :) i like the colors together


  2. I have been loving these posts Jennie :) you have some many gorgeous dresses and you really know what styles and colours suit you! I have so many items in my wardrobe that are unloved... I think I have to start the challenge xx

  3. This works so beautifully together - you look lovely! x

  4. The dress looks so lovely on you! I also love the ocmbination of blue and purple and then the pink in your hair :) Becky xx

  5. This is definitely one of my favourite outfits I've seen a blogger come up with this Summer! You look amazing!

  6. You have such beautiful dresses, Im really enjoying these posts :) x

  7. Oh, I love your new hairdo! Looks awesome!
    I would have worn the dress without the cardigan, because of the different texture it seems to have, but anyways, you look gorgeous!

  8. Love the mix of mint and lilac, the dress is lovely :) xx

  9. Another beautiful outfit! The pastel colours look absolutely amazing on you! :D xxx

  10. You look lovely in these colours Jennie :) x

  11. Love that style of cardigan! The colours really suit you :)

  12. This has been my favourite outfit in your little series, i get so afraid to wear colour, but Jennie it this combination looks so beautiful on you! I want to go and buy this entire outfit just to look like this :L Sooo pretty x x

  13. The weather here today has been relatively nice if not a bit grey at times! Absolutely adore this outfit Jennie, especially with your lovely hair (: the purple dress is such a gorgeous colour! I'd probably style this dress with a piece of lace as a belt, my crochet kimono and soft waves (or an attempt at some) in my hair. Hope you've had a lovely weekend <3

  14. the belt is amazing!



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