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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Holiday Face & Outfit of the Day.

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to thank you all again for the birthday wishes I've received & to say hello to my new followers! My boyfriend and I had a lovely weekend away in Salisbury and I've got some pictures & purchases to show you all very soon. I get to keep my boyfriend here for a little longer so I've just got a quick holiday face & outfit of the day post for you.

♥ Revlon ColorStay Foundation.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing Concealer.
♥ Beauty Without Cruelty loose powder.
♥ Eyes Lips Face Blush - Candid Coral.
♥ Sleek Storm Palette - Bronze/Gold colours.
♥ Eyes Lips Face Mascara.
♥ Barry M Peachy Pink lipstick.

♥ Primark Floral Dress.
♥ George at Asda Purple Cardigan.
♥ Asos Sailboat Necklace.
♥ Silver Charm Bracelet.
♥ Primark Black Leggings.
♥ Primark flat Floral Shoes.

I'll be catching up on all your blogs very soon! I hope you're all well sweeties ♥


  1. Love the outfit!:D Brings out your blue eyes more!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Love the outfit!! :D That necklace is so cute!

    & How blue are your eyes?!


  3. you look so so lovely, as always .
    he is a lucky boy

  4. So beautiful !
    Love the dress,and charm bracelet
    im glad you had a good holiday with your boy.

  5. Jennie - you look beautiful!!! I love love love your dress! xxxx

  6. argh, stop being so pretty damn you!

  7. Hey, I'm a new follower, been enjoying looking back over your blogs :)

    That dress is lovely, Primark have definately upped their game lately and have some beautiful dresses in!

    I also love the charm bracelet, I got a pandora one for my 21st, but in my opinion, you can't beat a classic charm braclet like yours! xx

  8. Thank you lovelies! ♥


  9. I also forgot to mention, I love the fact you've put a plain t-shirt under your dress, I'm always feel self concious about wearing dresses so low cut, especially during the day time and thats a great idea :) xx

  10. oh & i do love what you are wearing. so beautiful ♥


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