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John Greed Jewellery Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge.

John Greed Jewellery are running another fabulous blogger challenge, this time all about Valentine's Day & if you love jewellery as much as me, this is one you should enter! I've had a lot of fun snuggled in bed on this cold & snowy afternoon putting my entry together & I think you should too! All the info can be found here & the grand prize winner will receive every item included in their entry! What a lovely treat in time for Valentine's Day!
Within the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be all too easy to forget to stop, just for a second, to look around and to truly appreciate how lucky you are to have everything that you do and to have those people in your life that make it extra special. Nobody is perfect, but I absolutely believe that one of the keys to happiness in life is to not only surround yourself with people who make you happy but also to tell them how much they mean to you, every day. I don't mean that you have to confess your undying love to them every second, because lets face it, that's a bit odd, but surprising a loved one with breakfast in bed, coming home with a box of chocolates just because, sending a quick 'thinking of you' text, or organising a dinner with friends are all small things that make a huge impact.

You know, it's just nice to be nice! And that's why I love Valentine's Day. It's not about extravagance, it's not about all the gifts in shops plastered with hearts. It's about love, sentiment and appreciation, not just between you and your other half, but between you and everyone in your life that means something to you. I know I'll be sneaking little Ralphie and our Pup a few extra treats when the 14th rolls around because they make every day just that little bit better & even though they won't understand why they're getting extra treats, they definitely will appreciate it anyway!
Excuse the huge image, I didn't want lose the detail because all of these pieces are SO pretty!
It's almost 5 years to the day that my boyfriend and I spoke for the very first time. Is it a bit odd that I remember that? Probably! I remember sitting & writing him a letter (we were in a long distance relationship at the time) and brace yourself for a cringey story here, I drew a truly terrible picture of a key next to a heart and wrote 'you will always have the key to my heart' underneath. Yep. I totally did that. And then posted it to him. Oh the embarrassment. But you know, I was only 18 and the sentiment was, and still is completely true. I'm convinced he still has it somewhere and it will reappear one day and I can be embarrassed all over again. As soon as I saw this Brushed Platinum Plated Key Pendant from Simon Carter I was instantly transported back to that day 5 years ago and it made me smile.

My mama is without a doubt the very best friend I have ever had and it's so comforting to know that she's always there when I need her, no matter what. She knows when I need to hear a bit of advice, when I need a hug and when to just sit and listen without saying a word. Her birth stone is the pearl & I've always thought it was completely perfect for her. Pearls are simple and effortlessly beautiful while being understated and classic, just like her. This Virtue London Sterling Silver Pearl Ring is something that I adore and I know my mama would too because it has touches of vintage edge while being something you could wear every single day.

Whenever I see this colour anywhere, I always think of my Grandparents. Their marriage, their strength and their love for each other is a constant source of inspiration for me. I have so many happy memories of baking during summer afternoons with my Grandmother and helping out in the garden with my Grandfather. My Grandmother has a beautiful ring very similar to this Swarovski Provence Pendant, given to her by my Grandfather that she has worn every single day for as long as I can remember and when I was small I used to sit and admire it while listening to stories from when they first met. They are both completely adorable and those memories are ones I will treasure forever.

A few years ago my other Grandmother gave me the pearl necklace she wore on her wedding day along with a few beautiful photographs and one day, if I'm lucky enough to get married, I hope to wear them too. These Classic White Pearl Earrings by Talia would match perfectly as well as being something to wear daily to always keep my Grandmother close.

My Grandfather was in the Navy during his younger days and I think he is where I get my love of all things nautical. Although he is unfortunately no longer with us, I'm reminded of him every single time I click on to my blog, which is one of my proudest achievements and whenever I see anything with an anchor on my heart feels instantly full and I can't help but smile. My Grandfather always had a twinkle in his eye so this Estella Bartlett Crystal Anchor Necklace stood out to me as soon as I saw it in all its sparkly glory. It's completely perfect.

Pilgrim jewellery is a favourite of my boyfriend's mama and I can see why, it's simple & non-fussy in style but effortlessly beautiful and elegant. This Pilgrim Simple Being Heart Bracelet is something I know she would absolutely adore. I feel like the fourth heart charm on the bracelet because I feel super lucky to have been completely welcomed into their little family with open arms. My boyfriend's parents have instilled such admirable qualities in him as he grew up and it's been lovely to really see exactly where each quality has come from, over the past 5 years as I've really got to know them.

It is the two different hearts placed together on this Danon Silver Heart Bracelet that really drew me to it. As completely overly-sentimental of me as this is, to me it really represents the coming together of two different families. I can't tell you how happy I am that my family and my boyfriend's family get on and seem to fit together so perfectly, I'm not quite sure what I would have done if we didn't think in similar ways. I'm a huge believer in what's meant to be, will be & this piece reminds me of that.

I had such a lovely time putting together this post, sometimes sitting and reminiscing is a wonderful thing and I hope you didn't mind listening to my musings!
I think this is a completely wonderful challenge from John Greed & I think you should enter too! 


  1. Beautiful post Jennie :) You are right we should be nicer to each other. It doesn't cost a thing to say something nice to someone and it not only makes them feel good it makes you feel good too! x

  2. This is such a good entry Jennie! I really wish you luck, your mood board is beautiful <3

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I love the key necklace - gorgeous! You've done a great job with this Jennie, really thoughtful. xxx

  4. So lovely. really beautiful meanings to your choices!! .. I hope you win the competition after reading this :) xx

  5. That key pendant is just so adorable! Love your picks :)

  6. Aw I love the key story for the first item, so cute :)
    Daniella x

  7. Really beautful accesories. Now I´m following you sweetie I hope your follow me back.


  8. Such a pretty entry, I love their Mi Moneda pieces!

    The Style Rawr!

  9. The pilgrim bracelet looks amazing!


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