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Friday, 24 September 2010

Frame Friday 006.

0001. Now the weather is getting cooler I wake up to condensation on my window & I love how pretty and ethereal the world looks through it. 
0002. I started my new job yesterday and it went really well. I'm still a bit nervy because I don't know the stock inside out just yet, but hopefully I'll pick it up quickly. There are so many things I want to buy already, oh dear!
0003. Thank you again for all your positive comments on my recent outfit posts, I really wasn't expecting it at all. I didn't think I'd enjoy doing them because I'm terribly awkward in front of a camera & don't consider myself in the slightest bit fashionable, but surprisingly they're fast becoming one of my favourite posts to do.
0004. Ralphie is becoming a cheeky bunny, there's no other word to describe him. He definitely knows what he wants and he'll have a little strop if he doesn't get it. He's very cute!
0005. Online shopping is something I partake in a little too often, it's just too easy! But the part I don't like is having to wait for my goodies to be delivered, that's just no fun & I'm super impatient. I hope they arrive tomorrow!
0006. The scon/scone debate has arisen again! I call it a scone, what do you say?!



  1. Hope the new job is going well love :). And I say 'scon' - 'scone' sounds weird in a Scottish accent! xo

  2. @holly - I agree hehee
    @emma - thank you lovely! glad to see you back :)


  3. i call it a scone hehe!:)
    glad your jobs going good<3:)

  4. Aw muchos good luck with the new job :) I'm with emma - us scots do say scon! Show us more pictures of Ralphie xx

  5. it's deffo a scone :p
    glad the new job is going ok x

  6. @irene - me too! :) and thank you sweets!
    @ayden - thank you! aww i will do hehe :)
    @Lizzy - hehe i'm with you there! and thank you lovely


  7. Definately scone! Love that photo :)


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