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About me.

Hello, is it me you're looking for? 
(Sorry, couldn't resist!) 
Welcome to sailboat, I'm Jennie (Jennifer makes me feel like I'm in trouble and I'm not cool enough to go by Jen!) and I'm really very pleased to meet you!

I live in a little cottage in the middle of the English countryside (it's not quite as picturesque as it sounds, but we love it regardless) with my mister and little Ralphie bunny. I'm an introvert with dreams of being able to fill my days with dancing to my favourite records, shooting as many rolls of film as possible and furiously scribbling down all the thoughts that pop into my head.
I am
In constant need of another new bookshelf. Endlessly fascinated, in the best way, by the minutiae of daily life, the smallest of the little things. Naturally untidy but forever wrestling with the part of me that craves organisation. Hopefully now treading the path that leads to the truest and most authentic self I can be. Wholly appreciative of imperfections. Full of belief that you shouldn't make yourself small for anyone.

Some things I like
Books, the sea, coffee shop atmospheres, too much blush, bunnies, house plants, vinyl, film photography, Edinburgh, notebooks, oversized spectacles, nude lipstick, chocolate digestive biscuits, down-tempo tunes & antique fairs.

Whether you've stopped by before or you stumbled in a few minutes ago, thank you, thank you, thank you. Two words that will never be quite enough to express my gratitude for your presence in my life and for your kind words. You're pure gold. 

Cup of tea & a few biscuits? I'd love for you to stay a while!