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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Photography: Trace & Transformation.

I recently found out that someone has bought on of my photographs on Getty Images & it certainly brightened up my week! I was talking to some lovely ladies on Twitter & they asked to see some posts featuring some of my photographic work which I am more than happy to do! I'm never one to miss an opportunity to ramble on!

Working with film is a really big part of my photographic practice; the variety of colour saturation & finishes that can be achieved with different types of film is so much more appealing to me, though I do know that digital has it's place also. My work is predominately fine art based and also very conceptual, some may say pretentious, and at times I would perhaps agree but I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that!

The images in this post are from the brief set while I was at University before I decided to leave the course. Like most College/University projects the briefs are so open purposely to challenge you and your conceptual ideas & this was no different.
It ended up becoming a really quite personal body of work about my thoughts and feelings about suddenly being in such a large City that was so far removed from what I had been used to for the first 20 years of my life. The tall overwhelming buildings are upside down within the frame while the tree tops & branches and elements of nature are the right way around and are the symbol of the normality that I am so used to.
I could quite probably waffle on forever so I'll stop here & I hope this was interesting to some. You can click on the photographs to make them bigger.
Are you into photography? I'd love to see some of your photographs!



  1. Your photographs are so beautiful. I'm in a photography class now at college- and while I like it I don't think that it's really for me. I prefer painting personally :) I'd love to see more of your photographs! xo

  2. Thank you so much ♥ Oh, I wish I could paint. Sadly paint always ends up everywhere except the canvas when I try hehe.


  3. your such an amazing photographer jennie, never give it up. so glad it brings you so much happiness ♥

  4. Aww thank you lovely! ♥ xo

  5. These are beautiful!! You're so talented lovely...definitely show us more! xoxo

  6. Totally amazing hun, thanks so much for showing us some of them. The first one I love a lot ♥ you have a great talent mrs

  7. Such great news about your photo selling on Getty. They're so inspiring and fantastically composed - you have an amazing talent.

  8. these photographs are gorgeous. i do photography myself so i can relate big time, i've just joined your blog and i love it already! can't wait to see more of your photography popping up in my reader xox

  9. i love these pics!! I have a serious crush on bare trees and birds. loving your blog! xx


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