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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Outfit of the Day.

Today (well, errr, now yesterday) was a beautiful sunny day & I went all out on the florals in celebration!
♥ Revlon ColorStay.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing.
♥ Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara.
♥ Modelista Blush.
♥ The Body Shop Lip Butter.
I got the chance to take my new bag out on it's first outing & I got some compliments on it! Yay!
♥ Floral jersey dress - Primark.
♥ Grey cropped cardigan - TK Maxx.
♥ Postcard bag - Yumi.
♥ Red flower hair clip - From the gorgeous Nicola!
♥ Gold Charm bracelet.
♥ Anchor Necklace - Accessorize.
♥ Nail polish - Mint Choc Chip my 17. Which has lived up to it's name and chipped after less than 24 hours. Boo!

What did you wear today?


  1. gorgeousss! love the outfit and the bag :) it's a shame that nail varnish chipped cause it's a really nice colour. still looks great though :)
    i bought lots of lovely flowery summer clothes yesterday from republic. so excited for summer!
    :) xx

  2. Your hair is amazing and that outfit is so cute :D

  3. Oh that bag is just fab! Gorgeous outfit too, that little flower is adorable :) xo

  4. Lovely outfit :) and I wore my new lilac top from my post, with a black longer top underneath, leggings and my denim jacket.

  5. you look SO pretty! this is such a cute outfit & i love the flower in your hair :) yaay for spring clothes! xx

  6. I love that bag more and more everytime I see it! I love the floral dress and the little flower in your hair too :) xx

  7. You look lovely - I adore the cute flower in your hair! You were SO right to get that beautiful bag. Might have to go hunt one down for myself. I adore it!

  8. Aw you look really adorable Jen!
    I lovesie the outfit espesh the cute hair clip and the bag is lovely! :)

  9. Looking gorgeous as ever :)

    I love the little flower in your hair, its a beaut & the dress is lovely

  10. Thank you lovelies! ♥

    @Jen - You have to for sure, it's totally you!


  11. LOVE the bag!!!
    I have my outfit post on my blog :)


  12. Stunning as always sweetie :)

  13. pretty ♥
    i like the little cardigan!! x

  14. The bag looks so AMAZING! It really does.
    I don't know what I love more the colours/aesthetic of the bag or the concept of it being a nostalgic postcard :)

  15. That's a cute bag!


  16. just fyi, that bag isn't by yumi, it's made by distaster designs who sell on lots of sites. the main one though is www.itsgorgeous.co.uk - they sell a lot of pretty things xx

  17. I know, but I bought it from Yumi so that's what I call it. :/


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