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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Current Favourite Blushers.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a blush addict. I don’t have a particularly large make up collection but my blush draw is by far the most tightly packed. I was aiming to do a top 5 blush post but I’ve cheated slightly because I can’t narrow it down any further than 8. Yep, I'm super indecisive!

My first favourite is my only ELF blush and it’s in the shade candid coral. I’ve been meaning to try more shades from the studio range of blushes because I love this one so much, a couple will definitely sneak into my next order. The packaging is amazing for such an inexpensive product; it’s sleek looking and even has a little mirror inside. Candid coral is a gorgeous colour that I find so easy to wear, it’s not one of those colours that you have to be careful when applying and it’s very flattering on my warm toned skin. The formula is smooth and blends beautifully, I really can’t believe these only cost £3.50 and I would recommend them to everyone!

Left: On Location French Riviera. Right: Paris Show.
My next two favourites are both by the brand Modelista and I got them from my beautiful friend Tennille who lives in Australia. I don’t know if this is a brand you can only get in Australia, if so you Aussie’s are super lucky, but if you can get your hands on some of their products I really recommend them. I adore the packaging, it has just the right amount of tacky and you get a really good-sized mirror inside. I have two shades, On Location French Riviera, which is described as a pink rose blush palette, & Paris Show which is a blush and cheek highlighter palette. The blushes themselves are super pretty, they’re made up of different shades and I usually swirl my brush all around and then dust on to my cheeks. The on location French Riviera palette is probably my favourite of the 2 just because the colour is slightly warmer but I wear these a lot. I’m not sure how much these are but they’re worth every penny!

Another make up range I’ve been meaning to pick up a few more pieces from is Topshop. Me and Topshop clothing have a hate-hate relationship going on, but if the rest of the make up is as good as the cream blush I have, it’s pretty fabulous. The shade I have is Neon Rose and although it looks scarily bright in the pan, on the cheeks it gives a pretty coral flush that would be flattering on a variety of skin tones. Again the packaging is super cute, I like pretty packaging, and there’s a mirror inside which is always fabulous. These are £6 which I think is very reasonable and I’m pretty eager to get my hands on the shade flushed too.

After hearing a lot about NYX cosmetics on Youtube and blogs I’d wanted to try them out for a while. As I was browsing on one of the discount websites I found the cream blushers, saw they were only £3 or £4 and decided to give them a go. The shade Glow is a really lovely pinky shade that really does, as the name implies, make you look as if you are glowing. A little goes a very long way & these are so easy to blend even though the formula is a little thick, you’d think they would cost a lot more than they do.

The cool dusk blush trio from The Body Shop was limited edition sometime last summer I think and cost £12 but if you live anywhere near a Body Shop outlet you might be able to find one for £3 which is a bit of a bargain! Although it’s very cool toned I really like the way it looks on my skin tone plus it looks super pretty in the pan. Yep, I am that shallow. You can focus your brush on one part of the blush, or you can do what I like to do and get a mix of the 3 different tones. This is going to be one of my winter staples for sure.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a favourites post from me if I didn’t include some Illamasqua. I have two blushes from the brand, one cream & one powder and I adore them both. I don’t own any MAC products so the occasional product from Illamasqua is my little make up indulgence.

Unrequited powder blush is described as a soft baby pink & that’s exactly what it is. It’s so pigmented & I’m very pale so I have to be careful with how much I apply to avoid looking like a clown, but the smallest amount gives a pretty pink flush and really warms up my complexion.

Promise cream blush is described as a warm candy pink & it’s so flattering on my skintone; I think it’s my favourite blush of all time. It manages to effortlessly brighten up my complexion and make me look really awake and glowy. Both blushers have an incredible consistency; they apply and blend so easily it takes no effort at all. These are the most expensive of my favourites at £16 each but they are so worth it I would recommend them to anyone, even if it takes a little extra saving up to purchase one.


I’m pretty sure if I were doing this post in a couple of weeks time Tweak from Illamasqua, which I've just purchased, would make it into my favourites but these are my current top picks.

What are your favourite blushers? Are there any must haves I need in my collection?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spending the Pennies.

Can someone please hide my debit card from me? Online shopping is just way too easy, a couple of clicks and there's something pretty heading your way. I also really love getting post, everyone loves getting post, right? Anyhoo, I was casually browsing Asos & Cheap Smells as you do & before I knew it I had accidentally bought a couple of things. ...oops?
I've never used any high end hair products, I've never thought my hair needed anything special but curiosity finally got the better of me. Is Bed Head considered high end in hair care? I have no idea but I've heard a lot about the Superstar range & when I saw the 750ml duo on CheapSmells.com for only £14 I thought I might as well give them a go. So far I love the packaging, hello obnoxiously bright pink bottles, and they smell gorgeous, the product not the bottles! Fingers crossed they do something for my yucky hair, it certainly needs some help!

Yep, Asos got me again. It's the free delivery option that sucks me in, it really is! I couldn't resist these super cute necklaces, I've got a bit of a thing for peace symbols at the moment, and I caved and bought another Illamasqua blush that I totally didn't need. Not needing something has never stopped me before so in the basket it went.

I've had my eye on this statement necklace for yonks, I was just waiting for it to go into the sale because I'm cheap. When I spied it had, I was quick to snap it up & I love it. It's not going to be to everyone's taste, my mum hates it for example, but I love it and that's all that matters!

My second necklace choice is far more dainty & pretty and I know I'm going to be wearing it a lot. The little peace charm is so tiny & the pearl effect chain just makes it a little more special than it would be on a plain gold chain.

An asos loot wouldn't be the same without something from Illamasqua finding its way into my basket now would it? I am so weak when it comes to blush. Tweak has been on my wishlist for such a long time but I'd been hesitant to get it because it's a slightly red based hot pink and at the time I had a lot of redness in my cheeks from acne. Distilled witch hazel has worked its magic in recent weeks and the redness has calmed down dramatically so I thought I'd go ahead and purchase. I'm so happy I did because it's a gorgeous colour and like all Illamasqua blushes, so incredibly pigmented. At £16 these aren't cheap but they will last such a long time, they're a good investment in my opinion!

Are you someone who can't resist the temptation of online shopping? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Sunday, 26 September 2010


My number one most requested post at the moment is more pictures of Ralphie! He's fast becoming the star of my blog & I can totally see why, after all, he's way cuter than me!

He's almost 11 weeks old now and proving to be very cheeky. As I type this he's trying to steal my cream cake & he's always trying to squeeze himself into tiny spaces or attempting to dig a hole in my carpet. He's discovered that he can squeeze under my chest of drawers & apparently it's very comfortable because it took me over an hour to coax him out. When he's not being naughty he's usually being lazy and sleeping somewhere.

I think his ears are totally adorable, when he relaxes them one sticks up and the other flops down - how cute! That's definitely his little bit of mini lop shining through.

He's doing really well & I love him very much. I'm going to start slowly introducing fresh veggies into his diet in the next couple of weeks, hopefully he'll like real carrots more than he likes his little toy carrot. I think I was conned into buying him toys, he's really not interested in things if he can't eat them & I don't blame him there!

Lots of love, Ralphie! ♥

Friday, 24 September 2010

Frame Friday 006.

0001. Now the weather is getting cooler I wake up to condensation on my window & I love how pretty and ethereal the world looks through it. 
0002. I started my new job yesterday and it went really well. I'm still a bit nervy because I don't know the stock inside out just yet, but hopefully I'll pick it up quickly. There are so many things I want to buy already, oh dear!
0003. Thank you again for all your positive comments on my recent outfit posts, I really wasn't expecting it at all. I didn't think I'd enjoy doing them because I'm terribly awkward in front of a camera & don't consider myself in the slightest bit fashionable, but surprisingly they're fast becoming one of my favourite posts to do.
0004. Ralphie is becoming a cheeky bunny, there's no other word to describe him. He definitely knows what he wants and he'll have a little strop if he doesn't get it. He's very cute!
0005. Online shopping is something I partake in a little too often, it's just too easy! But the part I don't like is having to wait for my goodies to be delivered, that's just no fun & I'm super impatient. I hope they arrive tomorrow!
0006. The scon/scone debate has arisen again! I call it a scone, what do you say?!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What I Wore: Paper Planes and Playground Games.

Firstly I’d just like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my first outfit post, I really wasn’t expecting such an overwhelmingly positive response but it really made me smile. I’ve definitely been bitten by the outfit bug and this time round it was a little easier. By that I mean I didn’t have to take almost 60 images in a bid to find one where I wasn’t mid-blink, am I actually gaining control of my face?!

The cooler weather of late has encouraged me start layering again. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons by far because if you’re cold you can put more clothes on, but when you’re too hot there’s only so far you can go!

Dress: Gino NV.
Tee: Primark.
Cardigan: H&M.

Excuse my odd pointy finger in the first photograph, it appears to have a mind of it’s own and for some reason I can’t help but find it incredibly annoying. Weird finger aside, this dress is one of my favourites. The cute pinafore style & bow detailing is really cute and the way it’s cut at the top gives my modest bust a bit of an imaginary size-boost. The cardigan on the other hand is a bit of a pain in the bum because every time it’s washed it shrinks and has to be stretched back into shape. The stretching is taking its toll but I just love its shape & colour so much I’ll keep wearing it until I can’t anymore. I now know why there was a huge pile of them in H&M for £5 and I will avoid in future.

Over the last few days I’ve loved wearing really simple make up that only takes me 10 minutes max to apply. Today I tried the max volume flash mascara by Rimmel again & I still hate it. It takes far too long to dry & because I have quite hooded eyelids the mascara just smudges everywhere unless I keep my eyes closed for 15 minutes. I’ve had it for quite a while and I thought maybe it’s one that gets better with time, but nope, instead it’s going in the bin. Big & curvy I’m sorry I deserted you - please take me back! Cream blush is still amazing in my opinion & glow by NYX is one of my favourites, it’s a beautiful colour that I’d recommend over and over.

My lip combination today was a bit different. I opted for Vintage Pink by Rimmel, which looks quite purple on my lips with Wild about Violet lipgloss from Revlon over the top. Despite being super pale I actually quite liked it, a definite combination for winter.

What did you wear today & what are your favourite make up looks at the moment?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

What I Wore: Transatlanticism.

Dress – Boohoo.
Leggings: H&M.
Slipper boots: Primark.

Okay, the one thing I’ve learned today is that taking outfit photos is hard work. My room isn’t big enough & I’m not short enough to take proper full length pictures which I must admit, I’m a little annoyed about - if only I were a few inches shorter! Also in 99% of the (many) images I took I seem to have blinked at just the point the shutter clicked, typical! Behind the camera I’m comfortable, in front of it I become an awkward fool. Oh dear. Maybe practise makes it easier? Please tell me it gets easier!

Keeping accessories simple with a dress as bold as this one is an absolute must for me because I’m admittedly a bit boring safe with my outfits.

Plane necklace – Asos.
Heart ring – Scape jewellery.
Charm bracelet – 21st birthday present.

I’ve fallen back in love with my cool dusk blush from The Body Shop & I think it’ll be a staple for me this winter because it’s not matte which I adore. I bought a back up in the York Designer Outlet for £3 so luckily I won’t be running out any time soon.

Today is a lazy day so I kept the rest of my face super simple with just a little Healthy mix foundation, Benefit Boi-ing & Erase Paste concealers and lashings of Big & Curvy mascara from The Body Shop.

What did you wear today?

PS. Do you have a lookbook or a chictopia account? I just got them & I have no clue how to use them at the moment but if you’d like to be my friend or whatever you do to follow people on there then that would be wonderful!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Frame Friday 005.

0001. I keep slipping back into my way of taking photographs no matter how hard I try to attempt different styles. If that’s a good thing or bad I’m not too sure but maybe it’s something I shouldn’t fight.

0002. The start date for my Open University course is drawing closer and I’m still feeling unprepared. Some pretty stationery is needed I think. Hopefully I'm not alone in my infatuation with pretty stationery! Whenever I get a new notebook the first few pages are always in my very best handwriting, that soon goes downhill though!

0003. Saturday was supposed to be my last day at my current job but I've left early. I have never been spoken to in such a rude manner by anyone before & I didn't deserve all of that. I'm disappointed in myself for crying again, I cry at everything! But nevermind, I have a nice few days off before I start my new job with my lovely new manager.

0004. In happier news, Ralphie is settling in really well, he’s got a really cheeky personality and I love him very much. He doesn’t like my hairdryer or the hoover but to be honest, I wouldn’t like them very much either so I don’t blame him for hiding in his little house.

0005. Sailboat had a little make over this week & although I wasn’t sure at first I really like it now. My three column layout was so difficult to get (because I’m html illiterate) so I was a bit reluctant to part with it, but I think my new layout is cleaner with more of a theme and an identity. What do you think, do you like it?

How has your week been? I hope it's been a good one!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My first foray into Boohoo Clothing.

Everyone and their dog probably know by now that I love florals,iIn fact I think I love them a little too much. Branching out into clothes that aren’t covered with pretty flowers is something I should probably do at some point. Maybe. My first venture into the world of Boohoo turned out to be a positive one, I’m very happy with my purchases & I thought I'd try and photograph them to see if I'm cut out for doing more fashion based posts.

This first dress is so flattering on my (very) pear-shaped figure because of the elastic just under the bust that accentuates my small waist while skimming over my massive hips.
It's one of those dresses that are easy to throw on with a cute cardigan and some tights on those lazy days we all love. I can see this lasting me all through winter with cosy accessories and into spring & summer next year with light cardigans and sandals.

It’s so versatile and considering it only cost £8, that’s fabulous value for money in my opinion, even for such a basic item.

The lace details on this floral dress just make it that little bit different from the others in my wardrobe.

Again I can see this being just as versatile and lasting through a few different seasons as it's so easy to wear. The lace panel under the bust means this is a flattering dress for my pear shaped figure too which is always a good thing in my book; there’s nothing worse on me than a dress with no shape, I end up looking like a giant blob.

At £8 this was a bit of a bargain I reckon and I love it.

This dress is just adorable; I’m so in love with absolutely everything about it.
There’s a tie at the waist which makes it super flattering as well as cute buttons on the front and pretty cut out bow details on the back. It’s a little shorter than I’m used to but that’s where my trusty leggings come in to save the day.

Whenever I put this on I feel 10 times more confident and secure within myself, which is strange because ultimately, it's just a dress. Maybe it's the bold colour or maybe it's just because it makes me feel pretty but whatever it is, I love it and it makes me happy. Happiness that only cost £8, lovely!

I think I’ve saved my favourite dress for last, although it’s a close call between this & the red floral one, and I imagine it’s one that you'll either love or hate.
It’s pretty far removed from my usual florals but that’s what I was going for. Although I still adore all things floral, which you can see, from my first three dress choices, I do feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a style rut. When I put this on I feel like I’ve fallen out of the 1970’s and I just adore it.

The colours in the print are quite bright which is perfect because it doesn’t wash me out & being pale it’s super easy for that to happen. The three quarter sleeves have an adorable little flare at the end, which I think is a lovely detail & the square neck is flattering on my almost non-existent bust.

Since the print is so bold I’ve been pairing it with a simple black cardigan and leggings although if you have any other suggestions of how I could style this please let me know! At £6 I couldn't not add this to my basket.

Overall I’m very impressed with Boohoo, the quality isn’t absolutely incredible but considering I didn’t pay more than £8 for a single item I don’t think that’s really much of an issue. I sent a couple of items back and although it took a couple of weeks, I had no problems with their refund system either. It was completely hassle free which is what you want when buying online - big thumbs up to Boohoo from me.

Have you ever bought anything from Boohoo.com? What did you think of them?

Friday, 10 September 2010

Frame Friday 004.

0001. I'm pretty sure you all saw another picture of Ralphie coming! He's been occupying most of my time and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's not the biggest fan of being picked up yet but loves running around my room causing lots of havoc along the way. He's going to be a cheeky one, I can tell already!

0002. My last day at my current job is a week tomorrow and then I'm moving concessions which I'm very excited about. I still have to pick out a uniform but it's SO hard to choose because it's all so pretty. The new autumn/winter collection especially is so my style - gorgeous dresses, thick tights and chunky knits! I have a feeling a chunk of this months wages might go on pretty clothes, oopsie! But, you know, it's all for the good of the job, right?!

0003. My Open University course officially starts really really soon so I think it's time I started doing a little pre-reading, I don't want to fall behind! I got a huge delivery of books and DVDs a week or so ago which was both very impressive and very daunting. So far it's a massive thumbs up for the Open University; beats my experiences at a traditional brick University in terms of learning materials by a long way!

0004. I'm going to try my best to stop slacking so much, I feel so out of the loop right now! I'm never going to be one for going to events, far faaaar too shy for that, but I miss talking to everyone over twitter! Come and have a good ol' chinwag if you'd like to - you can find me on twitter here, @sailorjennie.

What have you been up to this week, anything exciting?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A new addition to the family ♥

Getting a bunny is something I've been thinking about for a while & while I was looking around for cages I fell in love with this little guy. He's completely stolen my heart and I simply couldn't not have him. So I'd like to introduce you all to little Ralphie.

He's a lionhead with a bit of mini-lop in him so he's only a little bunny and quite happy hopping in and out of his cage and all around my room. He's only 8 weeks old & I've only had him for a day but he's already proving to be cheeky and he's very curious about everything!

I still have a bit of rabbit-proofing to do in my room so until I'm confident that there's nothing he could hurt himself on, disappear under or bite through I'm keeping my eyes on him at all times when his cage is open.

I'm looking forward to introduce fresh veggies into his diet in a few weeks time to see which his favourites are and also seeing more of his personality as he comes out of his shell & trusts me a little more.

Do you lovelies have any pets? Are you an animal person or not so much?

Monday, 6 September 2010

August Favourites.

Well, I sure hope you're all sitting comfortably because I think I got a bit snap happy & this is a very picture heavy & therefore super long post! I hope you all like lots of pictures!

I always seem to unexpectedly run out of products I use on a regular basis. I’m sure normal people notice when they need to go out and purchase a replacement but nope, not me. After running out of shampoo a quick trip into Boots was needed to keep my locks clean and frizz free. There were only two paraben free shampoo & conditioner brands on the shelf and curiosity got the better of me; instead of my usual Naked shampoo I decided to opt for a brand called Organix.

They’re not a brand I’m familiar with but the coconut milk products I picked out smell divine and my hair has been super soft and silky since I’ve been using them. From what I can see Organix make a lot of different scented hair products that do different jobs; the coconut milk range offers nourishment without weighing the hair down. It certainly does what it says and I really love what it does for my hair. These are a little pricier than I normally go for but not by much, I think I picked these up on a 2 for £8 offer.

Witch hazel has been a bit of a miracle worker for me in the last couple of months. It clears up any blemishes I may have very quickly but more impressively, it's done wonders for evening out my skin tone. I've been getting compliments on my skin recently from people I meet for the first time ever and that's a bit of a big deal for me since having such awful acne. I can't believe this £2.60 bottle of distilled witch hazel has given me so much of my self confidence back, and a big thank you to Nicola, because it was her blog post that made me go out and purchase it! ♥

I got this when I was visiting my boyfriend because my skin always gets ridiculously dry at his house, especially my arms and legs. I think it's because of the change in water but this cream was brilliant at keeping my skin soft and supple. I think this is going to save my hands in the winter time from feeling impossibly dry and uncomfortable. For such a rich cream it sinks in so quickly & it smells gorgeous!

Yes, I'm still loving Big & Curvy mascara and yes, I have repurchased. I do still think it's a bit pricey but the fact it's a non waterproof formulation yet doesn't smudge all over my eyes is a big winner for me. I love it!

There will be a full review of this & other Alva products coming up really soon so I'm just going to talk about this briefly. This has been my go to lipgloss all month and I love to wear it over a bright pink lipstick to give what I call my 60's lip. It's such a beautiful colour and I always feel 'put together' when I wear it, like my look is really polished and girly. Lovely!

Matte nails have intrigued me for a while now and I wanted in on the action without having to fork out for anything expensive. At less than £5 the Rimmel matte top coat is very affordable and it does an amazing job. Nail polish usually chips on my nails within the first 5 minutes but this has made it stay put for days! I also adore the effect, I know matte isn’t to everybody’s taste but I think I actually prefer it to glossy nails. I'll be wearing this all winter I'm sure of it!

Purple petal is my first nail polish from Revlon and I'm very impressed with the quality. I think it's the price of them that usually puts me off but I picked this one up in an outlet & it cost about £4. On the nails I'd say it was more pink than purple but it's quite a warm colour so suits my skin tone really well. I'll definitely be wearing this a lot during Autumn!

The five minute facial face mask from Good Things will probably pop up in my favourites forever more! I use this once a week to give my skin a little boost of goodness and it feels like a real treat to apply. It only takes 5 minutes too so there's no unnecessary faffing around which is fabulous! This is a really good buy and I really do recommend it.

Reaching for the same blush every single day for a month isn’t something I’ve ever really done before. That all changed when the Illamasqua cream blush in the shade Promise found its way into my collection. In the pan it looks almost scarily bright but this really is so easy to wear. Excuse the fact mine looks a bit funny, I apply this with the flat topped brush from ELF. My skin is super pale but also very warm toned – I’m practically a Simpson – so this warm pink colour adds a real ‘glow from within’ look that I’ve been loving lately. At £16 these are pricey but a little goes a long way and the formulation is just beautiful, well worth it!

Last month I dipped my toes into the sea of hair styling tools. I decided that I just couldn't suppress my inner hippy any more and I needed something to help me get pretty boho-chic waves in my hair. Proper curls make me look a little too much like Miss Piggy for my liking so when I spied the Babyliss Glamour Waves thingy-bob for a mere £19.99 I had to have it. This will work better when my hair is a little longer but I like the results it gives me now. Yes, I've managed to burn myself a couple of times but that's because I'm clumsy but this really is so easy to use - even I can manage it! I won't be using this all the time because I don't think my hair would be very happy, but for a little wave boost every now and again this is perfect for me. There are a lot of bad reviews of this on the interweb, I can only assume people were expecting curls from this, which you won't get and if your hair is shorter than mine I don't think it'll do much at all because the barrel is hugeee!

Finally my last favourite is my charm bracelet, I really have worn this almost every single day for over a month. Sure, it's bulky and can get caught up on various things but I just adore it. Plus it makes me very easy to buy for come birthdays and Christmas, an unusual and well thought out charm and I'll be a very happy girlie!

What were your August favourites?