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Friday, 9 July 2010

Review: Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture.

Everything about this moisturiser appeals to me; I love the scent, I love the packaging and I love what it promises to do for my skin. Yes, you’re right, there is a ‘but’ and that is unfortunately it’s just too light for my skin. I must admit I am a little disappointed, perhaps my expectations were just a little too high but it left my skin feeling a little bit tight especially on my cheeks and forehead. I would describe my skin as normal but leaning towards the dryer side of normal. When I use this in combination with another moisturiser it works, but I’m lazy and ideally just want one moisturiser for the daytime and one for the night.

Neal’s Yard say: “Softens and replenishes normal and dehydrated skin. Hydrating ‘Hundred petalled’ rose extract and damask rose oil soften, smooth and help restore skin’s natural radiance in a light, easily absorbed, antioxidant-rich lotion.”

Consistency wise this is absolutely what they say, a light and easily absorbed lotion. One pump is enough to distribute evenly over my face and down my neck, which is great and it sinks in instantly so there's no waiting around before applying make up.

If you’re expecting the typical rose scent that you find in other products on the high street then you’re going to be disappointed. Instead this has a far more earthy-rose scent to it; it smells very natural which I really like but some may not so bare that in mind.

I have been using this every morning for 2 months and I’m not quite half way through the bottle yet so I’d say this would last me for about 6 to 7 months in total. A 200ml bottle costs £22 which does sound pricey, but I do think that skincare is something worth investing in. If you like organic products and have normal to slightly oily skin this might be worth a look.

Would I repurchase this? No I wouldn’t but only because it’s not quite enough for my fussy skin. I will however look into their daily moisture lotions aimed at dryer skin when I’ve finished this bottle. I have a sample of their Orange Flower daily moisture which so far I think is really lovely. You can purchase Neal's Yard from freestanding stores and online at NealsYardRemedies.com.

What’s your favourite daytime moisturiser?


  1. I had just the same problem with this moisturiser.... luckily I didn't pay for it as it was a free gift with my Country Living magazine subscription!
    I can't recommend highly enough Neals Yard frankincense hydrating cream, I did a little post featuring it a while ago....

    it smells SO good too! x

  2. This surprises me as my skin used to be combination but is now a lot drier and although it's not a heavy moisturiser, it's perfect for me in terms of hydration. It's a shame it's not quite right for you as I know how frustrating it can be finding the right moisturiser - it's taken me years to find the right one! xx

  3. @rebecca - I like the sound of that, but I think it'll be a little too much for my skin.

    @lisa - Yeah, it can be very frustrating! glad you've found one that works for you!


  4. I bought it today with a magazine and I hate the smell its really irrotating.


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