Thursday, 29 November 2012

John Greed £250 Pandora Challenge!

If you love Pandora as much as I do, then I think you'll absolutely love this blogger challenge that John Greed have set! To be in with a chance of winning your Pandora wishlist or a voucher for £250 to spend online with John Greed, just in time for Christmas, all you have to do is design a bracelet, using charms found here, up to the value of £250. I must admit, I've had a lot of fun this morning making up my bracelet while waiting for the electricity man to turn up, he's still not here! 
Pandora bracelets to me are pieces of jewellery that tell a story, it's so lovely to be able to represent a life milestone or momentous occasion with a charm you can keep forever. As I was looking through all the charms I picked out ones that really mean something to me, ones that represent things that have happened in my life & ones that remind me of those special people I'm lucky enough to know and love.
The double wrap bracelets are something I've been looking at for a little while. At first I wasn't a fan, but after seeing a few of my friends wearing them I really love the relaxed, easy-going feel of them. They're less dressy than the sterling silver bracelet, which I have & love, but they're still super pretty. You can't completely fill these with charms so I love that they come in different colours, here I've picked out the Double Woven Wrap bracelet in Grey. I also think they look lovely without any charms on & they would make the most perfect layering bracelet.
The camera charm is a pretty obvious one for me to pick out, if you know me then you'll know I absolutely adore photography and discovering the photography course at my College when I was 16 was incredible because I finally found something I was good at, after years at school just being okay at things. It's important to remember that everyone has at least one thing in life that they're really good at, sometimes it takes a little while to discover it, but never stop looking!
The rabbit charm is another obvious one, I just wish that this looked a little, I don't know, cuter I guess? It's cute in an odd way, I don't think it looks particularly like a bunny but I couldn't not pick out something to represent my little Ralphie!
My boyfriend is completely and utterly obsessed with all things aeroplane related, so although I am completely terrified of them, the Aeroplane charm is for him. He's desperate to get me on one although I'm not thrilled on the idea, I've told him that if he marries me we'll go on a holiday that requires a plane ride. Sounds like a good deal, right?!
The journey charm is one that I think a lot of people would choose to add to their bracelet. Life really is a journey and although you will hit some bumps in the road & it can be hard to get through, the good times make life so magical and beautiful that it's all so worth it. Just a little reminder to keep you going through those hard times.
The happy little bird charm is probably one of the cutest Pandora charms I've ever seen and this one symbolises that time in your life where you really get to spread your own wings and feel truly independent for the first time. There are a lot of responsibilities you gain as you get older that perhaps you don't think about when you're younger, but there's also a lot of fun and freedom that comes with it. It wasn't until I felt independent that I felt truly happy and content with my life and who I am. It's something that comes with age and experience and you really do never stop learning! 
This year my boyfriend bought his first house and we've been spending a lot of time and pennies decorating and attempting DIY! We've discovered we're not all that good at DIY but we're so proud of our first home together & although it's not quite finished yet we're getting there, and we really do appreciate how lucky we are to be on the property ladder already. It was one of those being in the right place at the right time kind of things and we're so grateful so the house charm has a lot of sentimentality attached to it!
The teacup charm is one that reminds me of my mama. She drinks tea like it's going out of business, it's hilarious and she's always been the same. Her collection of tea cups and mugs is really quite impressive and although there are so many other charms I could choose that remind me of her, this is the one that makes me smile the most! She really is my best friend and I have no idea what I'd do without her!
The Wanderlust charm is one that stirs up happy memories from the few months I spent in Edinburgh when I was 18. I was so naive and new to this whole other world that existed outside my little bubble in my home town and although I had to leave sooner than I expected, it changed me for the better in every possible way. It was there I met possibly the best friend I'd ever had. It was almost like we were kindred spirits without any romantic feelings. He was so different & had so much worldly knowledge and even though I only knew him for a short time and we're not really in contact anymore, he had a big impact on me and I really should thank him for that. So this charm would be for that time in my life, it was a good few months and I'll never forget them!

Which charms would be on your Pandora wishlist? 


  1. The tea cup charm is too cute!

    Gillian x

  2. Love all the ones you have chosen especially the house and the bird. I love my Pandora charm and wouldn't be without it. My favourite one is the pram charm, obviously only suitable really if you have kids, but it is special as I got it after the birth of my daughter.

    1. I would love that one if I were to ever have a baby, it's lovely! <3

  3. Good call on the rabbit and the teacup one, and I love the leather bracelet you chose too!

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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  4. I love the teacup and bird charm, they're so sweet. I agree the bunny looks a bit.. creepy? They should have made it more like the bird?
    Love the wrap bracelet too!
    Daniella x

    1. Yeah I agree, it could have been SO cute! xo

  5. I love the happy bird! I currently have the lotus flower and they would look so cute together. Nice choices!

  6. Aww the rabbit charm is adorable! Everyone's entries are so different and personal - I love looking at them! Good luck xx

  7. These are so cute!! I didn't realise Pandora did charm bracelets. One day I may treat myself! xx

  8. Great post and blog, well done for winning! :) x


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