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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Style Crushes.

After seeing this post on the lovely Victoria's blog it looked like a really fun one to do so I thought I'd give it a go!

This post started off as a completely style based one, but I think it's slowly veered into a mixture of that and women that I think are just generally really quite amazing and who I really respect & admire. My first mention definitely falls into the latter category, but I think she looks fabulous too!

Alecia Moore / P!nk.
Through my teenage years I went through many phases, most completely ridiculous, and looking back on photos I looked like a complete tit. But hey, that's what growing up is all about right? I discovered P!nk when I was about 14 and a total wannabe rock chic, so naturally I loved her and after seeing her recent performance at the Grammy awards I've realised that I still love her. Her 'I'm going to do whatever the hell I want & have fun doing it' attitude is something I wish I had a little bit more of. She works hard and she looks blimmin' incredible I think. Plus, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with glitter in the air now; I sure want to throw a fist full of it in the air!

Florence Welch.
Whether it be floral patterned, ruffled, tailored or flowing Florence knows how to work it. She has a beautiful figure and stunning red hair as well as such an eclectic style, which makes her such a style icon in my eyes. Plus, how nice does she seem?! She's the kind of person you really want to be friends with so you could go and have a rummage through cute vintage shops together & have a good ol' natter!

Lady Gaga.
I couldn't do this post and not mention the Gaga. I mean look at her, she's fabulous! She's one of those people who makes me wish I could ever be in the position to wear something completely outrageous and totally pull it off. I hadn't funny appreciated that she has such a good voice until recently either. She gets a lot of negative press which is just ridiculous. Love her!

Lauren Conrad.
This lady has her own post a little way back on my blog but like Lady Gaga I simply can't not mention her again here. She rocks the natural look and always looks polished with her perfect hair and Chanel handbag. What a beauty!

Leighton Meester.
I'm going to admit first that I've never really watched Gossip Girl and I'm fairly sure that I'm the only girl that hasn't. However I can't help but notice this lady is gorgeous! She always looks preened and her outfits are super cute. That short grey dress with puffed shoulders is my favourite, it shows off her figure to perfection.

Mary-Kate Olsen.
I feel as though I've grown up with the Olsen twins, watching them back in the day in Two of a Kind on the Disney Channel, those were the days! I can remember wishing I was an Olsen, or at the very least wishing I had a long lost identical twin sister somewhere. Neither of those things came true.

Mary-Kate has always been my favourite and I'm not really sure why exactly. I think when I was little I just preferred her name, oh my simple thought process back then! But I do feel she's the more edgy twin who seems to be able to work anything she's wearing - which I think is completely unfair! The Olsen's will forever hold a place in my heart, and I think deep down a little part of me will always wish that I were an Olsen.

Nicole Richie.
Isn't she just adorable?! My favourite outfit there is the white maxi dress with long wavy locks & headband. She wears maxi dresses like no other. Blonde, brunette, electric blue - I'm fairly sure she could pull off anything!

Scarlett Johansson.
Ever since I saw the film Lost in Translation I've been fairly obsessed with Scarlett. I just can't get over how beautiful her face is, I think she has lovely features and she has hips - brilliant! She looks especially lovely in 50's inspired dresses that emphasise her waist; that floral dress in the centre is my absolute favourite!

Whitney Port. 
After Lauren, Whitney was my second favourite Hills character. She was portrayed to be just so, well, nice! I've always said she looks like an edgy doll. Look at those legs! I'd be a very happy lady if I could have those legs, but it's just not going to happen because I'm too lazy & I like ice cream too much, and I'm fine with that. You win some you lose some, eh?

Who are your style inspirations, or who are the people you just love?


  1. Love Lauren Conrad's style! She always looks incredible xx

  2. yay. all great women to look up to xx

  3. I adore Lost in Translation- Scarlett looks so beautiful in it. Also- Two of a Kind! Brilliant! I used to watch it every day!

    Great post! I need to do this soon.

  4. aah love them all! florence is such a beauty(L),X

  5. I'm so glad you mentioned Gaga :) I know she dresses downright crazy at times, but I think thats just the whole point and infact she is a really pretty lady with a wonderful voice.

    And as for Nicole and Mary Kate, I couldn't agree more♥ I honestly believe there will always be a place in my heart for the Olsens!
    Have you read Influence? Now I love that book, just to drool all over the gorgous pictures. And I am so jealous of all the amazing clothes and accessories in that book!!!!

    Your right about Nicole, the maxi dress belongs to her! I always thought short people (me) couldn't pull off long flowing maxi dresses, but Nicole proves otherwise.

    Thankyou for this post :)x

  6. @india - she does!
    @tenn - they aree for sure. :)
    @daisy - you do! i love these posts lots.
    @holly - she is so stunning. i love how she's super tall and yet still wears high heels!
    @alice - the gaga had to be mentioned hehe. i haven't read that but i'll definitely track it down and have a looksee. thank you for the recommendation!


  7. Love absolutely everyone you've chosen, but especially MK Olsen, Florence and Scarlett! I'm glad you chose slightly quirky icons - it's so cool to see some different faces! :) x

  8. @jen & daisy - yayy for mk loving! hehe xo

  9. I love your first three; I find them so inspiring and originally beautiful <3 tbh I'm quite jealous of them as I'm sure I wouldn't be able to pull of any of their looks haaa 8-) The rest are all so classy and stylish. I was always obsessed with LC's and Leighton Meester's styles: they own closets which I would love to steal and I know I could actually wear the stuff. time to rob them ;]

  10. haha I've just done a very similiar blog to this! I LOVE Mary-Kate's dress in the second bottom right photo x

  11. i've never heard of florence welch but she is so cute. and i love that u can make a distinction between the twins!!!

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  12. I loved this post – such a good read !



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