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Monday, 6 September 2010

August Favourites.

Well, I sure hope you're all sitting comfortably because I think I got a bit snap happy & this is a very picture heavy & therefore super long post! I hope you all like lots of pictures!

I always seem to unexpectedly run out of products I use on a regular basis. I’m sure normal people notice when they need to go out and purchase a replacement but nope, not me. After running out of shampoo a quick trip into Boots was needed to keep my locks clean and frizz free. There were only two paraben free shampoo & conditioner brands on the shelf and curiosity got the better of me; instead of my usual Naked shampoo I decided to opt for a brand called Organix.

They’re not a brand I’m familiar with but the coconut milk products I picked out smell divine and my hair has been super soft and silky since I’ve been using them. From what I can see Organix make a lot of different scented hair products that do different jobs; the coconut milk range offers nourishment without weighing the hair down. It certainly does what it says and I really love what it does for my hair. These are a little pricier than I normally go for but not by much, I think I picked these up on a 2 for £8 offer.

Witch hazel has been a bit of a miracle worker for me in the last couple of months. It clears up any blemishes I may have very quickly but more impressively, it's done wonders for evening out my skin tone. I've been getting compliments on my skin recently from people I meet for the first time ever and that's a bit of a big deal for me since having such awful acne. I can't believe this £2.60 bottle of distilled witch hazel has given me so much of my self confidence back, and a big thank you to Nicola, because it was her blog post that made me go out and purchase it! ♥

I got this when I was visiting my boyfriend because my skin always gets ridiculously dry at his house, especially my arms and legs. I think it's because of the change in water but this cream was brilliant at keeping my skin soft and supple. I think this is going to save my hands in the winter time from feeling impossibly dry and uncomfortable. For such a rich cream it sinks in so quickly & it smells gorgeous!

Yes, I'm still loving Big & Curvy mascara and yes, I have repurchased. I do still think it's a bit pricey but the fact it's a non waterproof formulation yet doesn't smudge all over my eyes is a big winner for me. I love it!

There will be a full review of this & other Alva products coming up really soon so I'm just going to talk about this briefly. This has been my go to lipgloss all month and I love to wear it over a bright pink lipstick to give what I call my 60's lip. It's such a beautiful colour and I always feel 'put together' when I wear it, like my look is really polished and girly. Lovely!

Matte nails have intrigued me for a while now and I wanted in on the action without having to fork out for anything expensive. At less than £5 the Rimmel matte top coat is very affordable and it does an amazing job. Nail polish usually chips on my nails within the first 5 minutes but this has made it stay put for days! I also adore the effect, I know matte isn’t to everybody’s taste but I think I actually prefer it to glossy nails. I'll be wearing this all winter I'm sure of it!

Purple petal is my first nail polish from Revlon and I'm very impressed with the quality. I think it's the price of them that usually puts me off but I picked this one up in an outlet & it cost about £4. On the nails I'd say it was more pink than purple but it's quite a warm colour so suits my skin tone really well. I'll definitely be wearing this a lot during Autumn!

The five minute facial face mask from Good Things will probably pop up in my favourites forever more! I use this once a week to give my skin a little boost of goodness and it feels like a real treat to apply. It only takes 5 minutes too so there's no unnecessary faffing around which is fabulous! This is a really good buy and I really do recommend it.

Reaching for the same blush every single day for a month isn’t something I’ve ever really done before. That all changed when the Illamasqua cream blush in the shade Promise found its way into my collection. In the pan it looks almost scarily bright but this really is so easy to wear. Excuse the fact mine looks a bit funny, I apply this with the flat topped brush from ELF. My skin is super pale but also very warm toned – I’m practically a Simpson – so this warm pink colour adds a real ‘glow from within’ look that I’ve been loving lately. At £16 these are pricey but a little goes a long way and the formulation is just beautiful, well worth it!

Last month I dipped my toes into the sea of hair styling tools. I decided that I just couldn't suppress my inner hippy any more and I needed something to help me get pretty boho-chic waves in my hair. Proper curls make me look a little too much like Miss Piggy for my liking so when I spied the Babyliss Glamour Waves thingy-bob for a mere £19.99 I had to have it. This will work better when my hair is a little longer but I like the results it gives me now. Yes, I've managed to burn myself a couple of times but that's because I'm clumsy but this really is so easy to use - even I can manage it! I won't be using this all the time because I don't think my hair would be very happy, but for a little wave boost every now and again this is perfect for me. There are a lot of bad reviews of this on the interweb, I can only assume people were expecting curls from this, which you won't get and if your hair is shorter than mine I don't think it'll do much at all because the barrel is hugeee!

Finally my last favourite is my charm bracelet, I really have worn this almost every single day for over a month. Sure, it's bulky and can get caught up on various things but I just adore it. Plus it makes me very easy to buy for come birthdays and Christmas, an unusual and well thought out charm and I'll be a very happy girlie!

What were your August favourites?


  1. i need to try witch hazel, i've heard some really good things about it. :) x

  2. Gorgeous photos hunny, that charm braclet is a beaut :)
    Im very tempted by the Body shop mascara, I've heard a few good things about it now

  3. Love your favourites!! :)

    I love the charm bracelet, I lost mine :( I had a Thomas Sabo one, and I miss it! XO

  4. @eve - definitely recommend it, it's amazing!
    @steph - thank you lovely! it's lovely, bit expensive but i really like it!
    @hannah - aww that's such a shame! you should start a new one! they're adorableee!


  5. The Palmer's cream is what I need! Looks amazing!

  6. Great favourites post! I love to see what other people are looking! I might try that shampoo next =) Illamasqua blush looks pretty too =D x

  7. I've been using Organix coconut milk shampoo, conditioner, anti-fizz serum, and deep conditioner for about 6 months now, and my hair is healthier than ever! Its by far my favorite brand because it's all natural and paraben free. I hope you like it! And you should also try the vanilla scent and the pomegranate green tea scent, they smell amazing too! :)

  8. That lipgloss looks gorgeous! I've never heard of Alva before but I'm looking forward to your review :)

  9. Must get some distilled witch hazel!!

  10. @Gaby - it's lovely!
    @pyxiee - Thank you!
    @Casey - I definitely will, they all sound super lovely!
    @WillWorkForMakeup - It'll be up super soon. The gloss is gorgeous!
    @LadyBugSays - You totally should, it's a miracle worker!



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