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Friday, 9 April 2010

Primark Loot.

When I was up in Yorkshire over Easter I tried so hard to find something to buy, but sods law kicked in and I couldn't find anything I liked. Nada. Not even in the cosmetics company store! Well actually, I lie. I did see a beautiful bag, the most perfect bag in the world apart from one thing, the handles are short. People are sick of me talking about it on twitter now but I'd like your opinions on carrying a bag on your elbow as opposed to on your shoulder. My question is, will I look stupid carrying a bag on my elbow? Answers in the comment section below thank youuuu! ♥

Anyhoo, I digress. Yesterday I decided to wander into town to have a mooch around Primark in the hope that I'd find some of the pretty things that have been popping up on blogs recently. I have a love hate relationship with Primark. I love the prices & I love the variety. I don't love that the staff in my local store need some serious customer service training; a smile doesn't go a miss every now and then does it? And I also don't love that people just throw everything on the floor; you wouldn't do that in Vivienne Westwood would you? Heck, you wouldn't even really do that in Topshop. But with all that said, the prices are worth the extra hassle.

The first things I picked up were some gorgeous shoes. I've had a big shoe clear out recently and sadly my most loved flats have had to go to shoe heaven. Sad times!

I live in flats. I'm 5'8 and feel ridiculous in any kind of heel. Plus flats are comfy, three cheers for comfort! These beauties are lovely to walk in and look how pretty they are! I was pleasantly surprised to find the size 8's were far too big for me so these are a 7. Now this has been happening in lots of shops. Either my feet have shrunk, (is that even possible?!), or vanity sizing has well and truly kicked in! Either way, I love these and they were only £5.
These have a much more subtle floral print and are a light grey & gold colour. I bought these to go with a navy blue dress that you'll see in a moment. These were £5 also.
I think these are my favourites, black with bright pink roses are a winner for me. Again, comfy to walk in, super pretty and only £5. Ooh, I do love a good bargain!

Next I got three pretty dresses that will be perfect for summer. Now, I didn't really need 3 more dresses neccessarily but shhh, that's not important!

This one is quite short by my standards, it sits about 4 or 5 inches above my knee so I shall be pairing this with leggings. You slim legged beauties will look lovely without but sadly I can't work that look at all. I couldn't leave this in the shop, it was the last in my size and only £7.50.
This dress is surprisingly well fitted. It nips in at the waist and skims over my hips and is a really nice soft kind of jersey material. Laarvly! This was £9.
Finally I got this super pretty Navy Blue dress which will be oh so perfect for dinner & drinks at the beach in summer time. It would also look nice with that damn bag I'm lusting over. Don't forget to tell me if I'd look a complete tit carrying a bag on my elbow! I'll shush about that now, promise! This was £11.

Oh and I also got a pair of black plimsoles which I forgot to photograph. They're not very exciting but very practical & they were only £2! So i got all that for just less than £45. Roll on summer time ♥

What are your thoughts on Primark? Have you found any bargains there lately?


  1. Until recently, I was also insistent that any bag I bought had to fit over my shoulder, but then I realised that I honestly carry all my bags on my elbow because it's easier! xx

  2. Ohmygosh i think you may be my foot twin :/ i am also 5ft 8 with size 8 feet but recently all the 8's are too big for me too and i have to get 7's instead and i too wondered if my feet were shrinking or shop sizes have gone crazy.

    I really love those black pumps with the pink flowers. Usually i hate primark (for all the reasons you listed) and have avoided it for ages but i see so many posts with all these pretty trendy things that they have in there recently and i am immensly jealous that i am missing out. I think i may brave it next week 0_o

  3. I've seen so many lovely things on blogs from primark recently! I can't believe you got all that for 45 pounds that's amazing:) i have a similar love hate relationship with primark but i can't wait to go now!
    && also about the bag, i don't think it would look silly at all! i love bags and most of the ones i have i wear on my arm not my shoulder and as far as i know i don't look silly! (not sure about that now though ha!) hope that helps :) x

  4. Oooo I love your selections! I especially love those subtle floral printed flats, they do remind me of beautiful vintage wallpaper ;)

  5. Great buys my lovely, the shoes I just love. My feet are too big tho & just wont fit into their flats :(
    I love Primark, some times I find it hit & miss and there seems to be 1000 things slightly different but pretty much the same as eahc other. But most the time I come out a very happy lady


  6. i always carry my bags on my elbow, it'll look lovely and you'll regret it if you don't snap it up whilst you can :)
    on the Primark front, i too love the prices, but it reallly bugs me how the clothes are odd sizes to normal stores- or is that just me? :S i bought some white pumps and some sandals from there last week in an 8, thinking i woulndn't need to try them on and they were ridiculously big! what's with that?! x

  7. I lurve the navy dress (and all the other stuff you got). I have seen so many pretty things from Primark on blogs yet when I go into the store I can't find any of it :(
    I want those sequin flats everyone and their granny have haha xxx

  8. I love the shoes...<3
    and the dresses are super cute!
    I wear my bag on my shoulder...until I buy things hehe then they all end up on my arm! I think it looks okay :) xox

  9. Aw you got some great stuff lady! I love those floral pumps, may have to buy those black & pink ones! x

  10. Oh, I live in yorkshire!:). Lovley primark loot, I love all the florals in there at the mo.. can't wait to go to primark this weekend in hopes of finding some gorgeous bargains.

  11. I wish I could find nice, pretty things like this is my local Primark...believe it or not I have Primark haul envy...so many people find such nice lookings things...my local store is messier than a dump, and full of toot :( xxx

  12. lovely haul! all the pieces are absolutely gorgeous :) i totally know what you mean about living in flats chica, sometimes i just hate being tall! :/
    and i think you should get the bag, you wouldn't look stupid carrying it on your elbow! i do it too haha

  13. Love everything you bought babe :) and dont be silly you wont look a tit I wear mine on my arm too its way more comfy! XO

  14. lovely items!
    very much summer feeling :).

  15. im 5'8 and always feel like im gonna fall over with heels lol & nice flats :)

  16. Love the shoes! I'm having a real hard time finding any flats that don't give me blisters on my heels :( I carry my bag around on my elbow all the time at the minute and I love it. Go for it! x

  17. @ Lucy - That's a good point. I thought it might annoy me but it probably would be easier!

    @ Gemma - Yayy for foot twins hehe. Definitely go and have a look around!

    @ heart charlie - thank you lovely. they are pretty!

    @ alexandra - hehe i'm sure you dont look silly either! thank you lovely, I'm very tempted to get the bag!

    @ Steph - I agree completely. Always good walking out with a smile hehe.

    @ blahh - Thank you! I know, sizing is so weird!

    @ Tanya - Ooh I was looking for those but mine didn't have them :( boo

    @ GlamourSkittle - Thank you lovely!

    @ Eleanor - Ooh you should! They're so comfy too.

    @ Becky - You definitely should! Let me know if you find anything lovely!

    @ Laura - I'm usually like that too! People manage to find such beautiful things and my local one never has anything. Keep checking - you'll get lucky one day!

    @ Laura xo - Thank you lovely! I think I'm going to have to get it hehe.

    @ Daisy - Yes you do!! They're very you!

    @ Hannah - Thank you lovely, I think you're right hehe.

    @ Sanne - Definitely. I'm loving florals for this summer :)

    @ Toxic Beaute - Hehe sammeeeee!!

    @ Claire - I often have that trouble! Hehe I think i will lovely!

    I love you all :D xoxoxo

  18. Oh, how I adore Primark. Such pretty, pretty things!

    I have a few bags I carry on my elbow... I don't mind them but I must say I don't use them as everyday bags as having my arm constantly bent annoys me! :) xx

  19. @ Jen - I'm forever jealous of all your beautiful primark finds! And yes, you are that sensible voice in the back of my head! I so don't know whether to buy or not!


  20. I think elbow bags are fine, just not everyday. I love Penneys/Primark! And I'm the same size shoe as you. I'm 13 but already 5'7 (!) :(
    The dresses as lovely, I really have to get some new summer dresses.
    I just stumbled across you blog and I LOVE it :D


  21. I love everything here and dolled up with the right(but not overdone) accessories you, or whoever wears this, will be stunning

  22. All three of the shoes are gorgeous :)
    And i was in primark yesterday and I didnt see any of those dresses! So im very jealous :)
    Lovely blog!!

  23. I'm inlove with that navy blue dress! The only problem I have with short handled handbags is that they are impractical! its not fun walking around town with a bag on ur elbow when your trying to look and pic up clothes! x

  24. Some lovely buys here :)
    I occasionally wear bags on my own but again get annoyed with having my arms bent so I only buy bags with long enough straps so I can wear them on my shoulder too

  25. Bags on elbows are fine, I have a few! <3
    LOVE the haul! I need a better primark near me ;) xx

  26. I love the third shoes and the last dress :)


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