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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beautiful Gifts and a Topshop Make Up purchase.

As I start to type this my lovely boyfriend is an hour and a half into his 200 odd mile journey home. To say I miss him is an understatement and I'm currently drowning my sorrows with a large glass of wine and a packet of custard cream biscuits. However I have some beautiful memories from the last couple of days and I have been well and truly spoilt! My boy was very naughty and bought me an iPod touch for my birthday so blatantly ignoring my requests for him to not spend too much money on me but I am beyond grateful!
I'm not ashamed to admit that I've barely put it down since I've had it - angry birds is so infuriatingly addictive but my current favourite app of the moment is creamy ice! I secretly think he got it for me so I'd stop stealing his iPhone at every opportunity - and if that's the case then it definitely worked!

I'm very proud to say that I've made some beautiful friends through Blogger & Twitter! The gorgeous Tanya from Tanya Talks sent me a birthday present which was so ridiculously sweet of her! Tanya, if you're reading, your present will be in the post very soon!

pressies from tanya
She bought me a beautiful bookmark with a little anchor on the end & I absolutely adore it. I read a lot and this will save the corners of my books from being folded down to mark my page for sure. It's actually sitting in my copy of Revolutionary Road right as I type! She also got me 2 heart shaped lip glosses which smell divine; my favourite is the vanilla one. Last but not least she bought me a super cute pair of bow earrings & I've been wearing them almost every day since I received them. Thank you again so so much Tanya, luff you lots! ♥

The beautiful Lenny who has a blog called lenny writes
also sent me some lovely things for my birthday which was so cute of her! presents from helen
She got me a gorgeous pair of cream rose shaped earrings that I adore and made my boyfriend wait an extra few minutes before heading out while I put them in as soon as I got them! I'm really excited to try the George nail polish she got for me, my local Asda's don't stock the nail polish range and this one is called 'Under the Sea' - love it! Finally she sent me my very own sailor hat & I think it's amazing. It made me giggle when I opened it - maybe I'll wear it whenever I'm typing up a new post for Sailboat hehe. Thank you so so so much, I love everything so much! ♥
While I was away I had a few sneaky looks on Twitter & Blogger and saw much excited talk over the new Topshop Make Up range that has recently launched. Seeing such good initial impressions of the cream blushers I couldn't resist purchasing one. I've never tried a cream blush before so instead of splashing out on an expensive Illamasqua one that's caught my eye I thought one of the new Topshop shades would be a perfect starting point.
neon rose packaging
I placed my order on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday morning which I was very impressed by. There's been differing opinions on the packaging and I personally sit on the 'I think it's really cute' side of the fence. White packaging is one of those things that you either love or hate I think & I love it - I have a white BlackBerry for example which a lot of people dislike. The polka dots are cute & there is a really good sized mirror inside the lid.

polka dot
I was pretty torn between two shades, Flush which looks like a beautiful pink & Neon Rose which is a gorgeous peachy shade that I eventually decided on - I'm really into peach and coral shades at the moment, it makes me feel a little more summery!
neon rose pan
As you can see, in the pan it looks like a very bright peachy pink shade. As someone who is very pale I always gasp a little when I see products as scarily bright looking as this, however, don't fear you pale faced beauties, this is something that you can make work for sure.
neon rose swatch
This is how it looks when heavily swatched and the colour is divine. It's something that I can see being one of my summer staple make up items. It feels creamy and it's definitely not difficult to get good colour pay off so I think it's amazing value for money. It sets to a powder & I think the formulation is lovely; although I don't have anything to compare it to I won't hesitate to purchase a few more colours from the range.
neon rose face
This is how a small amount of product blended out looks on me - to give you an idea of my colouring, although it's clear from the photo that I'm very pale, my shade in Revlon ColorStay foundation is Ivory, the very lightest one. To apply I lightly touched my ELF flat topped powder brush into the product, placed it on the apples of my cheeks & blended out. I adore the colour and today I paired this with my Barry M Peachy Pink lipstick and I felt super summery - lovely!

Topshop cream blushers are £6 for 4g of product.

Have you purchased any of the Topshop make up? Let me know if there's anything you're particularly loving!


  1. you are so lucky missy, they brought you beautiful gifts :)
    also loving the blush! xxx

  2. Glad you had a lovely birthday :) You got some great things! x

  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday being spoilt! That cream blush is such a good colour!

  4. You got some gorgeous things mrs! That Topshop blush is beautiful

  5. Ooh lucky you! Long distance sucks hard, I know :( *hugs* but I think long distance men buy us better gifts ;P I got an iPod touch from mine a couple of Christmasses ago and I must say they are the best gifts ever :) hehe.

    Tanya and Lenny sent you some really sweet stuff! We demand a pic of you in the sailor hat! :D

  6. The blusher looks beautiful. I have been stopping by at the topshop make up a lot recently but sadly haven't had the money to buy anything :( x

  7. Awww wow thats so nice of them to buy you gifts there all gorgeous :) & I love that blush on you! XO

  8. aww yay for the itouch! i definitely want to try out the angry birds app. and i love the creamy ice. it's so fun and addictive! what are some of your other favorite apps? <3

  9. Thanks for telling us about the blusher, I want to get some so it really helped seeing what it's like on the face! x

  10. Beautiful gifts. I love how thoughtful the gifts are. Really adorable stuff!

    And I think the Topshop packaging is kind of cute :)

  11. Hope you had a lovely birthday :) Love the look of that blush! xx

  12. Thank you for the lovely comments everyone! ♥

    @leanne - I agree hehe! i tried to take a pic of me in the sailor hat but it was a fail! one will be taken shortly and if i don't post it you have permission to pester me until i do haha.

    @christine - i need recommendations on good free apps. i like froggy jump at the moment, the frogs legs are wobbly and funny hah.


  13. Aw, how lovely are your blogger birthday pressies? I especially love the sailor hat! Fab!

    I NEED one of the Topshop blushers in my life! Must go check them out. I'm an Ivory girl like you so might try this shade!

  14. I have those flower earrings! :) It sounds like you had an amazing birthday. I'm loving what I got from Topshop, which is the skin tint and the lipstick in Vamp!

  15. Hope you had a lovely birthday:) you got some gorgeous gifts, so lucky! I gave you a blog award: http://indulgeinbeautyx.blogspot.com/2010/05/sweet-blog-award.html I love your blog, and think you really deserve it! Sorry if you've already been nominated sweatpea:)

  16. Such lovely presents! And the blush is a really lovely colour- I'm loving corals for summer x

  17. Great post sweet, so glad you had a lovely few days with your boyfriend and had a great birthday!
    How lovely of him to get you and Ipod :) I play angry birds too its so addictive but also super infuriating ¬¬ haha, Hayden hates it when I get further on in the game than him mwahaha lol.

    I must admit I am intrigued by the Topshop makeup but doubt I'll get anything :/

    I'm really glad you like your gifts sweetie :)

    Luff you lots too =D ♥

    p.s sorry for the long comment haha xxx

  18. Aww, I'm so glad you like them lovely :) I demand a picture of you in the captain hat my sweet ;) Hehe. I love your presents from Tanya - You are a lucky lady :)
    Muchos love gorgeous x

  19. I haven't purchased any Topshop makeup but I really like the look of the simple packaging and the prices seem quite cheap.x

  20. ooh i just bought flush today, i was also torn between that and neon rose, might have to go back for it. i was worried it'd look too much on my super pale skin but it actually looks gorgeous on, we have very similar colouring! great post :D xoxox


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