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Monday, 11 January 2010

Style Crush: Lauren Conrad.

I must admit I was very late catching on to the whole Hills thing, but I'm glad I finally did even if it has resulted in a teeny tiny obsession. Lauren is my kinda girl style wise; cute skirts and dresses & long wavy hair. Simple but chic.
She's my current hair inspiration. I desperately want my hair to grow again so I can perfect those beach waves and lighten my colour a little. Perfect excuse to lounge on the beach once summer comes back I think! I hope it's a good'un sun-wise.
Photos from google/laurenconrad.com.

Who are your style crushes?



  1. I loved her hair and clothes in the photo with Whitney, as much as I love Kristen I do miss her not being in the hills anymore

  2. she's definetley cute, love her style ++ amazing hair!

    my style crush is probably kim kardashian <3

  3. Lauren is my ultimate style crush too... would do anything for her wardrobe, lol! Great post :) xoxo

  4. Lauren is definitely one of my style crushes, she always looks gorgeous, if only I had her wardrobe and collection of Chanel bags! x

  5. She is fabulous! How amazing would having her hair be!
    I like Mary Kate Olsen, Florence Welch and Nicola Roberts. Haha I love how two have red hair...maybe I'm a little biased - but I love them! xo

  6. i love laurens style. she looks great in the blue skirt and jacket. i would love to be able to pull that off, a major style crush i have is nicole ritchie. x

  7. Lauren always looks perfect. Her outfits, the hair & the makeup - I adore it all! Wish I could look that classy and cute...

  8. Lauren is my long hair idol. I want my short hair to grow into her long hair. Then I see Rhianna and want her short hair to be my short hair!

    I love this laidback, LA look. I don't think English summers will ever be warm enough, though! :)

  9. Her hair is incredible, I'm not far off the length but I crave those perfect waves! xo

  10. I agree. I wish I had her hair. It is so gorgeous. And her legs -- those short skirts I could never pull off.

  11. Lauren and Whitney are great! Love the photos



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