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Saturday, 29 May 2010

May Favourites.

Admit it, you're shocked aren't you? I can't believe I'm actually early with this months favourites post either; usually I forget and am only reminded when other favourites posts pop up! But this time I'm ahead of the game, hooray!
This month I have a couple of skin care items, some make up bits and a little added extra that has quickly become my new obsession!
skin care
My first favourite is the Chamomile Cleanser from Neal's Yard which has quickly become my favourite skin care item - it makes me look forward to taking my make up off at night. Before I had this I'd quite often be a little bit lazy and not thoroughly cleanse my face but this product has encouraged me to get into a routine and really stick with it. It's such a gentle cleanser that doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated and I've been using it with a muslin cloth which gently exfoliates at the same time. It smells divine, it's a subtle scent that's quite calming and with a little hint of something citrus. I love this!

When I purchased the cleanser I also got the Neal's Yard Almond moisturiser which has also found its way into my favourites. At first I wasn't a fan of the scent but it's something that I've got used to and don't notice so much any more, plus it doesn't linger so I'm willing to overlook that because I adore what it has done for my skin. I thought this would be more or a night cream for me but it's definitely light enough for me to use in the day as well. My skin has calmed down a lot while using this, my cheeks are less red and I'm very happy with this, it's gorgeous!

The Super City Block by Clinique is a recent purchase prompted by the appearance of the sunshine, which has since disappeared; typical British weather there! This is an oil free facial sun block with an SPF of 40 and I've loved using this so far. I'm not one for sitting in the sun; I spend the summers complaining that it's far too hot & I secretly quite like remaining fairly pale, plus I'd like to stay wrinkle free for as long as possible! This has a very light tint to it, not enough to make any difference colour wise to my skin and is a really nice base for make up.

I picked up this minty lip balm in Asda for something like 99p for a pack of 2. I wasn't expecting much, I just wanted a cheap lip balm in the twist up stick form and these were the first ones I saw, but I must say I'm quite impressed. My lips actually feel in better condition now than they were while I was using lip butters from The Body Shop. These make a lovely base for lipsticks so they get a big thumbs up from me!

During the summer I don't need anything as heavy as a body butter so this Naked hand & body lotion is a perfect alternative. It smells exactly like honey and oranges so it's a gorgeous summery scent that lingers on the skin for a nice amount of time. It offers enough moisture for me without being too greasy and it sinks in instantly, no dilly-dallying around here!

So that's it for skin care, now on to some make up items.

make up
The only thing I've tried so far from the Topshop make up range is this cream bush in the shade Neon Rose but I adore it. Admittedly I didn't have high hoped for a clothes shop make up range but I've been proved wrong here because the blush formulation is so nice and easy to work with. The shade blends out to a gorgeous coral colour on the cheeks which would flatter so many skin tones and look super pretty in the sunshine.

I mentioned Retro Pink lipstick from Wet 'n Wild in my favourite summer lip products post and I've been enjoying using it so much it had to feature in my monthly favourites. This is a very bright colour that I always wear with a simple eye so it's the focus of the look and I love it!

Last summer my go to eye shadow look was this eye trio from The Body Shop and I think I'll be reaching for it a lot again this year. All three colours are neutral shades that have a lovely shimmer to them which I think is really nice under the sunshine. They blend beautifully and it's an easy eye look in one compact!

I'm fairly sure that the waterproof eyeliner pens from Eyes Lips Face are fool proof. If I can manage a straight line using them, then absolutely anyone can! These come in a few colours and only cost £1.50 each, you certainly can't argue with that price! I have oily eye lids and these last all day without transferring or smudging at all which is perfect for me.

Fresh Squeezed lipgloss from Benefit featured in my previous post and a lot of you commented on how lovely the colour looks and it really is very pretty. I would definitely recommend the full sized gloss and I think it's well worth the price tag. It's a lovely formula and a perfect colour for the summer; my favourite lipgloss at the moment for sure!

green tea
Finally I thought I'd mention my new obsession and it is green tea with lemon! I'm sure the Tetley's version isn't the most sophisticated option I could have gone for but it was on offer for £1 in the supermarket. Since I wasn't entirely sure if I'd like green tea at all I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I thought I'd give this one a whirl. Oh my gosh, I love this more than I do regular tea and I never thought that was even possible! Yum!

What were your favourites during May?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

10 Favourite Summer Lip Products.

It's been decided that this summer I will mostly be wearing a bright lip! When teamed with clean & fresh looking skin, a flush of cream blush and lashings of mascara I think it's the perfect cutesy look for the warm months. Or what I'm really saying here is that I'm just too lazy to faff around with eye shadows in the hot weather only to have them melt away within a couple of hours! But you know, cutesy sounds better!

The 10 favourite lip products tag has been doing the rounds on YouTube lately so I thought I'd nab the idea and tell you about my 10 favourite summer lip products; I've picked out 5 lipsticks and 5 lip glosses.

Starting with lipsticks we have; Revlon Pink Pout, Illamasqua Fable, ELF Natural Nymph, Barry M Peachy Pink & Wet 'n Wild Retro Pink.

Pink Pout is one of the matte shades from Revlon and it's a beautiful pink with a slight dirty purple undertone that is definitely lighter in real life than my swatch makes out in the picture. It's so easy to wear and I don't find the formula overly drying at all. It looks pretty on its own as well as paired with a gloss so it's really versatile!

I've waffled on about Fable from Illamasqua many times before but I think it's worth mentioning as often as possible! Again, this is a matte formula but I find this slightly more difficult to wear and always pair it with a balm underneath and a gloss over the top. The colour is more than worth the extra work though, I mean look at it! It's a beautiful bright rosy pink that screams summer!

lipstick colours
Now I couldn't not include a nude, could I? When I'm feeling brave enough or in the mood to experiment with a bright eye colour this is what I'll be reaching for to use on my lips. Natural Nymph by Eyes Lips Face is one of those lipsticks that's just so ridiculously easy to wear. It's a peachy nude so doesn't give me that concealer lip effect & I think it works with my skin tone which is rare for a nude considering I'm so pale.

Peachy Pink from Barry M is still a fairly new addition to my collection but I've been wearing it a lot already. The colour is exactly what it's name suggests, a lovely peachy pink. I like the formula of this, it's not drying and I find it wears really well though out the day. Pretty!

Finally we have Retro Pink by Wet 'n Wild that I found while having a nosey in the beauty aisle of my local Tesco - it's the best aisle along with the bakery section! This must only have cost a couple of pounds and the colour drew me in; it's a gorgeous bright purple pink and I just had to have it. It's not the best quality lipstick ever but I really like the glossy finish and to be honest, it's all about the colour for me!

Lip glosses are one of my favourite make up items because they're so easy to apply and more often than not they smell & taste really good! Here I've picked out; Urban Decay Pina Colada, ELF Miami, Australis Lambada, Revlon Wild about Violet & Benefit Fresh Squeezed.

Pina Colada from Urban Decay is a beautiful gloss that is clear on the lips but with a bunch of gorgeous shimmer that doesn't feel gritty at all. I wear this on top of almost any lipstick to give it a summery shimmer boost and I love it!

Miami is one of the minty lip glosses from Eyes Lips Face and it is exactly that, minty! These smell and taste really good and I find it has just the right amount of stickiness. It's an easy to wear pinky shade with a little gold shimmer that looks lovely alone or over a light pink or nude lipstick.

Lambada by Australis is the perfect milky pink shade, it's gorgeous! It has no shimmer and I love to wear this over Fable or Pink Pout. This smells divine; I can't even begin to explain how nice it is. If you can get your hands on this range then I definitely recommend them!

lipgloss colours
Wild about Violet from Revlon is a pretty pink with a violet undertone that looks especially lovely over purple based pink lipsticks. The formula is lovely, not sticky at all and has no real scent to it. I can't really wear this one alone, it makes me look a bit funny but gorgeous over something like Pink Pout!

Finally we have Fresh Squeezed from Benefit which may just be my favourite lip gloss ever... maybe! To me this smells like peaches & apricots and it's really pigmented and smooth on the lips. This is one I adore wearing on its own for that pinky 'I've just eaten lots of strawberries' kind of look. It's very pretty and I would recommend over and over!

So those were my 10 favourite summer lip products, although I'm sure I'll be picking up more this summer to add to my collection! What are your favourites? Ooh also, I'm on the look out for a medium coverage foundation that has a dewy finish - do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear them because I have no idea where to start looking!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Two Years.

This Sunday marks 2 years since the boy and I got together, aww, and he absolutely deserves a medal for putting up with me for this long! We don't get to spend the day together but we've decided to get each other a little something to mark the day. He's still thinking about what he wants, I thought I'd best ask because he likes boy things that I don't understand & I like pretty things that he doesn't understand. I'd been on the look out for an affordable dainty ring that had a little bit of quirkiness thrown in for good measure and a quick search of Folksy led me to exactly what I was after.
Scape Jewellery.
Supporting independent artists is something I think is really important and more often than not you end up with a really well made item that not everyone and their gran is going to have. It arrived today in beautiful packaging only a few days after ordering, which, considering these are made to order, I think is really impressive.
Scape Jewellery.
How cute is this? I'm so pleased with it; I think it's adorable and I love that the heart is a copper colour, that's just the little quirky touch I was after! We purchased from Scape on Folksy which has many beautiful jewellery items listed that I'd definitely recommend you all have a little nosy at if you like pieces like this.
Scape Jewellery.
You can find Scape on Etsy, Folksy & Zibbet.

Do you like simple & dainty items like this or are you more into bolder pieces of jewellery?

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A tiny ASOS order.

When I say a tiny order, I mean tiny but the sheer extent of the bargain that was calling out at me was too much to resist. I make it sound like I was beaten with a stick and forced to purchase but I'm telling you, it's the free delivery option that ASOS offers now that's so ridiculously tempting. Anyhoo, I saw that the gorgeous Emma had recently purchased Bronx eyeshadow by Illamasqua for only £7.50 - my 'bargain alert' alarms started ringing because Illamasqua shadows retail for £15 each! If you've been following my blog for a while you'll probably know that I am a teeny bit obsessed with Illamasqua; I just love everything the brand represents and so before I knew what was happening a lovely confirmation email from ASOS plopped into my email inbox. Oops!
Illamasqua describe Bronx as a pale bronze-gold which is exactly what it is; if you have blue or green eyes you need this in your collection! It's still available from ASOS for £7.50 along with a few other colours, so if you like to grab yourself a bargain you know where to head to.
I don't own many eye shadows at all so I can't compare this to a MAC shadow or anything, but I can say that this feels beautifully creamy and I imagine that it'll blend like a dream! I'm very impressed with the pigmentation as I have been with all the Illamasqua products I've tried - you really do need the smallest amount!
Do you have any Illamasqua shadows? What are your favourite eye colours to wear?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

An Overview: my current paraben free skin, hair & body care.

Recently I've had a couple of emails asking about the paraben free products I use and generally what I think about them. The majority of the things I'm going to mention are by Naked; yes I realise I'm a walking advert for them but I love them so I don't care.

My complete skin, hair & body care routine is not totally paraben free just yet because there are certain products like hair mousse for example, where I haven't found an alternative that I like or that work for me. A paraben free deodorant is at the top of my list of things to find and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find a good spray one since I'm not a huge fan of the roll on type, but we shall see.

Hair Care.
hair care ii
My paraben free hair care is exclusively made up of products by Naked. Admittedly I have sometimes been using the TRESemme healthy volume shampoo, heat protection spray and volume & lift mousse but after reading up about a few of the ingredients in those I will no longer be using them. In no way am I intending to scaremonger, everyone is entitled to make up their own minds about the products they use and I obviously have no idea if there are any risks at all linked to prolonged exposure to certain ingredients. It's all about personal choices and I've made mine so I'd rather not get any more snide comments about my choices.
hair care
♥ Naked Volume body building shampoo - A light formulation that leaves hair feeling beautifully clean yet bouncy.
♥ Naked Rescue Intense care shampoo - I reach for this when my hair is being a pain! My fine hair can get a bit fly away sometimes and this calms it down so it's easier to manage.
♥ Naked Weightless conditioner - A really light formula that doesn't weigh fine hair down at all.
♥ Naked Repair & Renew treatment - I believe the packaging/product has changed but it has a similar name and I imagine will do the same sort of job - I don't have overly frizzy hair but I feel that this helps to undo some of the damage I do while back combing. I tend to use this twice a week leaving it on for 5 or so minutes.
♥ Naked Style Heat Defender - I use this before putting any kind of heat on my hair & it does the job nicely without leaving my hair feeling covered in product.
♥ Naked Style Frizz Fighter - This I apply to the ends of my hair after towel drying and I feel that it's really helped my split ends and generally keep my ends hydrated.

The other styling products I've tried from Naked, the mousse & hairspray, I'm not a huge fan of. They just didn't work for my hair and left it feeling a bit sticky & heavy. So if anyone has any mousse/hair spray recommendations I'd love to hear them!

Skin Care.
face skin care
The Neal's yard products are the newest additions to my skin care routine. I've been using them for a week or so now and so far I'm really liking them. I'll have some better reviews up in a month or so if anyone's interested, just so I've had a proper chance to see how my skin reacts.
face skin care ii ♥ Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser & Muslin Cloth - I'll use this on days that I've been wearing make up to take it all off and gently exfoliate at the same time. Loving this lots so far!
♥ Naked Jojoba Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash - This is something I use most mornings & on the nights where I don't use my Neal's Yard cleanser. The exfoliating beads are so gentle I find I can use this often with no problems.
♥ Naked Rose Softening Face Wash - I use this twice every day and I think it's a lovely product. In no way does it irritate my skin and it smells like roses, beautiful!
♥ Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture - My current go to moisturiser for the day. It's hydrating yet really light and easily absorbed.
♥ Neal's Yard Almond Moisturiser - This I use as a night time moisturiser. It's not too heavy but I wake up in the mornings with beautifully moisturised skin. It's lovely.

Body Care.
body skin care ii
This is another area where I only use Naked products. I apologise if you've found this post repetitive or a little dull but I've found some really lovely & affordable products that work for me, and I'd like to share with people. I actually feel pretty attached to the company now, which is ridiculous I know, but i feel compelled to tell people about this collection of beautiful things!
body skin care
♥ Naked Buff Up Rice Shower Scrub - This is lovely to use in the mornings because of its citrus scent. It exfoliates really nicely without being scratchy or overly abrasive.
♥ Naked Sea Minerals Salt Scrub - This is hands down my favourite Naked product & one that I really look forward to using. It's beautiful & if they ever stop making it I think I might have to cry!
♥ Naked Be Smooth Cocoa Butter Body Cream - A little goes a long way with this product and it smells divine. I find it really calms my skin while hydrating really well without being greasy.
♥ Naked 24 Hour Coco de Mer Body Butter - I like to use this in the winter time, it's thick and beautifully moisturising.
♥ Naked Nourish Me Honey & Orange Hand and Body lotion - This smells ridiculously good, a definite honey scent so if you don't like honey I'd stay away. I use this on my hands constantly throughout the day and on my whole body after I get out of the bath and I adore it. Full review on this is coming up very soon!

So there we have it, my paraben free skin, hair & body care as it stands at the moment. I'm very happy with everything I use and wouldn't dream of switching anything now. My skin hasn't been this good for a very long time, I hope I haven't tempted fate by saying that, but these products have definitely helped a lot!

Have you tried any of these products? Do any interest you? What are your thoughts on parabens?

Every product mentioned here I bought with my own money apart from the sea salt scrub, honey & orange lotion & frizz fighting serum which were sent to me for review.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Review: Naked Bodycare - Sea Minerals Salt Scrub.

scrub pot
Firstly I'm going to start off by saying that I absolutely adore this product but I am going to point out things that perhaps some may not like about it because we all have different tastes. I wouldn't want anyone to purchase something on the back of something I've said only to end up not liking it for something that I could have pointed out or mentioned in my review.

Naked say: "Peeling a bit after the summer hols? Encourage healthy new skin to reveal itself with out Renewing Body Scrub"

scrub ingredients
The consistency of the product in the tub is very solid I imagine because of the sea salt & minerals but it is still fairly easy to scoop out the desired amount to apply to your body. The instructions say you can use this on wet or dry skin but I do prefer to use it on wet skin as it feels nicer in my opinion. A little goes a long way in my experience so this tub, which is a generous size already, will last a pretty long time even with regular usage.

At first the texture is fairly erm...scrubby (is that a word?!) but it's not overly abrasive - it doesn't hurt or scratch for example, but it definitely does its job. When used on wet skin the sea salt particles begin to melt as you massage it into your skin and leaves you feeling moisturised and like you're doing your skin some good! I find that it can leave a slight oily film over the skin, which I know some people dislike, however, once you're out of the bath/shower I find the oiliness disappears completely while still leaving your skin feeling nourished.

I really like to use this before I shave my legs because of that moisturised and nourished feeling you're left with. Usually my legs are very easily irritated and after shaving the skin can feel quite tight and a little sore but this has really helped to stop that which I wasn't expecting - a happy little discovery there!

The scent reminds me of my boyfriend; perhaps that's why I love it so much! We first met at the beach and this scent is very fresh & clean smelling just like the seaside is during spring time - it's those lovely sea minerals! Don't get me wrong, it's not an overly masculine scent at all; the sweet almond and sunflower seed oils probably add that touch of sweetness but it's not a typical girlie scent. I realise I'm awful at describing scents but I really like this. On my skin the scent lingers for a while, which could be good or bad for you depending on if you enjoy it or not. I tend to use a body lotion as soon as I get out of the bath which usually masks the scent of the scrub so it's not overpowering either.

It retails at £6.99 which for a large 450g tub I think is really good value, especially considering that a little goes a long way! I was sent this product for free to try out but I've absolutely not let that influence my review in any way. If you've been reading my blog for some time you'll probably know that I'm in love with Naked products, goodness knows I waffle on about them enough! This is a product I'm certain I will purchase with my own money once this tub has run out. You can find Naked products online at http://www.nakedbodycare.co.uk/ or in Boots stores.

If there are any Naked Bodycare products you'd like a review/my opinions on let me know, I'll more than likely have tried it before or be able to give you some idea on what it's like.

What's your favourite body scrub? Have you ever tried this one?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Neal's Yard Remedies Loot.

Since discovering the certain amount of controversy that the use of parabens in products has caused I decided to research more into paraben free skin care products. A quick Google search for parabens will bring up a lot of information if you're interested in finding out a little more. Now, while I know that nothing has been proven and obviously I have no idea if there are or are not any risks, parabens are something that I'd personally like to stay away from with regards to skin, hair & body care products. In no way am I saying you should absolutely avoid parabens at all costs, that's a personal decision and I'm not trying to scaremonger at all which is why I've not gone into the issues in detail here.

I kept finding myself coming back to Neal's Yard Remedies and a few months ago I got the Power Berry Daily Moisture free with a magazine. Although I liked the cream at first, after using it for a while I decided that it wasn't quite right for my skin type. That particular product is aimed at young skin and I know I'm only 21 but I've never really properly looked after my skin so I was looking for a routine to suit me. Throughout my teens I suppose I always thought skin care was something I'd think about in my twenties and suddenly I've found myself actually here. Eek, 21! Where have the years gone?!

neal's yard
Anyway, off I toddled and found myself perusing the Neal's Yard website which is so nicely laid out that it's very easy to add products to your basket and start merrily entering your payment details before you even really realise what you're doing. Bad for your bank balance maybe but potentially very good for your skin! I already have face washes and hair products that I'm very happy with at the moment so I decided on a cream cleanser, a muslin cloth to use with the cleanser, a moisturiser for the day and a slightly heavier moisturiser to use at night.
chamomile cleanser
The beautiful Gemma from Gem's Maquillage is my new Neal's Yard buddy and she's done a couple of videos mentioning the Chamomile Cleanser and how much she has been enjoying using it. I've been meaning to try a cream cleanser for ages and this one especially caught my eye because you can use it to remove eye make up as well as face make up. The instructions on the jar say to use the product with cotton wool but I'm going to use it with a muslin cloth a la Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser.

For £11.50 you get 50g of product which doesn't sound like much to me, but I'll see how long the jar lasts me before thinking about value for money. If my skin likes it then I'm sure I'll continue to repurchase. I also got a muslin cloth which costs £2.90 - probably not the cheapest but it was just convenient to buy the two together.

rehydrating rose
During the day I like to use a fairly light moisturiser but one that provides enough hydration. My skin is a complete pain in the bum! I have definite combination skin - I wouldn't say I get particularly oily but I do get blemishes on my chin as well as dry areas on my nose, forehead and cheeks. For those reasons I don't like anything too heavy or anything that's too light. See, total pain! I opted for the Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture because it sounds pretty perfect for me; light, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and suitable for sensitive skin. I like that this comes in a bottle with a pump because it's convenient (which I've said a lot in this post so far!) and hygienic.

This costs £22 for 100ml of product and I must admit for me this is quite expensive. However like I've said before, if my skin likes it then I will continue to buy. Skin care is an area that I'm definitely willing to invest money in, after all, you only get one face!

almond moisturiser
Finally I thought I'd opt for a slightly heavier cream to use at night time. Now I didn't want a specific night time formulated cream because from past experience I tend to find those a little too much. The Almond Moisturiser sounded really nice from the description so I decided to give it a whirl. It says it's formulated to protect and nourish sensitive skin and I'm really excited to try it out.
This cream is £17.50 for 50g which, again I think is a bit pricey but hopefully worth it.

So, those are the products that I decided to purchase to try first. I placed my order online in the early hours of Thursday morning and my goodies arrived at my door on Friday lunchtime so I'm very impressed. I also used a 20% off discount code - TELEGRAPH which I believe is valid until the 18th of May but don't quote me on that one. My Neal's Yard wish list is still as long as my arm, I'm so eager to try out other things which I'm sure I will do at some point. I'm happy to do reviews of these products after I've tried them out properly if you'd like.

Have you ever tried any Neal's Yard products? Are you interested in organic skincare?


Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Although long distance relationships are difficult at times & have their ups and downs, the ups definitely make the downs easier to deal with. My boy and I visited Salisbury for a long weekend and it was beautiful. It's such a pretty little city; it's like a little York which is one of my absolute favourite places. ♥
We stayed at the Mercure White Hart Hotel which was beautiful, I'd definitely recommend staying there if you're planning a visit to Salisbury. This was our room, (excuse the mess!) & we could even see the very top the Cathedral from our window. Lovely!

We spent our days wandering around the shops, generally being tourists & having a few drinks in our new favourite pub! I popped into the Neal's Yard shop and was really overwhelmed but I did look at the products that had caught my eye on the website and I have since made an online order which should be arriving soon! I much prefer shopping online, it gives me a chance to properly research a product and you get a parcel to open which is always a good thing!

Our favourite part of the trip was visiting Salisbury Cathedral and blimey, that is one beautiful piece of architecture!

cathedral detail
The smell of food escaping from the restaurant there was far too difficult to resist so we popped in and saw that the cafe makes the most of the beautiful architecture with a glass ceiling. Yummy food with a lovely view - perfect!
cathedral In the cafe I saw a stand full of the most beautiful looking cupcakes I've ever seen and I just had to have one. It would have been rude not to, right?! I can assure you that it absolutely did taste as good as it looked!
We spent the last few days of his visit at my house and just generally being lazy at the beach. We've had far too many portions of salt & vinegar soaked chips but they were so good so that makes it alright in my book!
I miss him now so so much, but we have some wonderful memories to add to our collection! I don't know when we'll get to be together properly but I do know that it will happen for us eventually. ♥


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beautiful Gifts and a Topshop Make Up purchase.

As I start to type this my lovely boyfriend is an hour and a half into his 200 odd mile journey home. To say I miss him is an understatement and I'm currently drowning my sorrows with a large glass of wine and a packet of custard cream biscuits. However I have some beautiful memories from the last couple of days and I have been well and truly spoilt! My boy was very naughty and bought me an iPod touch for my birthday so blatantly ignoring my requests for him to not spend too much money on me but I am beyond grateful!
I'm not ashamed to admit that I've barely put it down since I've had it - angry birds is so infuriatingly addictive but my current favourite app of the moment is creamy ice! I secretly think he got it for me so I'd stop stealing his iPhone at every opportunity - and if that's the case then it definitely worked!

I'm very proud to say that I've made some beautiful friends through Blogger & Twitter! The gorgeous Tanya from Tanya Talks sent me a birthday present which was so ridiculously sweet of her! Tanya, if you're reading, your present will be in the post very soon!

pressies from tanya
She bought me a beautiful bookmark with a little anchor on the end & I absolutely adore it. I read a lot and this will save the corners of my books from being folded down to mark my page for sure. It's actually sitting in my copy of Revolutionary Road right as I type! She also got me 2 heart shaped lip glosses which smell divine; my favourite is the vanilla one. Last but not least she bought me a super cute pair of bow earrings & I've been wearing them almost every day since I received them. Thank you again so so much Tanya, luff you lots! ♥

The beautiful Lenny who has a blog called lenny writes
also sent me some lovely things for my birthday which was so cute of her! presents from helen
She got me a gorgeous pair of cream rose shaped earrings that I adore and made my boyfriend wait an extra few minutes before heading out while I put them in as soon as I got them! I'm really excited to try the George nail polish she got for me, my local Asda's don't stock the nail polish range and this one is called 'Under the Sea' - love it! Finally she sent me my very own sailor hat & I think it's amazing. It made me giggle when I opened it - maybe I'll wear it whenever I'm typing up a new post for Sailboat hehe. Thank you so so so much, I love everything so much! ♥
While I was away I had a few sneaky looks on Twitter & Blogger and saw much excited talk over the new Topshop Make Up range that has recently launched. Seeing such good initial impressions of the cream blushers I couldn't resist purchasing one. I've never tried a cream blush before so instead of splashing out on an expensive Illamasqua one that's caught my eye I thought one of the new Topshop shades would be a perfect starting point.
neon rose packaging
I placed my order on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday morning which I was very impressed by. There's been differing opinions on the packaging and I personally sit on the 'I think it's really cute' side of the fence. White packaging is one of those things that you either love or hate I think & I love it - I have a white BlackBerry for example which a lot of people dislike. The polka dots are cute & there is a really good sized mirror inside the lid.

polka dot
I was pretty torn between two shades, Flush which looks like a beautiful pink & Neon Rose which is a gorgeous peachy shade that I eventually decided on - I'm really into peach and coral shades at the moment, it makes me feel a little more summery!
neon rose pan
As you can see, in the pan it looks like a very bright peachy pink shade. As someone who is very pale I always gasp a little when I see products as scarily bright looking as this, however, don't fear you pale faced beauties, this is something that you can make work for sure.
neon rose swatch
This is how it looks when heavily swatched and the colour is divine. It's something that I can see being one of my summer staple make up items. It feels creamy and it's definitely not difficult to get good colour pay off so I think it's amazing value for money. It sets to a powder & I think the formulation is lovely; although I don't have anything to compare it to I won't hesitate to purchase a few more colours from the range.
neon rose face
This is how a small amount of product blended out looks on me - to give you an idea of my colouring, although it's clear from the photo that I'm very pale, my shade in Revlon ColorStay foundation is Ivory, the very lightest one. To apply I lightly touched my ELF flat topped powder brush into the product, placed it on the apples of my cheeks & blended out. I adore the colour and today I paired this with my Barry M Peachy Pink lipstick and I felt super summery - lovely!

Topshop cream blushers are £6 for 4g of product.

Have you purchased any of the Topshop make up? Let me know if there's anything you're particularly loving!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Holiday Face & Outfit of the Day.

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to thank you all again for the birthday wishes I've received & to say hello to my new followers! My boyfriend and I had a lovely weekend away in Salisbury and I've got some pictures & purchases to show you all very soon. I get to keep my boyfriend here for a little longer so I've just got a quick holiday face & outfit of the day post for you.

♥ Revlon ColorStay Foundation.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing Concealer.
♥ Beauty Without Cruelty loose powder.
♥ Eyes Lips Face Blush - Candid Coral.
♥ Sleek Storm Palette - Bronze/Gold colours.
♥ Eyes Lips Face Mascara.
♥ Barry M Peachy Pink lipstick.

♥ Primark Floral Dress.
♥ George at Asda Purple Cardigan.
♥ Asos Sailboat Necklace.
♥ Silver Charm Bracelet.
♥ Primark Black Leggings.
♥ Primark flat Floral Shoes.

I'll be catching up on all your blogs very soon! I hope you're all well sweeties ♥

Friday, 7 May 2010

Twenty One.

So today I turned 21, eek! Where have the years gone? I still feel like I did at 18 except perhaps a more secure and confident person, which is always a good thing I think. I'm determined that this is the year I will figure out what I want to do with my life, so check back in a year and we'll see what happens!
♥ Revlon ColorStay - Ivory.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing & Benefit Erase Paste.
♥ ELF Mascara.
♥ Illamasqua Blush - Unrequited.
♥ Illamasqua Lipstick - Fable.

fableSince 21 is a milestone birthday I thought starting a charm bracelet would be the perfect present. It's something I can add to over time & I already have a couple of charms ready to add that I've had since I was tiny. Maybe one day I'll be able to pass this on to my children. I won't go into what the charms represent for me but I love it so much! ♥
My beautiful Grannie has given me the necklace she wore on her wedding day & I am so in love with it. She gave me her engagement ring when I was 18 and I've promised to look after them and more importantly, enjoy them! ♥
I adore vintage jewellery. I think there's something so magical about having something that's older than you are. It has it's own history & memories that you can add your own to.
Yes, I am 21 but I will always love getting bears as presents! Always! Look at his face, adorable ♥

I just wanted to thank everyone that's wished me a happy birthday! I love you all lots & starting a blog is one of the best things I've ever done! I'm going away for the weekend with the boy, yay! I'll be back next week to catch up on all your blog posts ♥

Love love love!