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Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I Wore: Ship lost at sea.

Dress: New Look.
Cardigan: Boohoo.com
Nail Polish: Revlon Purple Petal.
This is a bit of a cheat post because I took these pictures a week or so ago when the weather was still lovely and warm, hence no tights! As I look out of my window now however it's dull, grey and very windy. Yuck! This dress is one that I will be wearing all through the colder seasons with chunky knit, a pair of thick tights and my lovely new boots that I found in good ol' Primark last week.

Although my skin is very warm toned, I can't help but be attracted to silver jewellery. There's something about it that's more appealing than gold to me but I'm not exactly sure what it is.

My make up has been pretty much the same for the last couple of months, I think I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. My lips have been so dry and chapped lately that lipstick just looks ick on me so I've been opting for a strong cheek instead. Since discovering carmex is the culprit of my horrible lips I've switched back to The Body Shop lip butters which are so lovely. Hopefully they'll be all better before my exciting package of lipsticks arrive, I may have gone a bit nuts on the Asos mid-season sale. Whoops.

My accidental Asos make up purchase aside I think I'm falling a little out of love with make up and more in love with clothes. Maybe it's the change of season or maybe it's because I'm surrounded with gorgeous clothes at work but I've decided I need more clothes. The only problem is, I'm not quite sure where to start, I'm a bit lost fashion-wise I think. Help!

Have you started building your winter wardrobe yet? What are your key must-have pieces for the upcoming seasons and which shops have you been particularly impressed with at the moment?


  1. oh i love your outfit, your truly gorgeous:)

  2. not to be a bum chum,
    but I cannot even explain how gorgeous you are!
    seriously b-e-a-u-tiful
    your face is so pretty,
    and your hair is stunning,
    I think that every single time your blog pops up on my google reader! and I just thought I would tell you

    *stops being a weirdo now*


  3. Cute dress! :) And that pink blush looks pretty too!



  4. Gorgeous! Love the dress, and the blush!

    Interesting about the Carmex, I normally use it, but this autumn if I've put it on before bed then my lips wake up worse than when I fell asleep!


  5. Lovely outfit!! I hate Carmex, too!!

  6. Looking stunning precious one! Really love your OOTDs! xx

  7. I think of all your outfit posts i like this one most :) suits you! x

  8. Oh gosh, your dress is absolutely adorable! I may have to indulge in my 20% discount and have a peruse in New Look :O xxx

  9. @irene - thank you!
    @victoria - <3
    @lauren - :)
    @milly - aww milly, thank you sweets!
    @michelle - thank you!
    @Rachel - Same! It's not nice!
    @shopperita - Hehe high five!
    @Milly - Aww thank you lovely!
    @abby - thank you lovely! this is one of my absolute favourite dresses!
    @michelle - You definitely should, there are some real gems in there at the moment!


  10. The dress is so cute on you! I love wearing dresses and skirts in the winter with wool tights! :) <3

  11. that dress is so pretty! it looks lovely on you.
    also those earrings are absolutely gorgeous.

  12. I love the dress, it suits you perfectly. You seem very comfortable in your own style, something I always admire. x

  13. I loveee that dress, I wish I'd bought it when it was in store.

  14. Oh my gosh you hair is absolutely perfect! I am incredibly jealous. Carmex causes dry lips!? That's bad news...

    Anyway, you look gorgeous and that dress is so cute! x

  15. @Anna - Thank you! Wool tights are just so cosy and cute!
    @Cait - Thank you sweets :)
    @Alice - <3
    @Laura - It's not the best quality, I've had to re-sew one of the straps on!
    @Jennifer - Aww thank you lovely. Carmex doesn't agree with me for some reason, I know some people swear by it though!



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