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Saturday, 22 May 2010

A tiny ASOS order.

When I say a tiny order, I mean tiny but the sheer extent of the bargain that was calling out at me was too much to resist. I make it sound like I was beaten with a stick and forced to purchase but I'm telling you, it's the free delivery option that ASOS offers now that's so ridiculously tempting. Anyhoo, I saw that the gorgeous Emma had recently purchased Bronx eyeshadow by Illamasqua for only £7.50 - my 'bargain alert' alarms started ringing because Illamasqua shadows retail for £15 each! If you've been following my blog for a while you'll probably know that I am a teeny bit obsessed with Illamasqua; I just love everything the brand represents and so before I knew what was happening a lovely confirmation email from ASOS plopped into my email inbox. Oops!
Illamasqua describe Bronx as a pale bronze-gold which is exactly what it is; if you have blue or green eyes you need this in your collection! It's still available from ASOS for £7.50 along with a few other colours, so if you like to grab yourself a bargain you know where to head to.
I don't own many eye shadows at all so I can't compare this to a MAC shadow or anything, but I can say that this feels beautifully creamy and I imagine that it'll blend like a dream! I'm very impressed with the pigmentation as I have been with all the Illamasqua products I've tried - you really do need the smallest amount!
Do you have any Illamasqua shadows? What are your favourite eye colours to wear?


  1. I've never used Illamasqua before but that is such a lovely colour and for half the price I might have to buy myself one! xx

  2. That colour looks beautiful!

  3. I don't have any of their eyeshadows yet but I'm in love with the pigmentation in their blushes and bronzer! Bronx looks absolutely beautiful for summer!

  4. I haven't tried their eyeshadows left but that one looks gorgeous:) amazing deal! x

  5. Eek, I did the same! Hehe. That colour is gorgeous :) FOTD with it on pretty please? You still owe me sailor hat pic as well ;) xx

  6. i got this one from asos too, how can you resist at that price! first Illamasqua i'd tried!

  7. @charlotte - you definitely should! i don't think i'd buy one at £15 because im cheap hah but £7.50 is a bargain!

    @imogen - it's so pretty. a beautiful shade for summer!

    @willworkformakeup - i agree, their blushes are gorgeous!

    @ariel - it is super pretty. i'd recommend for sure :)

    @lenny - hehe yayy! yess i shall have a fotd up very soon & a picture with the sailor hat, just for you!

    @sarah - yayy! such a bargain!


  8. oh man, way too tempted now!

  9. That colour is gorgeous! I have blue/green eyes so am making my way over to asos right now- thanks for the tip! x

  10. I bought Bronx too when Asos were having their sale! The other colours which were half price were a bit too bright for me - don't think I can pull off bright yellow eyes! Bronx is a bit more orangey than I was expecting although I think it will look a lot better against my skin in the summer when I'm not chicken white! Lol xx


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