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Friday, 14 May 2010

Neal's Yard Remedies Loot.

Since discovering the certain amount of controversy that the use of parabens in products has caused I decided to research more into paraben free skin care products. A quick Google search for parabens will bring up a lot of information if you're interested in finding out a little more. Now, while I know that nothing has been proven and obviously I have no idea if there are or are not any risks, parabens are something that I'd personally like to stay away from with regards to skin, hair & body care products. In no way am I saying you should absolutely avoid parabens at all costs, that's a personal decision and I'm not trying to scaremonger at all which is why I've not gone into the issues in detail here.

I kept finding myself coming back to Neal's Yard Remedies and a few months ago I got the Power Berry Daily Moisture free with a magazine. Although I liked the cream at first, after using it for a while I decided that it wasn't quite right for my skin type. That particular product is aimed at young skin and I know I'm only 21 but I've never really properly looked after my skin so I was looking for a routine to suit me. Throughout my teens I suppose I always thought skin care was something I'd think about in my twenties and suddenly I've found myself actually here. Eek, 21! Where have the years gone?!

neal's yard
Anyway, off I toddled and found myself perusing the Neal's Yard website which is so nicely laid out that it's very easy to add products to your basket and start merrily entering your payment details before you even really realise what you're doing. Bad for your bank balance maybe but potentially very good for your skin! I already have face washes and hair products that I'm very happy with at the moment so I decided on a cream cleanser, a muslin cloth to use with the cleanser, a moisturiser for the day and a slightly heavier moisturiser to use at night.
chamomile cleanser
The beautiful Gemma from Gem's Maquillage is my new Neal's Yard buddy and she's done a couple of videos mentioning the Chamomile Cleanser and how much she has been enjoying using it. I've been meaning to try a cream cleanser for ages and this one especially caught my eye because you can use it to remove eye make up as well as face make up. The instructions on the jar say to use the product with cotton wool but I'm going to use it with a muslin cloth a la Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser.

For £11.50 you get 50g of product which doesn't sound like much to me, but I'll see how long the jar lasts me before thinking about value for money. If my skin likes it then I'm sure I'll continue to repurchase. I also got a muslin cloth which costs £2.90 - probably not the cheapest but it was just convenient to buy the two together.

rehydrating rose
During the day I like to use a fairly light moisturiser but one that provides enough hydration. My skin is a complete pain in the bum! I have definite combination skin - I wouldn't say I get particularly oily but I do get blemishes on my chin as well as dry areas on my nose, forehead and cheeks. For those reasons I don't like anything too heavy or anything that's too light. See, total pain! I opted for the Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture because it sounds pretty perfect for me; light, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and suitable for sensitive skin. I like that this comes in a bottle with a pump because it's convenient (which I've said a lot in this post so far!) and hygienic.

This costs £22 for 100ml of product and I must admit for me this is quite expensive. However like I've said before, if my skin likes it then I will continue to buy. Skin care is an area that I'm definitely willing to invest money in, after all, you only get one face!

almond moisturiser
Finally I thought I'd opt for a slightly heavier cream to use at night time. Now I didn't want a specific night time formulated cream because from past experience I tend to find those a little too much. The Almond Moisturiser sounded really nice from the description so I decided to give it a whirl. It says it's formulated to protect and nourish sensitive skin and I'm really excited to try it out.
This cream is £17.50 for 50g which, again I think is a bit pricey but hopefully worth it.

So, those are the products that I decided to purchase to try first. I placed my order online in the early hours of Thursday morning and my goodies arrived at my door on Friday lunchtime so I'm very impressed. I also used a 20% off discount code - TELEGRAPH which I believe is valid until the 18th of May but don't quote me on that one. My Neal's Yard wish list is still as long as my arm, I'm so eager to try out other things which I'm sure I will do at some point. I'm happy to do reviews of these products after I've tried them out properly if you'd like.

Have you ever tried any Neal's Yard products? Are you interested in organic skincare?



  1. i've never tried anything from there but it looks good (:,X

  2. You've got me properly intrigued about Neal's Yard - there's a shop in Glasgow that I might go and have a wander in :) xxx

  3. I'm feeling the same about skincare, I'm 22 now and I'm realising that it's time for me to take action with my skin! I want to take good care of it so it's in the best possible condition for as long as possible!

  4. I got the Power Berry freebie moisturiser as well! :) It was the first time I'd tried Neal's Yard and I was really impressed! I'll definately be investigating this brand further...especially that Chamomile Cleanser.

  5. Oooh, I'm definitely interested in skin care with as few chemicals as possible, but I'd hate to be restricted by completely stopping using them... By the way, you can get muslin cloths for about £1 each on ebay, they're big enough that you could cut them up too, I have some and they wash really well too, just for future :) xx

  6. I've never tried any of their products as I've always been put off by their price tags. I don't really look after my skin all that well and it would be nice to find some products that I feel suit me completely and easily become my routine. I'm looking into paraben free products as you know, so I look forward to seeing what you think of these as time goes on xx

  7. I really want to try them but the price is so scary! My skin is pretty good though, I don't need really expensive products, I can deal with the cheapo stuff thankfully, otherwise I'd be broke! but I love this loot very much :) x
    Please enter my contest if you haven't already... ENTER HERE :) ♥♥

  8. @nic - definitely have a wander in! the shops are so pretty with lots of blue bottles and jars lined up hehe.

    @laura - absolutely! i need to invest in a high factor face sun screen for the summer. hopefully our skin will look super nice in years to come!

    @Ms Wedgie - So far I really recommend the cleanser. I think it's my favourite thing!

    @Rachel - Thank you for letting me know! I always forget about ebay hehe.

    @lenny - they are quite pricey I agree! i think i'd definitely recommend visiting a shop if you're ever near one and have a look at the testers!

    @kavita - oh you lucky duck! i had lovely skin up until I turned 18 and then it all went downhill :(


  9. Haha, and I've just spent ages looking at your blog too! Really enjoyed it.
    I do agree that you look like Billie Piper aswell, and I LOVE her! She is gorgeous!

    I've always wanted to try Neals Yard but I need to save up the cash first! I will soon! XXX


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