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Monday, 2 August 2010

July Favourites.

How on earth is it August already and where did July go? When I was younger a year felt like a life time but now it feels like they pass too quickly, it feels like I'm wasting my life, but that's a whole other story that I won't bore you with.

July was a good month for me make up wise, not in the sense that I acquired a whole bunch of new products, but more that I've been really enjoying the process of applying make up and also taking care of my skin.

My first favourite is my Clinique Super City Block with spf 40 and although I'm not out in the sunshine for very long each day I use this every morning before my foundation without fail. Taking care of my skin has become a little bit of an obsession in recent months & this doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. It's lovely and well worth the money because a little bit goes a long way. 
My next favourite is a foundation that I'm so happy I decided to try out. I was using Revlon ColorStay which I loved, I've almost finished the bottle, but it had started feeling heavy and looking cakey which I didn't love so much. After asking around on Twitter & reading some reviews on blogs I decided to try the Bourjois Healthy Mix. I had wrongly assumed that it wouldn't be enough coverage for me because I thought I needed a really full coverage foundation to make my skin look nice, but oh how wrong I was! Healthy Mix is a medium coverage foundation and my skin looks a million times better than it ever did when I opted for high coverage. Maybe it's because it looks more natural or maybe the formula suits my skin better, but it really does make my skin look healthy. The only downside is that the lightest shade, 51 Light Vanilla, is a tiny bit too dark for me. Yes I am indeed that pale. But with a bit of careful blending down my neck I can make it work, yay! 

Dark under eye circles are the bane of my life, no matter how well rested I am it looks like I've been punched, quite forcefully, in both eyes. Gorgeous. But this is where Benefit's Erase Paste comes in to save the day. It doesn't cover them completely which is why I use a tiny bit of Boi-ing before, but it really helps to brighten the under eye area giving the illusion you've had enough precious beauty sleep. The price tag may be off putting but you really only do need to use a tiny bit at a time so the pot will last for ages. This is firmly on my 'I will repurchase forever more, or at least until they stop making it and then I might cry' list & there aren't many products on that.

My Neal's Yard skincare items have all been getting a lot of love this past month but my absolute favourite is the Vitamin E & Avocado night cream. It really is a beautiful cream that moisturises the skin so well without feeling greasy at all. This is going to be extra gorgeous in the winter time or after suffering from a cold because it is so soothing and it feels like it's doing my skin a lot of good. It really is beautiful.

I do still get the odd blemish, usually when I've been naughty and indulged on a little too much chocolate and yummy cakes, and all I've been doing to them is patting on a little bit of witch hazel gel after I've moisturised. I only use a tiny bit so I don't dry out my skin at all, but it's been working wonders to take down any redness super quickly and it's surprisingly gentle - no stinging at all! Lovely.
Summer time to me means getting bitten to death by yucky bugs and then spending the next week desperately trying not to itch the bites and make them worse. I've mentioned before how the Naked Orange & Honey Lotion really calms down any irritation on my legs after shaving and I've found that it's been doing the same for the bites on my skin. This really has been a life saver this summer, I've used it so much and this is still my first bottle so it's fabulous value for money!

My favourite eye combination this month has been the ELF due eye shadow cream in the shade Butter Pecan & Bronx eye shadow by Illamasqua. You all know I love my neutrals so I've been using the darker shade of Butter Pecan all over my lid as a base with Bronx over the top and really blended out with the lighter cream shadow under my brow. It just gives that little something that makes it look like you've made an effort but it really only takes 2 seconds to do & it stays put all day. I love it.

My mascara of the month has been Big and Curvy from The Body Shop. I don't like the smell, I don't like it's £10 price tag but I have to say, I've been loving what it does to my lashes. The most important part for me is that it doesn't smudge or transfer at all & that's something I find hard to find in a mascara, especially one that's not waterproof. I might just have to repurchase this in a few months time.

Cream blush is my newest obsession and I am in love. These two cream blushers from NYX are the ones I've been reaching for every single day this month and I have the shades Natural and Glow. The formulation is a little thick but I don't find them difficult to apply at all. I just dab my ELF blush brush into the product once, dab on to my cheeks and blend it out. The pigmentation is incredible and they really do stay put all day which I wasn't expecting. They make my cheeks look dewy, fresh and most importantly, glowing! I'm craving more cream blushers, so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Finally I have 3 lip products in my favourites this month. The first is my ELF plumping lip glaze in the shade Baby Doll which gives a pretty sheer pink glaze to my lips. I don't find the plumping side does make my lips look fuller but I do love the tingling sensation. These are only £1.50 and I'm definitely going to get some more colours, they're lovely.

Next is my first NYX lipstick in the shade Margarita and this is so pigmented. I use a tiny bit of this on my lips to give a pretty frosty coral colour that's perfect for the summer. This with a little bit of Fresh Squeezed lipgloss by Benefit is a beautiful summer combination!

My last favourite of July is the Body Shop Lipstick in shade 73 which I believe is called Iced Pink or something along those lines. This is quite a sheer colour but it's easily buildable and still so completely wearable. I've been wearing this a lot to work and I love it. It smells and tastes like cake which is fabulous and the formulation is gorgeous. I find it really moisturising and it leaves my lips looking glossy which is lovely.

What were your July favourites?


  1. Those NYX cream blushes look so lovely!! I recently got one of the NYC creme blush sticks which is so pretty, I wish NYC would bring them out here! xxx

  2. great favourites :)
    im going to try out the night cream and bourjois healthy mix foundation :) xx

  3. I love my lipstick NYX and benefit!



  4. Lovely favorites!:D

    The Super City Block sounds like a great product to try!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. @nic - I'm so jealous. I wish we had them here too!
    @sarah - I love them both, hope you do too! :)
    @karina - :)
    @marie - it is lovely. there's a city block sheer too if you don't want a super high spf. :)


  6. It seems like we have very similar dark under eye circle issues :/ I usually have to layer two different concealers because I haven't yet found one that works well enough of its own. I HAVE to try Erase Paste! I've heard so many good things about it. I have to agree that the price tag is a bit hefty though. xx

  7. wonderful post!! i really enjoyed reading it :) the NYX cream blushes look absolutely lovely, i must give them a try!

  8. I need to buy Benefit's Erase Paste! I keep hearing how good it is! x

  9. @tiffany - I do think benefit products in general are just a tad overpriced. they are lovely products though. Erase paste is fabulous in the inner corners!
    @emma - thank you lovely. Definitely give them a go, they're so inexpensive!
    @daisy - It's beautiful in the inner corners especially. Worth the money I think :)


  10. I know what you mean about using Erase Paste, it's my magic wand when it comes to hiding blemishes and dark circles :)

  11. I think I need to invest in Erase Paste!

  12. NYX blushers are so nice, I really want the natural shade now. If only they were more readily available in the UK x

  13. @peonies and lilies - Ahh I know! I really want every shade they make!


  14. I love Benefit Erase Paste - I have terrible dark circles and it really works! x


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