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Sunday, 2 May 2010

April Favourites.

april favourites
Okay, what the heck happened to April?! I blinked and totally missed it! The start of May means it's time for my April favourites so here they are!
My beautiful friend Tennille sent me this super cute NP set eye quad from Australia & it's all I've been reaching for all month. I don't wear eye shadow every day, I don't have much lid space so I take that as a reason to be lazy most days & skip out the shadow part of my routine. But these beauties are lovely - I use the 3 lightest colours on the lid & in the crease and use the darkest colour as a liner. They last all day on my lids & are really easy to work with. So if you can get your hands on NP Set I really recommend their shadows.
My next favourite was also from Tennille & it's an Australis mineral lip gloss in the colour Lambada. How cute is that name?! It's a beautiful baby pink colour and it smells so good. I pretty much want one of these in every single colour, that's how much I like it hehe ♥
Peachy pink by Barry M is a recent addition to my collection but it's already made it into my favourites. I'm so late on this bandwagon but I'm glad I finally managed to catch up. I can definitely see me wearing this all through summer, it's so pretty!
As the days are getting (sort of) warmer I've found my skin doesn't need quite as much moisture so I've switched from a body butter to a lighter body cream. I love Naked, everyone knows I love their products & this cream smells divine. It sinks in really quickly too so that's a bonus for my impatient self! Naked makes going paraben free so easy, love them!
Also from Tennille is this blush by Modelista that has become my absolute favourite pink blush right now, I adore it! I find it to be a lovely warm colour on my cheeks with the right amount of, I want to say shimmer but I think glow is a better word for it. The packaging is gorgeous too, it has a huge mirror perfect for touch ups throughout the day. I wish we had Modelista over here in the UK!
Finally my last favourite is also a blush & it's candid coral from eyes lips face. I've had this for a long time now and I must admit I've been neglecting it. Coral blushers always look more natural on me, which is strange but that's the way my face seems to work! For £3.50 this is an absolute bargain and as long as they keep making it, I'll keep repurchasing ♥

What were your favourites during April?


  1. Both those blushes are super-pretty!!


  2. lovely post hun :) ahh, we need Barry M in the US! xxx

  3. Lovely post sweety :) May have to try me a Barry M lip paint soon I feel! Nice photos too hun XO

  4. Lovely April Faves!:D

    The Modelista Blush looks like the Victoria's Secret ones!:D We do need a Barry M here in the United States!

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. Great little post hun, think I'll have to try a few of these out :)xxx

  6. April seems to have flown by! Realy need to try out the ELF blushes!

  7. haha yay i'm so happy 3 of those are from me! glad your loving them beautiful xx

  8. Really love Candid Coral, probably my favourite blush at the moment :) x

  9. I bought a Naked hair mousse the other week and was totally disappointed with it. It's really sticky and hard to work with! Such a shame, as I love their other products.

    I must buy Barry M's Peachy Pink. In fact, I think I'll go get it tomorrow. :)

  10. @ Jen - I totally agree, I don't get on with any of their styling products. But I love everything else.


  11. Love the shadows! That Naked body cream was one of the first products I bought from them, it was in different (and in my opinion, nicer!) packaging then, love it... Must repurchase! x

  12. I also ordered the Elf Candid coral, can't wait to receive it!!

  13. The Elf coral blush looks amazing. Have had a look at their website and am planning on ordering a few things as a treat. x

  14. love your favourites!! :)
    vicki xo

  15. Great post sweetie,
    Love that Elf blush, will have to check that one out for sure :)

  16. I think i've said this before - but I think that blush looks beautiful! xxx

  17. It's funny because I have ELF Candid Coral too and have also been neglecting it. I just starting using it again last week or so. I like it...it kind of reminds me of NARS Orgasm but wayyy cheaper :D



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