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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tag: Most Worn...

This is a super old tag that did the rounds on YouTube months ago & I've wanted to do it for yonks but never got round to it until now!

This is my second tube of pink pout and I'm sure I'll be on to my third before long. It's one of those lipsticks that I find so easy to wear I end up applying it without even having to think about it; no mirror required.
These beauties are so pretty & they go with absolutely any outfit, I adore them. I've never seen another pair quite like them.
I live in dresses so I have accumulated quite a collection of them. I carry my weight on my hips and thighs so I don't think any style of trouser looks quite right on me, therefore floaty dresses are a must! When I wear this one I feel like a doll and I love it!
Nail Polish;
button moon
A pain to apply sometimes, but the colour is worth it! Plus Button Moon was my absolute favourite thing to watch when I was little, and if pressed I'd probably admit it's still my favourite thing to watch!
You're probably wondering why, if these are my most worn, they look so pristine. Well, these are my back up pair! They were so inexpensive and I loved them so much I thought I may as well get another pair while I could.
Hair Product;
hair product
Okay, I cheated on this one and picked 2. Other than the obvious shampoo & conditioner I don't use any product in my hair apart from these two; heat protection when I blow dry my hair and smoothing serum for my ends.
This has been my signature scent since I was about 15 & if they ever stop making it I think I may cry!
Not always practical to carry because it only has short straps but it's worth it because it's just so darn pretty! ♥



  1. Your dress is beautiful! xx

  2. i love revlon lippies they're soo gorgeous and this one looks lovely! i may have to check it out ;)

  3. gorgeous things here! i love the bag x

  4. I adore the dress too. It's one of those dresses that had its own era but is still timeless for some odd reason.

  5. beautiful dress! i love the smell of eternity (:,X

  6. Wow, I love everything you posted about! gorgeous items :)

  7. @nic - thank you!
    @madeline - i definitely recommend it!
    @alexandra - thank you!
    @holly - yayy, it's so so lovely!
    @sanny - thank you!
    @jennifer - thank you lovely!


  8. I rarely wear dresses as I think my legs look so pale but you always look so pretty in yours. I might make it a new years resolution (next year!) to wear some dresses and get out of my jeans! x

  9. i really want to try that Revlon lippie! x

  10. I'm wearing pink pout today, love it!! :) xx

  11. Lovely things! I've recently hopped on the Pink Pout bandwagon myself and I LOVE that bag! I have a weekender bag that's very similar and I love it! I feel like I need more weekend breaks just so I can make proper use of it! xxx

  12. I love the Revlon lipstick!

  13. Love this post, may have to copy you!
    Could you possibly post swatches of Pink Pout on? It looks gorgeous! X

  14. I just love the lipstick! Its my go to lipstick most days! :) x

  15. @daisy - thank you lovely!
    @lu - oh you should! i have really pale legs too, it doesn't matter!
    @Nooberella - do it! it's beautiful!
    @katy - yayy!
    @may - thank you! hehe you should, an excuse for more holidays!
    @jo - it's gorgeous!
    @katie - thank you! yes i'll do that in my next post for you!
    @sarah - thank you :)


  16. I love the shoes and earrings!!

  17. Such great picks, that dress is divine!

  18. love this tag, i may need to do it!
    The things you've choosen are so pretty
    Pink pout is up there with my favourite lipsticks too <3 xx

  19. i love revlon pink pout! Its my go to lipstick:)
    That bag, that dress and those shoes are just gorgeous. xxx

  20. I have the same nail polish, the colour is amazing. I have my signature perfume too, Dolce Vita that I would hate to loose.

  21. Love that bag and need to invest in Button Moon!!

  22. @Gemma - thank you!
    @Eleanor - thank you lovely!
    @Abbie - definitely do it! and thank you!
    @Becky - thank you lovely. pink pout is beautiful!
    @Helen - it's definitely worth the tricky application!
    @LadyBugSays - You do, it's a gorgeous colour!



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