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Friday, 11 June 2010

Todays Outfit, Presents from Australia & Some Good News!

Something very unexpected happened this week; I found a job well, the job kind of found me! The other week I went for an interview & unfortunately I was unsuccessful, but they passed my details on to the manager of another store who is part of the same retail group and before I could say 'what's going on?' I was offered the job! So, starting on the 19th I am officially a sales assistant for a fashion concession in a department store! Unfortunately for my bank balance, the floor below mine is full of cosmetics; MAC, Benefit, YSL, Clarins etc, I wonder how long I'll be able to resist that for?

The same day I was offered the job a lovely package arrived for me from Australia from the gorgeous Tennille! Inside was some super cute jewellery, a nail polish that's perfect for the summer, a lipgloss that smells divine & an amazing blush from Modelista. I am forever jealous of those of you that can get your hands on Modelista because I adore their products & the packaging is amazing!

My make up collection had outgrown my make up storage long ago so I decided to treat myself to these beautiful drawers from W.H Smith. They were in the sale for something like £7 each so I thought I'd pick up 2 so I have room to expand because lets face it, that's inevitable!
Today was hopefully my last ever trip to the job centre, oh how I hate that place. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people that go to my local branch who hasn't recently got out of prison. Needless to say I feel pretty intimidated when I go there especially because they all like to congregate outside the doors for some reason, thank the lord for the security guards! If you're ever thinking of dropping out of University I implore you find yourself a job before hand, no matter how awful your course is because the job centre is no fun, especially in a recession!

This is what my face looks like today, silly expression and specs galore!

♥ Revlon ColorStay.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing & Erase Paste.
♥ Modelista Blush.
♥ ELF Mascara.
♥ Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick.
♥ Alva Lipgloss.

Even though the weather is miserable here today I thought I'd rock the bright floral look anyway! Excuse my weird pose here, my hips look blimmin' ginormous, and although they are, they're not THAT big!

♥ Floral Dress - Peacocks.
♥ Purple Cardi - George at Asda.
♥ Charm Bracelet.
♥ Floral Earrings.

charm bracelet
♥ Purple Flower Ring.
♥ Compass Ring.
♥ Heart Ring.



  1. You look gorgeous, and CONGRATULATIONS on finding a job sweetie, I must have missed this on Twitter, but I'm over the moon for you :)

    x x x

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE that jewelry! Congrats on the job aswell :)

  3. I am honestly so happy for you ladyy!! I love your glasses and your charm bracelet is beautiful <3 xx

  4. haha I know what you mean about the job centre!!! I'll be glad when I don't have to go there anymore!

    Those goodies from Australia are lovely, can't wait to see a FOTD with these :) xx

  5. @onna - thank you :)
    @laura - aww thank you so much!
    @katy - ahh i hope it's not long before you don't have to go again!
    @nic - thank you lovely ♥


  6. Congratulations on the job! everything looks soo cute! xxx

  7. Oh wow where to start?
    I loveee
    Your earings,charm bracelet, and them draws are beaut.
    Lovely pressies from Tennille! the rings are too cute, love the purple rose. and the nail paint is so summery, i need this!

    You are soo soo pretty missus

  8. congrats on the job! i love the purple flower ring! there's a coral one like that in dorothy perkins, i want it so much!

  9. Congratulations on the job! I'm so happy for you :) I have drawers similar to yours from WHSmith, but mine are covered in cupcakes - YUM. There's so much room in them! I love your jewellery, especially the little compass ring :)


  10. Your outfit looks gorgeous!

    Ahhh beware working in retail will teach you how to HATE people :p I've learnt that ;)
    But seriously, congratulations!


  11. Huge congrats on the job. I love the jewellery you've made yourself :)

  12. Congrats! Love the rings xx

  13. you look gorgeous :) congrats on the job hun! i'm still trying to find myself one =/ damn recession!
    aww, how lovely of Tenille! :) xx

  14. Jennie, i'm SO happy you found a job :)

    You look gorge as per usual! xx

  15. Congratulations!! I love the charm bracelet.
    And I know how you feel about the Job Centre.. I work for the Council in Housing & Council Tax Benefits and it is so tough, especially at the moment, when we have so many visitors who WANT to work but can't find it, and feel very intimated by the whole experience of being out of work and claiming benefits.

  16. congrats on the job! You look gorgeous x

  17. Congratulations on getting the job! Yay!:D

    Love the outfit!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  18. @lisa - thank you!!
    @lauren - thank you lovely!
    @sarah - ooh really? i may have to go and have a look hehe.
    @michelle - ahh I really wanted the cupcake ones, so cute!
    @laura - yeah i've worked in retail before but i quite like it. some people can be a pain but in general it's nice to have a chat with someone different every day.
    @little miss - thank you!
    @jennifer - thank you lovely!
    @laura - ahh i know, it's such a pain!
    @felicity - aww thank you!
    @jo - yeah, it's been such a pain finding a job! it's disheartening when so many people lump all the unemployed together saying that they're all lazy etc.
    @lizzy - thank you!
    @marie - aww thank you! you have a good weekend too!


  19. congratulations on the job baby, finally some good news! well done, i am so super proud of you :D
    you look amazzzing as per usual, love the nail polish & the ring on you, glad you enjoyed everything!
    love you beautiful xxxx

  20. i lovveee your compass ring! and yes, us aussies are pretty generous ahaha. jokes jokes.

  21. I have that same nail polish color on!! mine is from the opi collection from shrek! LOVE IT! i love your blog!!

  22. @tennille - thank you lovely!
    @viva la fashion - thank you!
    @noddy - hehe! thank you!
    @hershley's sweet kiss message - ooh that's such a pretty colour! and thank you!


  23. Congratulations on the job :D

    You look gorgeous sweetie, and I love the outfit & jewellery ♥


  24. Congratulations on the job!Such cute make up storage! Love your floral dress!

  25. wowie that nail varnish looks gorgeoussss <3
    you look soo pretty :) xx


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