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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Must Have Summer Products.

While I'm sure most people's top summer products would include fake tan & bronzer I'm far too lazy for that and like to embrace the pale! Instead I like to slather on the SPF & indulge my inner magpie and dig out some shimmer!
Firstly my absolute must have product for the summer is an SPF with UVA and UVB protection. My favourite is the Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 which is oil free, doesn't irritate my skin and provides a nice base for make up. Even though I don't ever sit out in the sun it's always important to protect your skin, especially your face.
Heavy foundations like Revlon ColorStay are a big no-no for me in the heat because they feel like a mask and that's just not pleasant! I wish that a tinted moisturiser provided enough coverage for me but they don't so I'm on the lookout for a medium coverage foundation but until I find one I like I'll be reaching for my Lily Lolo minerals or my 10 hour sleep effect with copious amounts of concealer.
I have oily eyelids at the best of times so in the sunshine anything on or near my eyes that could transfer somewhere I'd rather it didn't absolutely has to be waterproof! The ELF waterproof eyeliner pens are brilliant for their £1.50 price tag and I'll be getting one of each colour. The Collection 2000 mascara isn't my favourite but it's the only waterproof one I have at the moment, hopefully I'll find a nice one soon! Benefit Bad Gal waterproof is calling to me!
neutral eye
When it comes to eye shadow I'm very very lazy. I don't have a whole lot of lid space so I often think there's not much point taking the time to do an elaborate look when no one's going to really see it. My skills usually extend to a quick wash of colour over my lids, usually neutral shades but I'm hoping to pick up some more colourful shades soon. At the moment my favourite is Bronx from Illamasqua because it makes my blue eyes look even more vibrant.
These glitter eyeliners from Next have barely been touched since I first got them ages ago but I have plans to use them a lot this summer. They're not really easy enough to work with as liners but I love them for adding a touch of sparkle to the ends of my lashes. Hooray for glitter!
nail polish
Candy coloured nails are my absolute favourite and are a welcome change from the dark colours I've been wearing all through winter. Mint choc chip from 17 is my favourite polish at the moment, it's basically Button Moon from Collection 2000 but slightly easier to work with. I love it!
High on my list of make up items I'd like to purchase are an array of cream blushers because I only own one which is from Topshop and I really like the effect it gives. I have no aversion to shimmery blushes in fact I adore them! Sometimes I feel my skin can look a bit flat and blah because I tend to wear a lot of foundation and concealer to cover my icky skin but, I find that a little shimmer awakens it a little. I tend not to reach for matte blushers a lot but when I do it's always Unrequited from Illamasqua. This looks mostly untouched but I've used this so many times, it's ridiculously pigmented I barely need to touch my brush to the product and I have enough. Blushers are my absolute favourite make up item I think!
My summer make up is simply not complete without a bright lip! Whether it's pink, peach or coral, matte or glossy if it's bright I'll wear it! My favourite lipstick of the moment is peachy pink by Barry M & my favourite gloss is fresh squeezed by Benefit.

What are your must have products for summer?


  1. Great post lovely.
    I want to try the Clinique sunblock as I don't have a face one at the moment.

    I love a bright lip too, more so than nudes. Nudes just don't suit me :/


  2. @tanya - I definitely recommend it! There's something more exciting about a bright lip too :)


  3. I use the city block too! Its my Holy Grail, Im a total peely wally and a great base too! I use it all year round!


  4. Wonderful post! I use Clinque Super City Block religiously every day, and it's amazing during the summer because it doesn't feel like I'm wearing sunscreen. My summer picks are very similar to yours; bright lips, bright nails, liquid liner is a must, and a lovely blush (I'm loving Benefit's Sugarbomb over a little bronzer). :)

  5. I love those benefit glosses, and I sooo agree with the cityblock, good stuff x

  6. oh myyy you have some gorgeous things! beautiful summery colours too xx

  7. The city block looks interesting - will check it out.

  8. love this post :) I really want to try the topshop blush, could you do a separate review on it? x x x

  9. lovely post hun, your photography is lovely! xx


  10. Lovely summer faves/picks!:D It's good that you embrace your own skin tone and not tan.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  11. @cupcake_couture - it's a really great product!
    @sarah - they're so nice, well worth their price tag!
    @casey - thank you! love sugarbomb, wish i could afford it!
    @alexandra - thank you lovely!
    @happy1234 - i definitely recommend it!
    @fern - I will definitely do that for you!
    @tor - aww thank youu!
    @marie - thank you! i'm just too lazy to hehe


  12. Great post, I will definitely have to try out some of these products this summer.

    I'm in the exact same position as you regarding tinted moisturiser, I wish it would give just a teeny bit more coverage. I also use a mix of Bourjois 10hr and Lily Lolo foundation! x

  13. i love the eyeko purple polish - such a pretty colour.

    p.s. you should try the new Makeupforever aqua cream cheeck & lip colours. they have a bit of shimmer to them. they're waterproof and lasts foreeeever on the skin

  14. A great post- definately going to try some of the products you posted :)


  15. @gillian - thank you!
    @elle - ooh i wish mufe was easier to get here! :(
    @lauren - thank you!


  16. Ah, I love Bourjois 10 Hour Effect foundation. It's my favourite for summer coverage!

    I'm also loving Superdrug's MUA lipstick in hot pink (can't remember the actual name!) and Barry M's coral nail varnish. Lovely summery stuff! x

  17. this was a really helpful post for me!
    thankyou :) xx


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