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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Face of the Day with Illamasqua Promise & Fable.

As soon as I received promise cream blush from Illamasqua in the post I couldn’t wait to slap it on to see how pretty it is on the cheeks and I wasn’t disappointed! I’ve got my go-to make up routine pretty set at the moment, keeping everything the same each day apart from my lipstick and blush. My make up loves are lip products and blushers so it’s usually fairly impossible to use the same products every day, but, I think promise is going to be a permanent addition to my daily routine for a long time - it’s gorgeous!

Since discovering Bourjois healthy mix foundation my base make up has become complete. I love the way it makes my skin look, it works well with my favourite concealers and lasts well throughout the day.

♥ Bourjois Healthy Mix – Light Vanilla.
♥ Benefit Boi-ing & Erase Paste – 01.
♥ Eyes Lips Face Under Eye concealer – Fair.
♥ Beauty Without Cruelty loose powder – Translucent.
♥ The Body Shop Big & Curvy Mascara – Black.

In my review I said I probably wouldn’t repurchase Big and Curvy mascara from The Body Shop but I really am in love with what this does to my lashes. The wand is the perfect size to grab even the smallest lashes and it doesn’t transfer at all throughout the day, which I have a lot of problems with usually. Why do you have to be so expensive, big and curvy?!

Illamasqua Cream Blush – Promise.

Promise gives my cheeks that real ‘I look like I’m glowing’ effect that I’ve been lusting after all summer. It’s a really warm candy pink colour that seems to compliment my very pale but quite yellow skin tone nicely.

I decided to pair it with my Illamasqua lipstick in Fable, which is a beautiful rose pink with warm undertones that I don’t give enough love. I combined it with a little Pink Pout from Revlon to make it ever so slightly less matte on my lips. These make a really pretty summery combination that brightens and gives a super fresh look to the face. I even got complimented on my make up in the Post Office today of all places!

I haven’t done a face of the day in a long time, I’m a bit rusty I think! But that’s my current go-to face routine at the moment and the best part is I only use 3 brushes which means I don’t have lots to clean all the time - hoorah!

What are your favourite lip and cheek combinations at the moment?


  1. Love the lip stick colour, think I might have to purchase it! Your make up is sooo pretty, I have the Benefit concealers too, they are great x

  2. Your eyes are so blue! That blush is lovely, i'm trying not to buy any blushes but i'm really tempted to get an illamasqua cream one..hmm
    beautiful xx

  3. You look gorgeous and that lipstick colour is beautiful!
    I really need to try Bourjois Healthy Mix, i've heard so many good things about it!

  4. This is gorgeous :) you're such a true stunner. your face is so natrual but really stands out at the same time.
    lovely look

  5. You have such a lovely complexion! Your make-up just looks so natural, which is always a good look to master.
    I currently use Benefit's Coralista, which is nice but not quite rosy pink enough for me. Will have to try Illamasqua blusher, might as well since it's 25% off at Debenhams.

  6. You look beautiful :) Love the pinks on you :)

    Healthy Mix is my staple foundation now, I adore it :) I'm so glad you tried and liked it :)

    x x x

  7. This is so pretty! Love the blush! xxx

  8. Jennie you look so beautiful here!!! Honestly promise looks stunning on you! xx

  9. jennie you are so beautiful words can't even describe! you look amazing. your blue eyes are just wow ♥
    can't wait for your letter! xxx

  10. That blush is perfect! You have an amazing english rose look!

  11. Promise looks so pretty on you! x

  12. Really pretty colour and your eyes are a gorgeous blue!

    I'm ashamed to admit I haven't put make up on since March!!

    And as for blusher, I have never been able to wear it or even put it on. I'm a blush/bronzer virgin.

    Naff skin probably doesn't help. :)

  13. @Hannah - They are fab, couldn't live without boi-ing!
    @Abbie - I was the same but Illamasqua cream blushes are well worth the money!
    @Caz - Thank you! Healthy mix is really lovely, definitely recommend it.
    @Steph - Aww thank you beautiful!
    @Sequin this - Thank you! Absolutely, 25% off is an excellent deal!
    @fern - Thank you! :)
    @Laura - It was thanks to your review I tried it. Really is a lovely foundation! :)
    @May - Thank you lovely!
    @Nic - Thank youuuu! Promise is my new favourite thing hehe.
    @Tennille - Aww thank you sweetie. It's going to be a super long letter hehe :D
    @LadyBug - Thank you! <3
    @Ariel - Thankieeeee :)
    @Claire - Thank you lovely! Aww don't be ashamed, I wish I could go without make up! A nice subtle peachy blush would look amazing on you!


  14. Jennie - firstly you are beautiful and secondly, you have exquisite photography skills. Everything is just stunning. The cream blush is just perfect on you xx

  15. Your photography is excellent, it's obvious that it's something you love :) And I've heard so many good things about Bourjois Healthy Mix, I was wondering how much it is? xx

  16. @milly - Thank you beautiful! <3
    @birdsflyupgowns - Thank you! It really is lovely. I think it's £10, which considering one pump is enough each time it'll last quite a long time!


  17. you have amazing skin- i am so so jealous!! stunning!

  18. @rachel wears - No no no! There's no need to be jealous - I really don't have nice skin. My lighting is very forgiving! :) But thank you lovely!


  19. wow you have seriously amazing eyes! Great skin too! Love your blog :)


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