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Monday, 15 March 2010

Style Crush: Dianna Agron.

So I am not ashamed to admit that I am a little bit of a Gleek, I wouldn't say die hard gleek, but a gleek none the less. It's light-hearted, a bit silly with impressive song and dance routines incorporated into the characters' everyday lives surprisingly well. Easy viewing is what I like. Quinn Fabray is my favourite character; typical mean cheerleader & head of the celibacy club, ends up getting pregnant & a becoming a member of glee club - you know how it goes. It's so ridiculous and there's so much irony right there. Combine all that with a beautiful actress to play the part & that makes a good character in my eyes.
Although Quinn spends most of the series in her cheerleader outfit, Dianna Agron who plays the part has a beautiful sense of style that I have been admiring whilst turning slightly green with envy & wishing that A. that I had the chances to wear such beautiful clothes and B. that I could make them look as good as she does. I can dream, and dream I will!

Oh my goodness, I think all her outfits are just beautiful. Very vintage inspired a lot of the time, the cuts of the clothes flatter her figure perfectly. That combined with perfect hair and flawless make up, I have to say, if I looked like that & had the opportunity to go places wearing such lovely dresses, I'd be one very very happy lady.

Are you a gleek? Who's your favourite character?


  1. I'm a big time Gleek!
    I'm obsessed haha

    My favourite characters are Finn & Quinn <3
    I did a post recently on Lea Michele's style, she wears some great stuff too!



    i love her, but then i love puck, and finn too hmmm


  3. i loove glee! dianna is so beautiful and i loved her dresses during award season

  4. It's Glee night TONIGHT! Hooray! I love Emma Pillsbury more than life itself - her cute, kooky style is just perfection. I also adore Mercedes!

  5. I love Glee!! And quinn ALWAYS looks really good when she isn't wearing her cheerleader uniform and just regular clothes! Shes definetly reaaly gorgeous!

  6. Love this post! I haven't seen much about Quinn in 'real life' so its brill to see her style- very cute! The boyf loves her too haha x

  7. I don't watch Glee but my, my she is beautiful! Green with envy xx

  8. I love Glee! And I love this girl!
    I was kind of glad when she left Cheerios, means she's finally out of that damn cheerleader outfit!


  9. I love the yellow and the red a-line dresses, soooo cute! I think I like Kurt best. The scenes with him and his dad make me smile.

  10. I am a GLEEEEEK. And I love her but I also love Lea :D xxx

  11. Finn makes the cut for me.. he's adorable!

    Danni x


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