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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tiny asos loot & my face of yesterday!

Last weekend I found myself perusing the clearance section on asos and did a little happy dance when I saw the necklace I'd been keeping my eye on for ages massively reduced! It's long, it's nautical, it's cute & it was £3.50 reduced from £10 - I had to have it.
sailboat necklace
Also, just because I couldn't just buy one thing, I got Barry M's peachy pink - I know, I know I'm so last summer on this one. It's peachy, it's pinky, it's perfect for summer and I'm super happy I got it.
peachy pink
I thought I'd add on my face of yesterday at the end here. I had an interview to go to so I wanted clear & flawless skin. I haven't heard back from them yet, I'm pretty sure I probably didn't get the job which sucks because I really wanted it, but at least I got to dress up for the afternoon!
face of the day
♥ Revlon ColorStay.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing & Erase Paste.
♥ Beauty Without Cruelty loose translucent powder.
♥ Illamasqua Unrequited blush.
♥ Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara.
♥ Revlon Pink Pout lipstick.
♥ Australis lipgloss - lambada.



  1. That necklace is amazing! I need to check the asos clearance section more! x

  2. I love the necklace! Everybody loves a bargain,right?!


  3. Love the necklace!!!! Asos has got a fab 20% off summer gear atm...


  4. the necklace is do adorable.



  5. *shields eyes* nooo jennie! don't make me march over to ASOS, not when I see so many pretty fings from there :P
    and hello gorgeous! n positive thoughts for the job - if they don't take you in, it's their loss! crazy foos!!
    ps.. monies :P heheee, if only we could all be that rich xxx

  6. What a lovely little loot :) haha. Asos is a very browser friendly site, everything is laid out so nicely and there clearance stuff is always awesome! x

  7. Pretty lady! Love the necklace and think I need that lipstick too!

  8. Love that necklace!! Its awesome, so cute!
    That bath bomb smelt amazing so will def be buying more when I have the money!

  9. i love the necklace! you look very pretty as always (:,X

  10. yummy photo of you hunny :) u look stunning, u have a very striking look about you- ur so beautiful!
    loving the necklace, I'd love to see it on you ♥ xx

  11. I love that necklace!! You have the prettiest eyes Jennie!!! xx

  12. So cute, love it! And the lipstick looks nice too.


  13. OHHHH! my goodness! the necklace is so cute. ah i wish we had wonderful things like this in new zealand. haha well we do but it would proabbly cost $100 hahaha. Oh welll! Ill live vacariously through you for a bit! I love nautical. delicious!

    xx tillie.

  14. thank you everyone <3

    i love you allll ♥ xoxo

  15. stunning necklace, enjoy wearing it!! :) xoxo

  16. What a cute necklace, love ASOS sale, I bought a couple of jumbo cocktail rings.
    Love FOTD, I'd say you achieved clear and flawless.


  17. Love the necklace...it will go perfectly with your nautical collection! && what a bargain price :)

  18. Your so pretty and your eyes are gorgeous!
    That necklace is so cute :)

  19. aww, it came :) it's a really cute piece, lovely :) you look beautiful bub. positively stunning x

  20. GORGEOUS necklace, such a great find. you make me want to go on asos now.... and off to asos I shall go!! x


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