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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Send a Wish upon a Star.

How does music just seem to accumulate? I cleared iTunes out the other day and had a few of those “oh my goodness why do I have this?” moments, ahem, does anyone remember The Cartoons, ooh eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang? …No? That'll just be me then?

Over the years I’ve loved everything from The Spice Girls, (I really really wanted to be Baby Spice), to Marilyn Manson. The latter was during my strange goth phase where I would only wear a pair of VERY over-sized black jeans with some sort of band tee and spiky jewellery. Yes, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking there either, it did not suit me at all, but it didn’t last long before I was into my ‘surfer girl’ phase which was by far my favourite of all the phases I went through. I was dedicated to that one, so much so I (almost) learned to windsurf. I wasn’t very good.

To some my tastes in music now will seem horrifically dull; I could probably count all the artists I listen to on one hand. Does anyone else get so addicted to something that it becomes all they listen to? I’ve had my Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, The Decemberists & Florence & the Machine addictions and I’m now I’m firmly on to Zero 7 and Sia, but more so Sia. I’m definitely a down-tempo kinda girl now.

Even if you don’t know who Sia is, chances are you’ve heard Breathe Me somewhere, most famously on the very final scene of television show Six Feet Under, which is possibly the best ending to any series ever, in my opinion. It’s super sad, yes I do blub away every time I see it, and also completely and utterly beautiful.

Sia doesn’t get enough recognition, at least I don’t think so; not for someone who’s not only a talented singer but a fabulous songwriter too. If something more up-tempo is what you’re after I’d give her new album We Are Born or a listen otherwise Colour the Small One will always be a classic and Lady Croissant will be all the proof you need that Sia’s voice is something special.

Did you go through any phases during your teenage years? Who are your favourite artists? I’d love to know!


  1. I go through phases with music too. I'll find a band and that'll be all I'll listen too until I find another one.

    Red Hot Chili's will always be my favourite band but at the moment I love Bon Iver and City And Colour.

    I think we've all been through a goth phase!! haha

  2. Ooh, I remember The Cartoons song.. Me and my friend used to gargle it for some bizarre reason ;)

    I love Sia, I must remember to add some more of her music to my We7 playlist! Her voice is gorgeous! xx

  3. Oh god the Cartoons. I remember them, well I remember my sister playing it on repeat for a while. :)

    Spice Girls were my favs when I was younger, and I also saw Peter Andre live. The shame.

    Grown up and love a wide range of music, but you know if Spice Girls come on I'll be singing and giving it some serious girl power.

    X x

  4. I went through a similar 'goth' stage, and then a bit of a 'hip hop' stage, but I will always still love most genres of music, I think that is the wonder of it, there is something to appeal to everyone, and every part of everyone :) xxx

  5. Oh i definately went through an 'emo' phase in middle school...I try to block that out of my memory though D:
    I love Lady GaGa (of course! :), Hadouken!, Kings of Leon, My Chemical Romance (i had a crazy obsession with them during my emo phase), Maroon 5, John Mayer, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, Muse, Passion Pit, Panic! at the Disco, Coldplay, Frightened Rabbit, The Killers, MGMT, & Nine Inch Nails, among others. I listen to everything though really, classical, screamo, pop, a bit of psychedelic - you name it, i listen to it!
    This was a really lovely post! :) x

  6. @Katy - Ooh I really like city & colour too! Haha ohh that goth phase!
    @Rachel - Haha! Sia is amazing :)
    @Kel - Hehe. When I was really little I think I wanted to marry peter andre hah. don't know what I was thinking!
    @Laura - Absolutely! :)
    @Laura - Thank you! I had a my chemical romance obsession at one point too hehe



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