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Thursday, 27 May 2010

10 Favourite Summer Lip Products.

It's been decided that this summer I will mostly be wearing a bright lip! When teamed with clean & fresh looking skin, a flush of cream blush and lashings of mascara I think it's the perfect cutesy look for the warm months. Or what I'm really saying here is that I'm just too lazy to faff around with eye shadows in the hot weather only to have them melt away within a couple of hours! But you know, cutesy sounds better!

The 10 favourite lip products tag has been doing the rounds on YouTube lately so I thought I'd nab the idea and tell you about my 10 favourite summer lip products; I've picked out 5 lipsticks and 5 lip glosses.

Starting with lipsticks we have; Revlon Pink Pout, Illamasqua Fable, ELF Natural Nymph, Barry M Peachy Pink & Wet 'n Wild Retro Pink.

Pink Pout is one of the matte shades from Revlon and it's a beautiful pink with a slight dirty purple undertone that is definitely lighter in real life than my swatch makes out in the picture. It's so easy to wear and I don't find the formula overly drying at all. It looks pretty on its own as well as paired with a gloss so it's really versatile!

I've waffled on about Fable from Illamasqua many times before but I think it's worth mentioning as often as possible! Again, this is a matte formula but I find this slightly more difficult to wear and always pair it with a balm underneath and a gloss over the top. The colour is more than worth the extra work though, I mean look at it! It's a beautiful bright rosy pink that screams summer!

lipstick colours
Now I couldn't not include a nude, could I? When I'm feeling brave enough or in the mood to experiment with a bright eye colour this is what I'll be reaching for to use on my lips. Natural Nymph by Eyes Lips Face is one of those lipsticks that's just so ridiculously easy to wear. It's a peachy nude so doesn't give me that concealer lip effect & I think it works with my skin tone which is rare for a nude considering I'm so pale.

Peachy Pink from Barry M is still a fairly new addition to my collection but I've been wearing it a lot already. The colour is exactly what it's name suggests, a lovely peachy pink. I like the formula of this, it's not drying and I find it wears really well though out the day. Pretty!

Finally we have Retro Pink by Wet 'n Wild that I found while having a nosey in the beauty aisle of my local Tesco - it's the best aisle along with the bakery section! This must only have cost a couple of pounds and the colour drew me in; it's a gorgeous bright purple pink and I just had to have it. It's not the best quality lipstick ever but I really like the glossy finish and to be honest, it's all about the colour for me!

Lip glosses are one of my favourite make up items because they're so easy to apply and more often than not they smell & taste really good! Here I've picked out; Urban Decay Pina Colada, ELF Miami, Australis Lambada, Revlon Wild about Violet & Benefit Fresh Squeezed.

Pina Colada from Urban Decay is a beautiful gloss that is clear on the lips but with a bunch of gorgeous shimmer that doesn't feel gritty at all. I wear this on top of almost any lipstick to give it a summery shimmer boost and I love it!

Miami is one of the minty lip glosses from Eyes Lips Face and it is exactly that, minty! These smell and taste really good and I find it has just the right amount of stickiness. It's an easy to wear pinky shade with a little gold shimmer that looks lovely alone or over a light pink or nude lipstick.

Lambada by Australis is the perfect milky pink shade, it's gorgeous! It has no shimmer and I love to wear this over Fable or Pink Pout. This smells divine; I can't even begin to explain how nice it is. If you can get your hands on this range then I definitely recommend them!

lipgloss colours
Wild about Violet from Revlon is a pretty pink with a violet undertone that looks especially lovely over purple based pink lipsticks. The formula is lovely, not sticky at all and has no real scent to it. I can't really wear this one alone, it makes me look a bit funny but gorgeous over something like Pink Pout!

Finally we have Fresh Squeezed from Benefit which may just be my favourite lip gloss ever... maybe! To me this smells like peaches & apricots and it's really pigmented and smooth on the lips. This is one I adore wearing on its own for that pinky 'I've just eaten lots of strawberries' kind of look. It's very pretty and I would recommend over and over!

So those were my 10 favourite summer lip products, although I'm sure I'll be picking up more this summer to add to my collection! What are your favourites? Ooh also, I'm on the look out for a medium coverage foundation that has a dewy finish - do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear them because I have no idea where to start looking!



  1. I love the look of Revlon's Pink Pout :) Definitely adding that to my shopping list! I'm always too scared to try nude shades as I think I'll end up with concealer lips! Natural Nymph looks nice though, might order it next time xx

  2. Peachy Pink screams summer lip color to me!:D

    Lovely collection and summer picks!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I LOVE the look of fresh squeezed! Peachy pink is so great for summer too, it's also one of my faves :). This post is great lovely, I love your photos! xo

  4. I haven't tried ELF lippys but Natural Nymph looks gorgeous, shall have to add that to my next order! The Miami lipgloss looks really nice too - this post is making me extend my wishlist, lol xx

  5. i love this! definitely want to do an elf order now :) x

  6. Ooooh Lambada looks gorgeous! xx

  7. Love so many of these colours! Peachy pink looks like one that I'd really like to try soon!

    Might do this tag soon!x

  8. Fresh squeezed looks so pretty, am definitely going to get it with the Flake promotion :) Great swatches! x

  9. revlon pink pout and barry m peachy pick have both been on my massively long shopping list for ages, but after seeing this, I'll be moving them to the top! xx

  10. I won freshly squeeze from flake and i'm still eagerly awaiting it! You've made me want it even more now :) The lipsticks look fab too, I wish I could pull off bright colours!

  11. ooooh Im definitely going to invest in 'Pina Colada' by urban decay, I love the name and love the look of it!
    great post darl

  12. the fable lip color is so pretty! i also am in love with natural nympth.

  13. Wow awesome blog! I love Revlon's Pink Pout. It's one of my everyday lipsticks.

    Come check me out sometime!


  14. I have to get my hands on Retro Pink that's such a beautiful, shocking colour. x

  15. Retro Pink and Fresh Squeezed both look amazing for summer! As for a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish, how about Revlon Photo Ready? It fits the bill for me...I'm not sure if it's dewy on every skintype (mine is combination/oily) but you should definitely give it a try!

  16. That Benefit Freshly Squeezed look like an amazing colour!

  17. Fab post lovely! It's made me add like a gazillion pounds worth to my wish list ;) Heh. Lambada is a calling to me! x

  18. All of those colors are fabulous! They make me want to put on a dress and drink cocktails. Perfect summer colors. I want all of them now! Especially Fable and Lambada.

  19. all of these products look absolutely gorgeous, & i love your brief but informative reviews on them :)
    whenever i go to the drugstore to buy Pink Pout, it's also sold out! oh, and you've convinced me to get more into lipglosses...i need to go shopping now :O hahah
    absolutely lovely post hun! xxxx

  20. thank you everyone! ♥



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