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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Snapshot 003.

001. This is an old photograph of me and the boy but I haven't been able to stop looking at it lately. We haven't been able to see each other for far too long now, so this and skype is the closest I can get at the moment. I get a lot of questions asking why we bother with long distance and all I can say is, I know I'm only 21 but he's the boy I'm going to marry one day. So why would we give up on forever?

002. Ralphie has well and truly hit the toddler stage! I need to get him some more toys and chewy bits because although he has lots, he wants to be active all the time. If I could have him out all the time I would, but for the time he has to be in his cage I don't want him to be bored. If you've had a bunny before and know of any toys that yours really seemed to like then please let me know!

003. I'm currently putting off my Open University essay. I really need to get on with it but it's just not interesting me. Unfortunately this first course seems to be a mish mash of different specialisms, which would be great if I didn't already know the degree path I want to take after. I guess I've just got to stop complaining and get on with it. It's only 1000 words so it shouldn't take too long.

004. My giveaway went up yesterday & I'm pretty much up to date with all entries so far. I've had a couple of entries that either didn't contain the right information or from people who weren't following my blog, so if you don't see your comment there it might be worth re-posting if you still want to enter. Please make sure you've read the rules & are actually following my blog.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon everyone, and Happy Halloween.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

[Now Closed.] A little something from me to you!

When I nervously posted my first blog post back at the very end of December last year, never in a million years did I think I would reach 600 followers! The beauty community was something I stumbled across by accident and admired from afar for months before deciding to create my own blog. That was probably one of the best decisions I had made in a long long time & I will always encourage anyone who would like to start a blog to go for it!

I really appreciate every single person that reads my ramblings so as a little thank you & to celebrate my 100th blog post I've decided to hold a teeny tiny giveaway. You're probably all thinking 'yeah yeah Jennie, get on to the prize!'

Okay, so there will be one winner who will get to pick out an Illamasqua cream or powder blush OR cream or powder eyeshadow OR nail polish OR lipstick OR sheer or intense lipgloss in a shade of their choice. If I were made of money I'd love to get the winner one of each but please just pick ONE! Sorry if that was obnoxiously worded, I just wanted it to be as clear as possible!

Please note: These are my Illamasqua goodies. You will of course receive a brand new product of your choice!
On to the rules:
  • To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me which Illamasqua product and shade you would like if you were picked as the winner. For example, I would write "I would like to win an Illamasqua cream blush in the shade Rude." If you don't include this information in your comment then your entry won't be counted. 
  • You can pick from the Illamasqua website or from ASOS & if the winners first choice isn't in stock on either then I'll pop them a quick email and ask for a second choice instead. 
  • Please don't forget to include your contact email address! 
  • You absolutely MUST be a follower of my blog & I will check so no sneakiness please!
  • There won't be any extra entries for blogging/tweeting about my giveaway because I'm way too lazy to go through them & check but, if you're following my blog already at the time this post goes live then you'll get an extra entry just because! ♥
  • If you're under 18 you must have your parent or guardian's permission because I'll need your postal address to send you your prize if you win. 
  • My giveaway is open internationally.
  • If the winner doesn't get in contact within one week then I will simply pick another winner.
  • Please note, it might take a week or so after announcing the winner for the prize to get to them as I will be ordering online and no doubt making a sneaky purchase or two for myself & some christmas presents so please bear that in mind. It will get to the winner ASAP though! 
You have 3 weeks to enter so I will stop accepting entries at midnight GMT on Saturday 20th November 2010. I will draw the winners name out of a hat/from random.org on Sunday 21st November 2010.

Please make sure you've read the rules & good luck everyone!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

What I Wore: You've got so much more to dream of.

Black tee: Tuchuzy?
Blazer: Primark.
Skirt: Primark.
Necklace: ASOS.
How weirdly pointy does my head look in that first picture? I definitely resemble a gnome a little too much for my liking! This is a little bit of a cheat outfit as it's very similar to my last, but I've had this skirt for yonks and I could never find the right outfit to wear it with, until now.

I love this skirt so much, the lace makes it super feminine and the pale blue colour is just gorgeous. Up close I think the waist band looks a little cheap but, I actually really like the way it looks in pictures. Anyway, it's so easy to just pop on a waist belt to cover that and also to define your waist a little more. Every now and again Primark produces a real gem of a design & I think this skirt is one of them. 

I've already started to live in this blazer & I definitely need to invest in some more. I like the boyfriend fit of this one but I think I'd like a really tailored one even more. There's a really lovely one on the concession opposite the one I work on but at £50 it's a little out of my price range! Where's your favourite place to pick up an affordable blazer? I'd love to know!

Have you spotted any hidden gems in surprising shops lately?

P.S. My next post will be my 100th (eee very exciting!) & it's going to be my very belated 500 lovelies giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that! ♥

Monday, 25 October 2010

What I Wore: Dream of Silver Screen Quotations.

Over the weekend I did my seasonal wardrobe reshuffle, all my pretty summer dresses are now at the back, and my winter appropriate items are at the front. I love doing this because I always seem to discover some forgotten gems & this time it’s the boyfriend blazer I got from Primark last Autumn/Winter.

Blazer: Primark. 
Top: Tuchuzy?
It’s no secret I feel far happier when the weather is colder, I don’t have the best figure in the world and I always feel more comfortable being able to wear lots of clothes. Does that sounds weird? I think it does, but I like to be covered up in pretty garments.

Instead of investing in a winter coat this year I’m just going to purchase a couple of blazers and accessorise with cosy mittens, hats and scarves. I like how even a simple blazer adds a hint of tailoring and structure to an outfit and I totally have my eye on one of those knitted hats with a panda face on!

This floral skirt is another forgotten gem, it’s actually far too big for me now and I’m not sure why because I don’t think I’ve lost any weight, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s supposed to be a high-waisted skirt but I find that style really difficult to wear and instead of skimming over my hips, they seem to be emphasised and I don’t need that! Instead this sits nicely on my hips for a slouchy and relaxed look.

Necklace: Accessorize.
Bracelet: Birthday present.
Heart Ring (that I forgot to photograph): Scape Jewellery on Folksy.
Clock Ring: Hand made.
Have you rediscovered any clothing items you really loved last season?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Snapshot 002.

001. I think Ralphie has well and truly hit the toddler stage. When he's out of his cage I can't take my eyes off him for 2 seconds otherwise he's squeezing into the smallest of spaces where he know I can't reach him or trying to dig a hole in the carpet. But he's ridiculously cute, just look at that face, so we'll let him off!

002. I've discovered a new favourite blush combination, NYX cream blush in the shade glow with The Body Shop cool dusk trio over the top & it gives a pretty flush of cool toned colour. Cool toned shades should be really difficult for me to wear because my skin is very warm toned but, for some reason I just adore this combination.

003. This weekend I've done pretty much nothing and it's been amazing, but I do feel guilty now because I should have been doing Uni work. I will do some later, after I've written this & had some lunch...& a cup of tea. But then I really will start... Hopefully.

004. I've been looking at winter coats online (when I should have been doing said Uni work) but I just can't find one I like that's not hideously expensive. Instead I think I'm going to make blazers my thing this winter and layer up with cardigans underneath & cute gloves, scarves and hats over the top. I love the winter time so so much!

Have you picked out your winter coat yet? What's your favourite season?

P.S. I've been featured over on the Naked Bodycare blog & I'd love if you popped over and had a little read!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Illamasqua Lipstick Loving.

In the recent ASOS sale I went a bit Illamasqua crazy and found myself accidentally adding 4 lipsticks to my basket, merrily entering in my payment details and doing a little happy dance as the confirmation email landed in my inbox. But the most important thing to remember is that it was an accident, *crosses fingers* honest! I've had Fable lipstick for a little while and now I have a lovely little Illamasqua lipstick collection that I love very much.

Fable, Liar, Liv, Obey & Over.
Fable is described as a bright rose pink & it was my first Illamasqua lipstick. It's a matte finish which I do sometimes find difficult to wear when my lips aren't in the best condition but I also think it's my favourite lipstick. The colour is so beautiful and it really brightens up my complexion which is lovely. It's definitely one of those reliable lipsticks that will go with so many different looks and I reach for it a lot.

Liar is a beautiful petal pink colour and is the only shimmer finish I have from Illamasqua. I find this formula a lot easier to wear and don't have to worry too much about prepping my lips with a good lip balm before applying. I do love a bit of shimmer every now & again and I've been enjoying wearing this with a little silver liner, lots and lots of mascara & a pinky coloured cream blush.

Liv in another matte shade and is described as a soft lavender pink. On my lips this is similar to liar only completely matte and a little brighter. I've been wearing this in a similar way to liar with the addition of a pretty pink gloss over the top to tone the colour down ever so slightly & make it more wearable on my warm skin tone.

Fable, Liar, Liv, Obey & Over.
Obey is exactly how it's described on the website, a bright peachy pink. Again it's a matte finish and this is one I'm finding quite difficult to wear at the moment because of my pink hair. I can just about get away with it paired with a light pink gloss but this is one I'm looking forward to wearing with a pretty coral cheek, especially in the spring time! Nothing like planning ahead, eh?!

Lastly I have Over which is a bright coral pink and it really is a beautiful colour. This is one I definitely can't wear with my pink hair, it just doesn't work, so I've been admiring it in the tube instead. I wish I had bought this during the summer because I would have got a lot of wear out of it, but I plan to keep it safe in my lipstick drawer until next spring/summer, unless of course my pink hair has disappeared before then!

 Fable, Liar, Liv, Obey & Over.
These will be popping up in some face of the day posts very soon, I've had the urge to start experimenting a little more with my make up again as well as experimenting with fashion; I need an overhaul of my look I think!

Have you ever tried Illamasqua lipsticks, what's your favourite shade & what do you think of them? Let me know if you have any suggestions for what my next shade should be! 

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Snapshot 001 & DIY Pink Ombre.

001. Frame Fridays have officially been abandoned because I’m a huge fail! Friday used to be a good day for it because I had all week to take a good photograph, but now I work all week I seem to constantly forget. I wasn’t proud of the images I was posting, it was just for the sake of it and I don’t think that’s a way to go about creating art. So, drum roll please, Sunday Snapshot has been born & hopefully I'll manage to keep this one up!

002. I don't want 2010 to be the year I gave up photography forever. Over the years I've eventually stopped doing all the things I used to love and right now, I'm pretty sure the only thing I'm actually any good at is taking photographs. Come pay day I'm going to invest in a new lens for my SLR and start taking it seriously again. There are some concepts I started working on during College and University & I never really felt like they came to a complete conclusion so I've got something to aim for. Photography isn't going to be something I'll make a living from, the big money isn't made from the type of photographs I take, but that's okay. I just want to love it again & not see it as something I have to do.

003. I've had quite a lot of questions asking how I achieved my pink ombre look & if I could do a post about it. It's so so easy I don't think it needs its own post so I thought I'd just tag it on the end here.

The dye I use is a semi-permanent one by Directions in the shade flamingo pink. Since I have blonde hair already I didn't want to use any bleach on my hair before, but I did do a strand test just to work out how long I would need to leave the dye on for.

The instructions on the pot say to apply with a tint brush and leave for 15 minutes, but as you can see, this dye is insanely bright so I ignored those directions. I also didn't want anything too precise so instead I followed the tutorial Lily posted on her blog & decided where I wanted the colour before simply applying it using my hands. You will absolutely need to wear gloves unless bright pink hands are your thing & be careful not to stain anything important, old clothes are a must! I left the dye on for 2-3 minutes which I found was more than enough to get the colour I wanted & ended up with pretty pink ends that look like this:
I really love it, I think I needed to do something a bit different for once and for the most part other people seem to like it too. I've had a couple of 'oh no, what have you done? your hair was so pretty!' comments which I find quite amusing!
What do you think of the ombre look? Are you tempted to give it a go? What colour would you go for if you were to try it?

Friday, 15 October 2010

What I Wore: In this perfect weather, we'll find a place together.

I'm 99% sure I start off the majority of my blog posts by saying 'this dress is one of my absolute favourites' but I'm going to say it again! This beauty has been in my possession for a good few years now and I always dig it out when the weather starts getting colder. The colour palette just screams autumn to me with the deep teal green and splashes of yellow-orange, red & blue. It reminds me of stepping outside on a cold morning in the middle of November, crunching through crisp golden leaves on the ground and looking up at a bright blue sky scattered with fluffy white cotton-wool clouds. Days like that are my idea of absolute heaven.

Dress: Joe Browns.
Cardigan: Shrinking Violet from TK Maxx. 
Tights: Asda.
Necklace: Asos.
Nail Polish: Illamasqua Caress. 
Although it was amazing I took the peacock feather off my asos necklace because it was just so massive and unpractical & I really only bought the necklace for the huge peace symbol. I am in love with anchors and peace signs, so much so I can't stop thinking about getting them as tattoos. I've been thinking about getting a tiny anchor on the side of my wrist for about a year now, I figured I should really think about it for a long time since it will be there forever!

I promised pictures of Illamasqua tweak blush on my fair skintone yonks ago & I've finally managed to get photographs where I don't look like a total idiot, I don't seem to have much control over my face when I'm in pictures!

Base: Bourjois Healthy Mix, Benefit Boi-ing, Benefit Erase Paste & ELF Under eye concealer. 
Eyes: The Body Shop Big & Curvy mascara. 
Face: Illamasqua Tweak powder blush. 
Lips: Illamasqua Liar lipstick & Revlon Wild about Violet lipgloss. 
Nail Polish: Illamasqua Caress. 
Although tweak looks so bright in the pan, with a really light hand, it gives a really pretty natural flush on the cheeks, yes, even on my ghost-like complexion!
Although I look a bit very strange in this picture I thought I'd include it because you can actually see my pink ombre! I'm so in love with it & I actually think I'd like it to be a little bit more intense but a big part of me likes the softness and subtlety of it. Oh decisions! On a side note, how pretty is Liar lipstick from Illamasqua?! It's a shimmer finish and one I definitely recommend.

What did you wear today? Do you have any favourite Illamasqua products that I need to check out?

Monday, 11 October 2010

What I Wore: I'm feeling so bohemian like you.

Whenever I put this dress on I feel like I'm channeling my inner hippie and I just adore it. I absolutely feel like I was born in the wrong decade, or perhaps in a previous life I lived my teenage years through the 60's and into the 70's dancing at festivals with flowers in my hair.

Dress: Noa Noa.
Nail Polish: Revlon Purple Petal.
Clothes that you can just put on without thinking too much and still feel pretty are what I am forever searching for. I'm not a fashion expert and although I love clothes I don't want to over-think my outfits because I think that would take the fun out of it. Fashion for me is about not trying to hard & hoping that in time it will all come naturally. Or maybe that's where I'm going wrong, who knows!

The simple tie just under the bust gives this dress some shape and makes it flattering on my pear-shaped figure. It's super easy to make it even more flattering with the addition of a fairly wide waist belt worn just under the bust which I wear on days when I'd like it to look a little more fitted. Mostly though I like to keep it quite floaty and bohemian.

Charm Bracelet & Watch: 21st birthday present. 
Necklace: Handmade Alice in Wonderland locket. 
This time I opted for quite simple silver accessories but I think the dress can take a few statement accessories because of its neutral colour palette.
I'm still being so boring simple with my make up but hopefully that's all about to change because today I got my Asos order which contained 4, yes four, Illamasqua lipsticks. To be fair they were in the sale so it would have been rude not to make a sneaky purchase, right? Please say yes! I'm trying to get my lips in tip-top condition so I can wear them because 3 of them are matte, so, if you have any amazing lip balm recommendations (not carmex!) I would love to hear them! I'm looking for something moisturising that really sinks in without leaving a greasy residue, please say it exists!

What are you wearing today?
P.S. The lack of pink hair is such a giveaway that these pictures were taken last week. I'm thinking of giving the pink a bit of a top up later, I've been bitten by the hair dye bug. Oh dear! Cross your fingers I don't make a huge mess!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Frame Friday 008, Todays Outfit & Pink Ombre!

So, it's Friday again and surprise surprise I almost managed to forget Frame Friday for a second week running. Oh dear Jennie, oh dear!

Sitting beside the sea is probably one of my favourite things to do, especially in the winter when the tourists have gone home & there's a layer of ethereal mist sitting above the water. I always feel at home beside the sea, I think there's something in the salty air that's good for the soul.

Today I bit the bullet and finally got in on the ombre action that's been sweeping the universe lately. My hair is already blonde and I think bleached ends would have looked a little ridiculous, so I thought I'd put a little twist on it and go for pink ombre!

Now, I'm a bit of a wimp and didn't want anything too drastic so I've gone for something that's about as subtle as pink hair can be. Some lovely ladies on Twitter mentioned that Directions was a good brand of dye to go for & they don't test on animals so I opted for the shades pastel pink and flamingo pink. The pastel pink was pretty but it ended up being a little bit too subtle for what I was after so I decided to go for the flamingo pink. The instructions say to leave the dye on for 15 minutes but I ignored that because the colour in the pot was so insanely bright & I just left it on for only 2 minutes. I'm so happy with the colour, it's pink but not too 'oh my gosh she has pink hair' if you know what I mean & I'm not gonna lie, I pretty much want all my hair to be this colour now!

Peace Necklace: Asos £4.
I'm expecting it to fade quite quickly but that's okay, I have lots of dye left over & it won't take long to top up the colour if I fancy it.

Shoes: Peacocks £12.
Today I also wore my pretty new shoes for the first time. They have a cute little kitten heel which I know some people seem to hate with a passion, but I think they're pretty! They make me feel like a doll whenever I put them on.

This used to be my absolute favourite dress ever and I've just recently rediscovered it. It was so cheap from Asos about a year ago and the details in it are just so lovely, it's so girly and easy to wear with tights a few cute accessories.

What do you think of ombred hair, is it your kind of thing? Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural colour? I feel a bit like a rebellious teenager, only I'm just a few years too late!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I Wore: Ship lost at sea.

Dress: New Look.
Cardigan: Boohoo.com
Nail Polish: Revlon Purple Petal.
This is a bit of a cheat post because I took these pictures a week or so ago when the weather was still lovely and warm, hence no tights! As I look out of my window now however it's dull, grey and very windy. Yuck! This dress is one that I will be wearing all through the colder seasons with chunky knit, a pair of thick tights and my lovely new boots that I found in good ol' Primark last week.

Although my skin is very warm toned, I can't help but be attracted to silver jewellery. There's something about it that's more appealing than gold to me but I'm not exactly sure what it is.

My make up has been pretty much the same for the last couple of months, I think I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. My lips have been so dry and chapped lately that lipstick just looks ick on me so I've been opting for a strong cheek instead. Since discovering carmex is the culprit of my horrible lips I've switched back to The Body Shop lip butters which are so lovely. Hopefully they'll be all better before my exciting package of lipsticks arrive, I may have gone a bit nuts on the Asos mid-season sale. Whoops.

My accidental Asos make up purchase aside I think I'm falling a little out of love with make up and more in love with clothes. Maybe it's the change of season or maybe it's because I'm surrounded with gorgeous clothes at work but I've decided I need more clothes. The only problem is, I'm not quite sure where to start, I'm a bit lost fashion-wise I think. Help!

Have you started building your winter wardrobe yet? What are your key must-have pieces for the upcoming seasons and which shops have you been particularly impressed with at the moment?

Monday, 4 October 2010

September Favourites.

Somehow it’s already time for another monthly favourites post, where this year has gone I have no idea, but I’d quite like some of it back, please? I’ve only had a couple of real favourites this month and I’ve sort of cheated a little with two of them because I only got them right at the end of September, but shh, I won’t tell if you don’t!

My lips have been so sore and dry over the past few weeks & the lip butters from The Body Shop have been the only things that have helped soothe them. I know so many people swear by Carmex but I’m pretty sure that’s been making my lips worse, yuck! The shea lip butter is my absolute favourite but all the scents are ridiculously gorgeous so I’ll definitely be stocking up on a few of these for the winter, I’ve got my eye on the coconut one for sure. These are £4 so maybe slightly more expensive than some lip balms but they seem to last for ages even if they do come in a really dinky little pot.

Another favourite from The Body Shop is this eye trio in Sundown Glow. I’m not an eye shadow person at all, I’m far too lazy for it, but I reach for this trio on days where I feel like making a little more effort. The colours, especially the copper colour, really make my blue eyes stand out and the light shimmery colour makes me look really awake when I apply it in my inner corners. This was limited edition last year but I’m sure these colours would easily be found from another brand, I know the copper here really reminds me of Bronx from Illamasqua. These are perfect autumn colours for me, very pretty!

My favourite lip combination during September was Barry M lipstick in the shade 147, peachy pink, and the Australis lipgloss in the shade Lambada which is a lovely baby pink with shimmer. The lipstick on its own is very peachy on me but when paired with this lipgloss it turns into the most beautiful milky pink with a hint of peach. It’s such an easy combination to wear and will go with any look so there’s minimum thought required on those early mornings before work!

This is a bit of a cheat product because I only got it a few days before the end of September, but I just adore it so it had to be included! This is my first Ciate nail polish, it was free with Marie Claire magazine and yes it was the only reason I bought the magazine. I got the shade Dangerous Affair and I like to think of this as my ‘grown up’ nail polish! I’d describe it as a sultry deep blood red and it’s the most perfect colour for the coming seasons, I think it’ll be on my nails a lot! These usually retail at around £9 and while I’m not sure I’d pay full price, it’s a really nice addition to my collection. There are some really pretty autumn shades from Ciate in the Asos sale at the moment so that’s worth checking out if you fancy a bit of a bargain!

The Body Shop blush trio in Cool Dusk is still a firm favourite and I think I’m just going to have to stop mentioning it because I’m positive it’s going to be a favourite all through autumn and winter. Made up from a light lilac, a baby pink and a deeper almost red-based pink when swirled together and dusted over the cheeks the result is a super pretty frosty pink that really seems to make the cheeks glow. If you have a Body Shop outlet near you I’d pop in and have a nosey because they might still have some of these for the bargain price of £3.

My last beauty favourite is also a bit of a cheat because I haven’t had it for long, but it’s been on my cheeks everyday since I’ve had it, so it deserves a place in this post, right? Well, I think so! I am, of course, talking about the Illamasqua powder bush in the shade Tweak, which is a beautiful red-based hot pink colour. It is absolutely gorgeous and it’s quickly working its way up to being my favourite blush of all time. It’s so incredibly pigmented that a little goes a very long way and you do have to be careful to avoid the inevitable clown-look if you apply too much. The smallest amount gives that perfect flush of colour like when you walk into a warm room after being outside in the cold. I absolutely adore it and would recommend this to everyone, even those as pale as I am, because you can totally make it work. I will have a face of the day post using this very soon, I promise! Even though these are pricey at £16 each, they are so worth every single penny in my opinion. Love love love!

This wouldn’t be a proper September favourites post if my favourite of all favourites wasn’t mentioned now would it? So here he is, my beautiful Ralphie!

What were your September favourites?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Frame Friday 007.

0001. Please excuse the shoddy picture, Frame Friday totally slipped my mind this week. Oops! It's been raining all night and all day where I live and I was so so grateful I didn't have to go anywhere. Instead I've been snuggled in bed for most of the day whilst looking through my Open University bits and bobs. I have to work all weekend though, yuck!

0002. I've had one of those weeks where everything just seems wrong. I need to figure out what to do with my life, the only problem is, I don't seem to have any ambitions what so ever. I feel like such a massive loser who's not doing anything or going anywhere with their life & that's not a good feeling at all.

0003. Yesterday was the day I bought my first ever pair of heels, yep you read that correctly, first ever! They're not very high, but I'm pretty tall already so that's perfect & they're just gorgeous. I'm sure they'll feature in an outfit of the day very soon because I'm pretty much in love with them!

0004. After seeing a few blog posts and looking at lots of pictures I've decided I want in on this ombre hair action! My hair is already blonde so instead of having light blonde tips I really really want a subtle-ish pink colour. The only catch is, I've never dyed my hair before so I'm a bit scared to say the least and I might end up looking like a huge idiot! Eep!

0005. Lastly I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that supports my blog, I really really really appreciate it and I don't know what I'd do without you all! If you have any post requests please feel free to leave a comment on this post and let me know, I'd love to hear what you would like to see more of! ♥