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Friday, 22 January 2010

Long Distance Love.

People often ask how I 'manage to cope' with a long distance relationship and I'm never quite sure how to answer because I don't really; it's an adjustment. There are times (like now) when I think they're rubbish and I'd give anything to have a 'normal' relationship with my mister, but all I know is I'd rather have what we have rather than not have him in my life at all.
It's 7am and I haven't been to sleep yet, so please forgive any silly blogging mistakes. My boy left seven hours ago. I'm a bit of a compulsive worrier and so I always stay awake to make sure he gets home safe, which he did, four hours ago! Being alone now seems awfully strange and I don't think I want to fall asleep. I'm just being silly but I don't want to have to wake up without him there for morning cuddles.
In May of this year we will have been together for two years and I can honestly say it's been the best two years of my life. He makes it all worth it. After all, what's a few years of distance when we've got the rest of our lives to be together? /soppyness!



  1. I can understand what you are saying, me and my boyfriend spent the first two years of him being at uni as a long distance relationship. Its his third year now and we live together, but next year it will go back to being long distance and I'm not looking foward to it at all. Its hard, but its definatly worth it.

  2. Aww thats so cute your relationship must be really strong :)

  3. Jennie this is so sweet. My boyfriend and I have been together nearly 7 years and out of that we've spent 2 years apart. In the grand scale of things it's fine as as you say, I'd rather have him in my life than not! x

  4. Take it from somebody who knows, it's going to be worth it! I'm from Norway and my bf is from England, and after 7 years we are finally living together. There has been a lot of travelling back and forward, but if you have a strong reationship and you trust and love eachother, you'll get through it :)

  5. naw baby. your one of the strongest girls i've ever come across. knowing you can do it and staying so positive is amazing. when i move away from cory i hope i can do as well as you xo

  6. I agree! You get to be with him for the rest of your life so thats something you can look forward to! I would be the same, Id rather be with my boyfriend no matter what! :) XO

  7. I can absolutely say I know what you mean and I know how you feel. My boy is in the US, people think it's crazy but like you said whats a few years of distance when you'll be together for the rest of your lives!

  8. I have never been in your situation myself (and I really don't want to sound patronising, because I can't imagine what your going through) but I admire your honesty and if talking about it helps, then all the better.

    Life is always tough in ways we can't predict, but I always think that good things come to those who wait...and one day you will be together every single morning and when that day comes I'm sure you will be thankful . Hope that helps and hope that you are feeling better. x

  9. Oh my goodness, you are gorgeous girl! Long distance can be very hard. My husband moved to Mississippi right after our one year anniversary and I stayed in Houston so I could stay at my job. It was very hard being 10 hours away from each other but thankfully we only had to do it for 7 months. Best of luck to you and your man!

  10. Before we got married, my husband and I had years of long distance relationshipping. It was hard, but the really hard part was adjusting to being together all of the time. When you only see each other for bits at a time, there is so much excitement and anticipation. When you start seeing each other brushing teeth every day, it can get a little mundane and the love has to change. It's odd and very different, but still good.

    Maybe some tea would help?

  11. meangirl - absolutely. it's lovely to hear you've stayed together through university. so many couples don't give it a try.

    sarah - thank you! ♥

    lucy - of course! not being with my boyfriend was never an option, definitely worth it! and yay for being with your by for 7 years, that's super cute!

    netty - that's a wonderful story & i hope mine ends the same way as yours. thank you lovely!

    tenn - aww, love youu! you and cory are going to be just fine, you're super cute together! ♥

    hannah - it's definitely worth it!

    monika - aww, it's not crazy, just very cute! and absolutely, the ending will make the journey all the more special.

    alice - thank you so much lovely, that made me smile! ♥

    stevy - thank you sweetheart!

    ColeAndJosephine - That's lovely and yes, I imagine it would take a lot of adjustment. It's good to know that it's still just as good. tea would definitely help! hehe

    Thank you all so much you lovelies! It's wonderful to know that so many people understand and are going through/have been through a similar situation. Thank you for being here!


  12. Aww I can feel the pain, as I used to feel like this with my boyfriend.

    being 200 miles apart I got to see him for 4 days every 2 weeks.heart breaking. words cant describe the feeling truley.

    Long distant relationships are difficult yes, but your both so in love, that your together in heart & soul, thats what i thought when ever scott left me. Now i look back and think of how hard it was. weve been living together for nearly two years now, and its gone so quick!

    You'l get there =]

  13. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You two are so beautiful. I agree, just keep holding out for the day when you will always be together :) xo

  14. aww this is lovely..
    your definatley an inspiration to alot of people and i'm really glad that your making your long distance relationship work! it just shows that it can happen and it can work!


  15. They are hard but it does make you appreciate the time you have together! And when you get to spend all your time together you'll LOVE it! How far apart are you from each other? x

  16. You're absolutely, totally and utterly right. The time you spend apart is insignificant compared to the lives you'll spend together when the time is right.

    I hope you're feeling a little bit better now - just remember, the longer you spend apart, the sooner you'll be back together again! :) xx

  17. @Lauren - Thank you lovely. I'm so glad you're happy!

    @Emma - Thank you ♥

    @Rosa - <3

    @Daisy - Absolutely! We always make sure to appreciate every second we're together. We're about 4 and a half hours apart at the moment. It's a cope-able distance, although I have to find a full time job now but I hope we'll work around it.

    @Jen - Thank you lovely! I am feeling a bit better. The first day after he leaves I'm always a bit wobbly and teary.


  18. Me and my other half were meant to be an hour way from each other for his first year in uni, but we both hated being apart and he ended up spending all his loan on train tickets to come home nearly every day even though he had a room in halls and I spent a fortune on petrol, just driving back and for whenever I could get away. We have been together 5 years in 3 weeks and are getting married in 3 months and I can't bare to be away from him. So I know hoe you feel, but if it is meant to be between you, you will always find a way to see each other and make things work!

  19. I totally know what you mean - my guy is many many a thousand of miles away from me right now and it feels like an actual part of me is missing. But I know that he is worth it and I know that when we are together the time apart will and does only make us stronger. Being away from him is the hardest thing to do, but he is worth. When you know, you just know. Great blog you have by the way x

  20. Aww i understand how you feel, i was in a long distance relationship for over a year! thanks for visiting my blog :D

  21. I've been with my boyfriend Colin (who I'm now having a baby with!) for 6 years, the first 3 of our relationship were spent with me at uni, living away from him, and only seeing each other at weekends and in the holidays. I won't lie and tell you it's easy, you know it isn't, but it IS truly worth it. It's testament to the strength of your relationship if you can make it last long distance in my opinion :) I also think it makes you appreciate each other more...I now live with my boyfriend, and we spend every day together, but I still think of the fabulous memories we created on his visits to me at uni :)


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