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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Review: The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara.

Recently my mum has been on what seems like a never-ending search for a mascara that she actually likes. Big and curvy from The Body Shop is one that she never even got around to trying because she dislikes the smell so much. Now, I’m not one to turn down free, unused make up so I thought I might as well give it a whirl.

First impressions from the packaging were good, I mean, it’s pink – very pretty! As someone who usually loves ginormous wands, surprisingly I actually quite like this skinny one. The bristles grab on to my lashes really well which makes application super easy and that’s always a bonus. The tapered end makes it quick and easy to get right into the corners and coat even the smallest lashes evenly.

The Body Shop say: “The advanced brush glides colour from root to tip and the advanced formula fix the curl for luscious lashes. A great complex of plant and wax ingredients that gives up to 9 times more volume and incredible curl.”

Voluminous long lashes are something I crave; I have small eyes that look even smaller without a coat or two of a nice mascara. I don’t think Big and Curvy gives my lashes much volume at all. It does however give me plenty of length, which I like a lot.

The formula is quite wet but it dries super quick, which is essential for me because I’m clumsy and for some reason have to sneeze a lot just after applying mascara – just my luck that is! Two coats can very easily make your lashes look a little clumpy but that’s not something that bothers me too much. Sorry to all clumpy lash haters out there!

As you can see I have quite hooded eyelids and that combined with oily lids & watery eyes is usually a recipe for disaster when using non-waterproof mascara. Much to my surprise Big and Curvy doesn’t transfer or run at all which honestly, is nothing short of a minor miracle.

My lashes aren’t left feeling incredibly crispy and the mascara doesn’t flake off throughout the day. It does smell very strange – it sort of reminds me of some of those sprays you can get for keeping bugs from biting you in the summer time. It is quite a strong smell but it doesn’t bother me too much, after all, once it’s on your lashes you can’t smell it anymore.

Despite quite liking this there is one thing that lets it down big time & that is the price. At £10 this is way too expensive for me especially when there are pharmacy mascaras that do exactly the same job for four or more pounds cheaper. So, the million pound question is would I repurchase this? Perhaps if it were cheaper but otherwise no, I wouldn’t because I'm a cheapskate!

Have you tried Big & Curvy? What are your favourite mascaras?


  1. ohhhh I've got this, seen mixed reviews but I love what it's done to your lashes! such pretty eyes xxx

  2. I haven't tried this but my favourite mascaras are Boots No7 Extreme Length and Maybelline Define-A-Lash! :)

  3. that looks like a great mascara! i love playing up my eyes. right now I use CoverGirl... it works okay. my eyelashes are naturally pretty big and dark so sometimes i'll skip it all together and just eye-line.

    your eyes are so pretty! so blue :)

  4. @nooberella - Yes, I've seen lots of mixed reviews too. I quite like it, but it's expensive for me who's a total cheapskate haha. And thank you!

    @stephanie - ooh I'll have to have a look at those!

    @prettytimepiece - Lucky you for having lovely natural lashes! I'm tres jealous hehe


  5. Great review. I too have seen mixed reviews on this. But much like it is for you £10 is just too much for me to pay for a mascara.

    You have the most gorgeous blue eyes, too :)

  6. Looks good, but as you say if there is something that can do the same job for half the price then I will be going for the cheaper option!

  7. @Tanya - Thank you! :) For some reason I never want to invest in a mascara, not for something I throw out every few months anyway!

    @LadyBug - Exactly, it just makes sense!



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