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Friday, 2 July 2010

June Favourites.

june favourites
How on earth is it July already? It feels like yesterday was Christmas and before I know it Halloween will be tomorrow. When I was younger a year felt like forever but now it barely seems to last 5 minutes. It’s strange and really quite unnerving but anyhoo, it’s time for my June favourites so here we go, as usual this will be a picture heavy post! 
elf blush and contour
Being so pale I do often find the bronzer part of this ELF duo quite difficult to wear, I just have to use a big fluffy brush and a VERY light hand. It’s worth the work though as I really like using it as a contour to define my cheekbones. The blush is a beautiful peachy pink colour that is so easy to wear I can apply it without having to think about it at all. It has some shimmer, which I love especially for the summer and I think it’ll be getting a lot of love from me over the next few months too. 
My Illamasqua lipstick in the shade Fable is easily one of my favourite lipsticks. Illamasqua is to me what MAC is to many many beauty bloggers. Illamasqua as a brand just draws me in and when I use a product from them it just feels really luxurious. Is that silly? Fable is a gorgeous bright pink and I think it’s well worth its price tag. I’ve got my eye on many more shades but for now, I’m enjoying Fable. 
loose powder
My favourite setting powder is by Beauty Without Cruelty and I use this every day to set my foundation. You get so much product in the pot that it lasts forever, I’m only just on to my second pot in about 3 years. 
elf brushes
My favourite things from Eyes Lips Face are their brushes, mainly their studio line brushes, but also their £1.50 eye shadow brush. I don’t think I’ll ever be one to spend a lot of money on a brush because I know that these do the job perfectly & I also like that they’re synthetic. They’re soft and super easy to clean – lovely!
I’ve already reviewed this salt scrub here so I won’t waffle on about it too much. This is my absolute favourite scrub ever. It exfoliates perfectly while soothing my skin and giving it an extra mineral boost. Plus it smells divine and is something I will repurchase again and again. 
alva gloss
I have a review planned for this Alva lipgloss so I won’t go into too much detail here. All I’ll say is that I adore the colour of this because it goes beautifully with all my favourite pink lipsticks yet still looks beautiful on its own. Love it! 
topshop neon rose
My Topshop cream blush has started off a bit of an addition I think. I have a wishlist of cream blushers as long as my arm but for now this one has been getting a lot of love. It’s so pigmented that you barely need any to give your cheeks a pretty flush of colour; this will last for ages so is definitely real value for money. Don’t be scared of the colour in the pan, a light hand will produce a pretty hint of coral perfect for the summer.
It’s been so hot lately in the sunny south of England so my summer dresses have been well and truly dusted off ! These are a few of my favourites; floaty, feminine and most importantly they keep me cool! 
Finally I’d like to introduce my favourite hat! Yes it is an old mans hat, and yes I bought it from the old mans section of BHS and I adore it! I got this last summer and when I was looking around all the straw hats in Accessorize and New Look etc were all silly shapes or with a tiny brim that wouldn’t have shielded my face at all from the sun. This beauty does that & I really don’t care that it’s for men.

What were your June favourites?


  1. The flat topped elf brush is in my favourites too - I love it! Great post lovely xx Oh, love your photos by the way :)

  2. i love the ELF brushes too they are amazingly soft <3

  3. Definitely maxi dresses and sunhats are my June faves.

  4. Yaaay I LOVE reading your monthly favourites. I normally skip over these type of posts in my reader but I always love reading your ones for some reason! Fable looks lovely, and I totally agree - I am MUCH more into Illamasqua than MAC!
    Actually love the straw hat too :3 some blokes stuff is really cool! Can't wait for the lipgloss review too :)

  5. @lollipop - yeahh i saw it in one of your favourites posts, it's so good for the price! And thank youu!

    @lisa - I agreee!

    @Helen - Ahh i need a maxi dress in my life!

    @leanne - aww thank youu! Illamasqua ftw! hehe.


  6. I love that lipstick! Gorgeous! :)

  7. The scrub up looks interesting!:D

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    & Life According to Marie

  8. Loving the hat - have never thought to shop in the mens section for one!

  9. Lovely post! I love that a lot of the products you use are natural & such :) I really wish there was a place that sold Illamasqua near me, i'm dying to try their products! I adore the summer dresses & the hat is soo cute! xx

  10. LOVE the hat! And totally agree with you about Illamasqua - what a wonderful brand xx

  11. The ELF brushes are such good quality brushes, I've used mine everyday since I brought it. That lipgloss looks gorgeous as well x

  12. @joanna - it is very pretty!
    @marie - it's lovely!
    @love hearts & crosses - hehe i love the mens section!
    @laura - thank you! :) can you not order illamasqua online? I dont have a counter near me either, wish i did!
    @lucy - thank youuu! there's something so wonderful about illamasqua!


  13. @peonies & lilies - I love them, such bargains!


  14. Need to try the Topshop blush! Love the straw hat :)

  15. @lady bug - Thank you! and yes, you should, it's beautiful! xo

  16. What lovely stuff! I'm loving the look of the lippie!


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