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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Naked Bodycare & a bit of a natter!

A few days ago I was contacted by the lovely Julia who liked my review of the Naked shampoo & conditioner and asked if there were any other products I'd like to try. Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I'm pretty much in love with Naked Bodycare & their products and I'm fairly sure I could talk about them all day, but I won't - don't worry! I mentioned 3 products I was interested in to Julia & I didn't expect to receive all three, but I did and they turned up on my doorstep this morning safe and sound. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Julia for being so generous! And I'm not bragging, before the haters start! Have any of you lovelies tried these before?

From reading blogs and watching YouTube videos I'm aware that companies sometimes send out products to bloggers for review. Never in a million years did I think I'd be getting sent things - I just ramble on and bombard you (poor lovelies) with pictures of my face all the time, sorry about that!

But it's got me wondering what you all think of this - getting sent things? Does it make you trust the review any less if you know the reviewer hasn't paid for the product themselves? Or do you find it helpful seeing reviews of things you wouldn't neccessarily be aware of? When I see a blog where every single post is a review of a product received for free I must say I find it a little off putting. Or perhaps even worse are those that are clearly in it for free stuff - you should never start a blog for the wrong reasons, it'll almost certainly fall flat on its face!

My favourite blogs include a mix of all kinds of posts; monthly favourites, outfits of the day, reviews, faces of the day etc & I really believe you get to know a person through their blog. Plus most bloggers are on twitter where we all have a good ol' natter about anything & everything (you should join us!) and I can honestly say I've met some beautiful ladies that I'm very happy to be able to call friends ♥ Err, I've forgotten what I was saying now, I got a bit soppy there..!

Anyhoo, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this one, let me know!


  1. i think it depends on the situation. i'm always put off if someone who's been sent a product for free has absolutley no negatives about any of the products - because obviously that's a bit suspicious.
    excited to hear your thoughts on these new products. :) xxx

  2. I think it depends on who is writing the review, like your reviews on these I would trust as you have purchased other products before and you feature other stuff.

    However if blogs are just amazing review after amazing review it gets tiresome and you think "are these people writing good reviews for more stuff?"

    So I personally think it depends on the blogger and their blog...


  3. I agree with Laura, it depends on the blogger as to whether I trust a review. There are some blogs that constantly review products they've been sent and nothing much else which gets boring and a lot of the time the reviews are positive. I think with nearly every product there is always something that could be improved and reviews are useful for companies if you can make suggestions like that. I've been sent things to review a few times and I always try and be as honest as I can - if a product isnt for me then there is no point in lying about it, after all it is my blog!
    Im really looking forward to your reviews on the Naked products, ive just started using a Naked Starflower bodywash which im really liking so im thinking of trying a few more of their products - I like the look of the salt scrub!
    Sorry for writing such a long comment lol!

  4. @ eve - That's a very good point, I agree!
    @ Laura - Absolutely, I don't think any product is completely perfect!
    @ Caz - Hehe don't apologise, I love long comments! I agree, no one really benefits from lying or embellishing the truth. I'm most excited about the scrub - it smells so fresh and nice!


  5. I think if someone gets items sent for free they should review it honestly, if they product was horrible, say so! Haha I look forward to hearing your reviews they are always honest :)

  6. I posted a huge comment and then lost it tsk! Oh well.

    As I was saying....
    I think it is great that PR companies are seeing Beauty Blogging as a form of media and I am sure some people will review the products they receive very highly even if they are abit rubbish.
    But that is life...

    Truth be told I decided at the start of creating my blog there would be no disclaimers about if the product was sent free of not or if it was purchased with my own money.
    As I know that all my reviews are totally honest and I test out all products for awhile before I even think about writing a review.

    At the end of the day beauty blogs are generally alot more honest than every magazine with product placement...where everything is fab and a must try!

    As for the Naked products you got sent I will be looking forward to reading the reviews!

    Fee @ makeupsavvvy.co.uk


  7. it DOES depend on the blogger and whether or not they give every single free item a rave review. generally though, i trust 'em!

    i've been following your blog for a while now and love reading your updates. so never fear, anything you say i would take as an honest opinion rather than PR. infact, i've just added your blog to my favourite reads on my own. i'm still very new to blogging though but maybe check it out?

    annabelle x

  8. Hey hunny - I can't wait to read your reviews, you have me all intrigued by Naked! I suppose I agree with everything that's been said above, you can pretty tell I think whether a review is honest and genuine - it must be awkward if a company has sent you a product and then if you don' t like it you have to write a negative review but in the end, when you accepted something for free you have to prepared to do that!

    Oh and also I think starting my blog was one of the best decisions i've made as I've met all of you beautiful people <3 xxx

  9. Oooh lovely, you lucky lady! I agree, I like to see that people have bought some stuff themselves too, plus I get envious of people who get sent amazing things all the time. Saying this, I've received a few items (all from one PR company though, so it's not like loads of companies want to send me stuff haha) and I love it, I feel so grateful when stuff comes through the door that people think my blog is worthy of it. I think you do feel a slight pressure to like the products you get, but then if you really don't like something, you're not going to lie about it because I'd feel awful if someone bought something on my positive recommendation and then really hated it! End of babbling now.. sorry! It's just interesting blogging politics and it does cause a lot of upset between some girls I think. Enjoy your products though my lovely! xxx

  10. sometimes i'm a bit wary on whether to trust a review when the products have been sent for free however i'd like to think that you and all the other lovely twitter/blogging ladies are honest especially as usually all your other products you review are purchased by you ((:,X

  11. I think you're right, I can tell when I'm reading a review if they are serious about reviewing it or just doing it to please the PR companies who sent it to them.

    I'm slightly uncomfortable with being sent free stuff (got some Aussie stuff recently) but if it means I get to meet other lovely bloggers, its worth it! x

  12. I think the 'haters' are really just jealous idiots. I agree with Fee, beauty blogs are more honest than magazines and theyve helped me to know what makeup, fake tans, and even nail polish to buy! So have fun testing your stuff for review, I look forward to reading it :) the products looks so yummy xx

  13. I agree with nearly everyone who has commented. It depends on who is writing the review. I really dislike blogs that are just full of positive reviews of products that have been sent to the blogger. It gets a bit boring after a while and it doesn't give a true representation of the product.
    I look forward to your reviews of these products as I'm thinking of trying some of this brands products after you recommendation :)


  14. I think bloggers are more likely to be honest too, because we don't get paid for our opinions. If companies want to send us their products to get them reviewed then they should be prepared that the review wont always be positive. Im happy to be sent free stuff as long as they understand that ill be honest!
    Look forward to reading your honest review of the products.

  15. I think being sent things to review opens yours, and other peoples eyes to new products out there. I like bloggers that are honest with their reviews and who only review things they and their readers would be interested in.

  16. I was looking at this range yesterday as I want some treats to take in to hospital


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