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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Current Favourite Blushers.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a blush addict. I don’t have a particularly large make up collection but my blush draw is by far the most tightly packed. I was aiming to do a top 5 blush post but I’ve cheated slightly because I can’t narrow it down any further than 8. Yep, I'm super indecisive!

My first favourite is my only ELF blush and it’s in the shade candid coral. I’ve been meaning to try more shades from the studio range of blushes because I love this one so much, a couple will definitely sneak into my next order. The packaging is amazing for such an inexpensive product; it’s sleek looking and even has a little mirror inside. Candid coral is a gorgeous colour that I find so easy to wear, it’s not one of those colours that you have to be careful when applying and it’s very flattering on my warm toned skin. The formula is smooth and blends beautifully, I really can’t believe these only cost £3.50 and I would recommend them to everyone!

Left: On Location French Riviera. Right: Paris Show.
My next two favourites are both by the brand Modelista and I got them from my beautiful friend Tennille who lives in Australia. I don’t know if this is a brand you can only get in Australia, if so you Aussie’s are super lucky, but if you can get your hands on some of their products I really recommend them. I adore the packaging, it has just the right amount of tacky and you get a really good-sized mirror inside. I have two shades, On Location French Riviera, which is described as a pink rose blush palette, & Paris Show which is a blush and cheek highlighter palette. The blushes themselves are super pretty, they’re made up of different shades and I usually swirl my brush all around and then dust on to my cheeks. The on location French Riviera palette is probably my favourite of the 2 just because the colour is slightly warmer but I wear these a lot. I’m not sure how much these are but they’re worth every penny!

Another make up range I’ve been meaning to pick up a few more pieces from is Topshop. Me and Topshop clothing have a hate-hate relationship going on, but if the rest of the make up is as good as the cream blush I have, it’s pretty fabulous. The shade I have is Neon Rose and although it looks scarily bright in the pan, on the cheeks it gives a pretty coral flush that would be flattering on a variety of skin tones. Again the packaging is super cute, I like pretty packaging, and there’s a mirror inside which is always fabulous. These are £6 which I think is very reasonable and I’m pretty eager to get my hands on the shade flushed too.

After hearing a lot about NYX cosmetics on Youtube and blogs I’d wanted to try them out for a while. As I was browsing on one of the discount websites I found the cream blushers, saw they were only £3 or £4 and decided to give them a go. The shade Glow is a really lovely pinky shade that really does, as the name implies, make you look as if you are glowing. A little goes a very long way & these are so easy to blend even though the formula is a little thick, you’d think they would cost a lot more than they do.

The cool dusk blush trio from The Body Shop was limited edition sometime last summer I think and cost £12 but if you live anywhere near a Body Shop outlet you might be able to find one for £3 which is a bit of a bargain! Although it’s very cool toned I really like the way it looks on my skin tone plus it looks super pretty in the pan. Yep, I am that shallow. You can focus your brush on one part of the blush, or you can do what I like to do and get a mix of the 3 different tones. This is going to be one of my winter staples for sure.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a favourites post from me if I didn’t include some Illamasqua. I have two blushes from the brand, one cream & one powder and I adore them both. I don’t own any MAC products so the occasional product from Illamasqua is my little make up indulgence.

Unrequited powder blush is described as a soft baby pink & that’s exactly what it is. It’s so pigmented & I’m very pale so I have to be careful with how much I apply to avoid looking like a clown, but the smallest amount gives a pretty pink flush and really warms up my complexion.

Promise cream blush is described as a warm candy pink & it’s so flattering on my skintone; I think it’s my favourite blush of all time. It manages to effortlessly brighten up my complexion and make me look really awake and glowy. Both blushers have an incredible consistency; they apply and blend so easily it takes no effort at all. These are the most expensive of my favourites at £16 each but they are so worth it I would recommend them to anyone, even if it takes a little extra saving up to purchase one.


I’m pretty sure if I were doing this post in a couple of weeks time Tweak from Illamasqua, which I've just purchased, would make it into my favourites but these are my current top picks.

What are your favourite blushers? Are there any must haves I need in my collection?


  1. Wow! Lots of blushes. I tend to just stick with one, and that's really cheap. I need a better one really but i have no idea where to start! lol xo

  2. Love love love the cool dusk one! I was lucky and managed to grab one for £3 (: Worth every single penny, even at £12 its great value.
    & Ive been eyeing up 'Promise' for a while, but cant decide between that or 'Sob'...Might just get both actually haha.
    Your pictures are SO clear! clearest ive seen on any blog. I can just stare at them for ages! xx

  3. lovely post!i really really want to try the nyx and topshop cream blushes, i've been meaning to but they always get pushed down to the bottom of my lustlist!grr.:)

  4. These all look SO gorgeous! My favorite blush is Clinique's Iced Lotus powder blush, but i also haven't tried very many blushes! Lovely post :) xo

  5. I'm the same - I have a tendency to like a product if it looks pretty. I love The Body Shop one, they have a updated range of the one you chose, but I like the idea of getting that one for £3, I'm off to look for outlets. :)



  6. Not a big fan of cream blushes, but promise looks absolutely beautiful. I have TBS one and love it. :)

  7. My current fave is the NYX cream blush - I've got it in a shade called rose petal & the colour payoff is amazing for the price!

    love the look of candid coral too - definately one for the next elf spree.


  8. I love blush posts!
    They are really pretty!
    I just bought a Topshop creme blush but I just can't get the application right... which is a shame because it's a lovely colour!


  9. I just love the Elf one. It's soooo beautiful! :)
    I recently discovered your blog and I added you on my blogroll. :)

  10. I always love your photos Jennie! Especially the elf one and the way you can see the gold glitter, makes it look so pretty! I'm thinking an illamasqua cream blush will be my next treat :) xx

  11. Fabulous post! Who knew there was such a variation in different blushers?! Well, I didn't :p
    I only have a couple, my favourite is one from the new Barry M range... the colour is fantastic and just perfect :)

  12. haha WOW you definately like your blusher dont you :) I'm really intrigued by cream blushers... but always too afraid to use them incase I cant blend it properly and end up looking like a clown :( any tips? I really do want to invest in one after seeing this! xx

  13. you have every right to love blusher, it suits you so much! i really want to try out topshop blusher now.... xo

  14. @Victoria India - Hehe I just keep buying them. oops!
    @LaurenStephanie - Yayy, such a bargain at £3! Thank you! Definitely recommend Illamasqua!
    @Irene - Thank you! They're such bargains, worth a go for sure!
    @Laura - Thank you lovely! Ooh i've not tried any Clinique make up. Will have a look :)
    @Jess - Hehe yayy for pretty things!
    @VampiressDoll - Promise is really gorgeous!
    @Rachael - Ooh I need to try some more Nyx cream blushers. They're amazing for the price!
    @Lauren - Oh that's a shame!
    @Shopperita - Aww thank you sweets :)
    @Katy - Thank you lovely :) You so should, they're the perfect treat!
    @Rebecca - Hehe thank you! I've not tried any Barry M blushers, I really should! Love Barry M!
    @Ayden - Haha I do! Cream blushers are really lovely, I apply them with the flat topped powder brush from ELf, get a tiny bit on the brush and buff it into my cheeks. I find they're really buildable so it's easy to get a more intense colour if you want. The Illamasqua ones have a really lovely formulation, not too thick and easy to blend :)
    @mi - Aww thank you lovely :)


  15. yay the Modelista ones made it into the favourites :D i'm glad you love them!
    i'll surely be popping lots of Modelista into the next lot that i send off xx

  16. Pretty's!!!!

    Please visit me back.

  17. Beautiful post, you take such gorgeous pictures! That first one you mentioned by Elf looks amazing. I need to try it out! I also recommend Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin, I always get compliments when I'm wearing it and it gives you a very pretty glow! <3

  18. @tennille - Hehe they're gorgeous! You picked out some amazing products for me! I'm still waiting on your final present to get here, it's taking forever but hopefully it'll be worth the wait :)
    @Tesa - :)
    @Anna - Thank you! The Elf one is lovely, and so so cheap! Ooh Peach Satin sounds gorgeous!


  19. I have the Candid Coral from E.L.F., its lovely and such great value!



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