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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My first foray into Boohoo Clothing.

Everyone and their dog probably know by now that I love florals,iIn fact I think I love them a little too much. Branching out into clothes that aren’t covered with pretty flowers is something I should probably do at some point. Maybe. My first venture into the world of Boohoo turned out to be a positive one, I’m very happy with my purchases & I thought I'd try and photograph them to see if I'm cut out for doing more fashion based posts.

This first dress is so flattering on my (very) pear-shaped figure because of the elastic just under the bust that accentuates my small waist while skimming over my massive hips.
It's one of those dresses that are easy to throw on with a cute cardigan and some tights on those lazy days we all love. I can see this lasting me all through winter with cosy accessories and into spring & summer next year with light cardigans and sandals.

It’s so versatile and considering it only cost £8, that’s fabulous value for money in my opinion, even for such a basic item.

The lace details on this floral dress just make it that little bit different from the others in my wardrobe.

Again I can see this being just as versatile and lasting through a few different seasons as it's so easy to wear. The lace panel under the bust means this is a flattering dress for my pear shaped figure too which is always a good thing in my book; there’s nothing worse on me than a dress with no shape, I end up looking like a giant blob.

At £8 this was a bit of a bargain I reckon and I love it.

This dress is just adorable; I’m so in love with absolutely everything about it.
There’s a tie at the waist which makes it super flattering as well as cute buttons on the front and pretty cut out bow details on the back. It’s a little shorter than I’m used to but that’s where my trusty leggings come in to save the day.

Whenever I put this on I feel 10 times more confident and secure within myself, which is strange because ultimately, it's just a dress. Maybe it's the bold colour or maybe it's just because it makes me feel pretty but whatever it is, I love it and it makes me happy. Happiness that only cost £8, lovely!

I think I’ve saved my favourite dress for last, although it’s a close call between this & the red floral one, and I imagine it’s one that you'll either love or hate.
It’s pretty far removed from my usual florals but that’s what I was going for. Although I still adore all things floral, which you can see, from my first three dress choices, I do feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a style rut. When I put this on I feel like I’ve fallen out of the 1970’s and I just adore it.

The colours in the print are quite bright which is perfect because it doesn’t wash me out & being pale it’s super easy for that to happen. The three quarter sleeves have an adorable little flare at the end, which I think is a lovely detail & the square neck is flattering on my almost non-existent bust.

Since the print is so bold I’ve been pairing it with a simple black cardigan and leggings although if you have any other suggestions of how I could style this please let me know! At £6 I couldn't not add this to my basket.

Overall I’m very impressed with Boohoo, the quality isn’t absolutely incredible but considering I didn’t pay more than £8 for a single item I don’t think that’s really much of an issue. I sent a couple of items back and although it took a couple of weeks, I had no problems with their refund system either. It was completely hassle free which is what you want when buying online - big thumbs up to Boohoo from me.

Have you ever bought anything from Boohoo.com? What did you think of them?


  1. all those dresses are beautiful! I love the attention to detail in the patterns on them, you look lovely in them too! xxx

  2. love all of these, the red floral one really does suit you. Its very much a 'you' dress- gorgeous girl!
    I've bought a few things from boohoo, and I agree- the qulaity isnt amazing, but they are up to date with 'trends' they are cheaper than ASOS, or a similar competion of theres and they are pretty clothes

  3. @Fern - Thank you lovely! :)
    @Steph - Aww thank youu! I agree, very cheap - like Asos used to be I think.


  4. Lovely picks and I really like the first dress!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. The red floral dress is super fabulous! For 8 pounds that was an AMAZING find!


  6. All of your purchases are fab but I especially love the first dress on you! Very flattering :) And your hips are not "massive"!

  7. these dresses all suit your figure / you so well, i love them ♥

  8. @marie - thank you lovely!
    @bubbs - was definitely a bargain! :)
    @WillWorkForMakeup - Aww thank you. and they areee, there's a huge difference between my waist and hips but I don't mind :)
    @tennille - thank you sweets :)


  9. All these dresses are stunning but the last one is my favourite - gorgeous! x

  10. Lovely floral dresses!!
    Esp I adore the 4th red dress<3


  11. Im a big fan of Boohoo, i thinkk you can always find some really nice stuff on there for such a good price.
    Lovely blog, im now following xo

  12. the 1st dress is absolutely my favourite !

  13. @jen - thank you :)
    @sayablack - <3
    @victoria india - I agree, really great prices! And thank you! :)
    @popdisorder - <3


  14. hello which cardigan do you have. I am intrested in but I don´t know if it will be good for me I am not tall. How tall are you (if it isn´t private information:) :) you have great blog

  15. @evie - I can't remember which one it is exactly, similar to this http://www.boohoo.com/knitwear/lola-jersey-long-sleeved-cardigan/invt/azz78707?_lm_esp=14-89-641 though. I'm 5'9.



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