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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Good Things Skincare: An Introduction.

The beauty behind one of my all time favourite blogs, Magic's in the Make Up, Nicola was the first person to tell me about a new skincare range called Good Things. She said it was something I should definitely check out as the products don't contain any ingredients, like parabens, that I like to avoid. I was so so excited about it and was going to look out for it the next time I was in Boots but it simply slipped my mind & I totally forgot because I appear to have the memory of a goldfish. I really really really need to start writing things down! I was reminded when an email dropped into my inbox from the same company that represent Naked Bodycare and Julia, who knows how much I love Naked products, asked if I would like to sample something from the Good Things range. She'd noticed that I was missing a face mask and an eye cream from my skincare routine and thought that I would really love these products. She told me the range is aimed at young skin and I was really very excited to give them a try.

The creator of Good Things is a British beauty journalist called Alice Hart-Davis who I must admit I'd never heard of before, sorry Alice! However, a little bit of Internet research later (thank you Google) I now know that Alice has won many awards for her writing, has penned a book aimed at teens which gives an all-round guide to hair, skin and make up and she helps to judge awards for the beauty industry amongst many other things. So, you know, I think it's pretty safe to say that she knows what she's talking about & it gives me high hopes for this range. I'm also no-so-secretly definitely extremely jealous of her career!

One of the first things you notice about a product is its packaging. I can't speak for everyone but I know that I want my products to look pretty; how terribly shallow of me I know, but aesthetics are an important part of enticing you in. Good Things does a very good job of grabbing my attention aesthetics wise; it's simple, it's swirly and it's pretty. That box has been well and truly ticked.

The text makes a point of mentioning the superfruit extracts in each product and also that it's free from animal ingredients, parabens, SLS and mineral oil - fabulous! The website GoodThingsBeauty.com has a page dedicated to explaining what a lot of their ingredients do for your skin and also which products you can find them in. I think that's a really nice touch & something that's very helpful especially if you know your skin needs something specific. For example, if you have dry skin that needs some extra moisture you can find out that wheat germ oil is super moisturising and you'll find it in their Dream Cream Night Cream.

The two products I received are the Bright Eyes Eye Cream from the gentle face care range and the Five Minute Facial Face Mask from the anti-blemish range. The eye cream is formulated to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, goodness knows I need all the help I can get with those things, so I am very interested to see if it works. The lychee extracts are to support the delicate skin arond the eyes and the raspberry is used for its soothing properties.

I'm currently using this on my right eye and using an eye cream with Organic Sea Buckthorn from Alva Natural Skincare on my left eye so I can compare and contrast the two. I am only 21 years old so I've not really used any other eye creams in the past & I thought doing this would allow me to provide better reviews on both of these eye creams.

The Five Minute Facial Face Mask is the product that I'm most excited about. In the past the masks I've used have been a bit, for lack of a better word, blah. You know, you put them on, you look a bit ridiculous for 10 minutes, you wash it off and nothing has really happened. I tried this as soon as I opened the package and the very first thing I noticed was how beautiful it smells, oh my goodness, it's divine! I know it should be all about the results but when something smells wonderful it becomes such a pleasure to use. In my opinion all products should be like that, beauty should be an indulgence and not a chore!

Gorgeous scent aside, first impressions are very positive and at the moment, having only used it once, brief first impressions are all I can give. I haven't had any nasty reactions, it only takes 5 minutes and my skin wasn't left feeling tight, instead it felt moisturised, plump and soothed which was lovely. I even noticed a reduction in the redness in my cheeks, hoorah! You really only do need to use a little bit, I found it easy to distribute over my face because it's neither runny or gloopy and it sets super fast. The avocado is there to moisturise & leave your skin feeling soft and the goji berry is there to calm, provide anti-inflammatory properties and also to energise your skin. I must say, it all sounds very lovely and hopefully I'll see real results because that would be wonderful.

Both of these products retail at £5.99 each and every item in the Good Things range costs less than £9 so it's very affordable which I think is absolutely fantastic. 

Like all skincare I think it's important to test products for a least a month before being able to give a substantial and hopefully helpful review, however so far so good! The next time I'm in Boots I will be heading straight for the skincare aisle to check out a few of the other products in the range that have caught my eye and yes, I have written it down this time!

Have you tried anything from the Good Things range? Is it a brand that interests you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Sounds promising, I've seen this brand but not looked at it, but always like a good mask, and this one sounds good!

    I really like the way the PR approached you too, actually to offer you products you might want, rather than any old thing!

    Hope they continue to work for you honey xxx

  2. fab post, the whole range smells absolutely incredible! I only have the polisher atm but I want the wipes and the wash for oily skin. Can't wait to get them! xx

  3. @Laura - So far I'd definitely recommend checking the products out. They're quite inexpensive too which is always a bonus, especially for a range that doesn't contain parabens and mineral oil etc.

    I think this is the way all PR companies should approach bloggers. Although I suppose it would take more time/work on their part having to properly read through blogs. It's the best way of doing it though in my opinion.

    @Karleigh - Thank you! I need to go and check out the other products. They're worth it for the scent alone hehe!


  4. Great post! I keep seeing this skincare brand around, and once I'm done with a few other bits I can't wait to try them!


  5. Thanks for sharing about these, they sound promising!:D

    I must Google these and hopefully can get these where I live.:D

    Thanks again and happy Wednesday!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. Aww yay you got to try some things!! I really want to try they face mask, can't wait to hear how you get on xx p.s thank you for being so lovely <3 x

  7. I tried the Stay Clear face wash and really loved it - it smells delicious and seemed to keep my skin happy. I've gone back to Organic Surge for now but I love finding new, skin friendly products that are free from nasty parabens. :)

  8. @Nic - <3

    @Jen - Ooh I've never heard of Organic Surge before, must investigate!


  9. Oh that face mask looks so tempting - particularly since you noted about it helping with redness, something I really do suffer from. Was it a bit of a prolonged effect or fading after five minutes? (:
    Even better with cute packaging and great ingredients!
    Thanks for reviewing,


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