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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Snapshot 002.

001. I think Ralphie has well and truly hit the toddler stage. When he's out of his cage I can't take my eyes off him for 2 seconds otherwise he's squeezing into the smallest of spaces where he know I can't reach him or trying to dig a hole in the carpet. But he's ridiculously cute, just look at that face, so we'll let him off!

002. I've discovered a new favourite blush combination, NYX cream blush in the shade glow with The Body Shop cool dusk trio over the top & it gives a pretty flush of cool toned colour. Cool toned shades should be really difficult for me to wear because my skin is very warm toned but, for some reason I just adore this combination.

003. This weekend I've done pretty much nothing and it's been amazing, but I do feel guilty now because I should have been doing Uni work. I will do some later, after I've written this & had some lunch...& a cup of tea. But then I really will start... Hopefully.

004. I've been looking at winter coats online (when I should have been doing said Uni work) but I just can't find one I like that's not hideously expensive. Instead I think I'm going to make blazers my thing this winter and layer up with cardigans underneath & cute gloves, scarves and hats over the top. I love the winter time so so much!

Have you picked out your winter coat yet? What's your favourite season?

P.S. I've been featured over on the Naked Bodycare blog & I'd love if you popped over and had a little read!


  1. jennie, i think i may have to come and steal your rabbit!xx

  2. Wow Ralphie is so gorgeous (: Miss that stage of when my bunny was like that now mine is all grumpy and big lol :L I have been the same this weekend which is really nice to do once in awhile -tomorrow i have to buckle down again :(

    I havent found my perfect winter coat yet ,still on the lookout -will tell you when i have on my blog :)

    Eloise xoxo

  3. i got my winter coat from h&m about a month ago - it's just a very simple navy number, but looks amazing with a waist belt over the top! plus it's super duper warm - i wear it with my pink mittens and leopard print snood haha

    Hope your well love :)
    Heather-Lou xxx

  4. Ralphie is a little bundle of adorable-ness! Awh, he's lovely, I do enjoy reading about him on here! My new favourite blush is Sleek's shimmer blush in Rose Gold, SO amazing. My favourite season is probably the Autumn and Winter, I do enjoy a nice winter coat! xxx

  5. @Faye - Hehee aww. You can borrow him any time!
    @Eloise - Haha aww. Ralphie's only tiny and won't grow much bigger. Yeah, a weekend off is good every now and then. :)
    @Heather - Ooh sounds lovely, I really like simple coats!
    @Michelle - Hehe Ralphie is definitely the star of my blog now! Ooh I've been meaning to go and look and the new Sleek blushes, thank you for reminding me hehe :)


  6. Ralphie is adorable, look at those fluffy cheeks! Our youngest guinea pigs have just hit that stage too and we have found they can climb walls and jump over bushes in the garden when we are not looking!
    I am rather fond of nice warm winter coats, they seem to be getting more and more expensive though.... I usually buy in the winter sales for the year ahead :)

  7. I have loads of coats but I still want some new ones! I like A/W for the clothes but hate the weather so summer is my favourite! :) your rabbit is soooo cute!

  8. @Rebecca - I know, bless him, he's super fluffy! Awww, I love guinea pigs! So adorable!


  9. Agh, Ralphie just looks more & more adorable with each photo you post of him! Hehe :)
    I love looking at winter coats, i've already got mine! Classic black with big buttons & roses made out of the same material - sounds kinda strange but it's actually adorable & fits really well! Love all the seasons tbh, but gotta say nothing beats winter! Lovely post :) x

  10. ralphie is so, so cute!! i love rabbits (: and i'm not getting a winter coat this year... unless the january sales are very forthcoming ;)


  11. Ralphie looks so stylish! :X

  12. Ohmygoodness Ralphie is too cute!

    I've not bought my winter coat yet either; I spotted a gorgeous shearling cape in Topshop though, it looks seriously warm, which I need, because I HATE being cold! I must say, even though there's a lot of stuff about Winter that's really fun, most of the time I hate it; I just don't deal well with cold weather! I was working in Scotland last Christmas when the snow was really bad and it was pretty much my worst nightmare! I'm definitely a Summer girl :) x

  13. Aww Ralphie is just adorable - how can you get angry at that wee face?


  14. @Beth - Thank you!
    @Laura - Ooh that sounds really lovely!
    @Rebecca - Hehe love the sales!
    @Shopperita - Hehe!
    @franki - Aww yeah, I bet that was freezing! I live down south so have relatively mild winters compared with up north!
    @Teacups and Buttondrops - Hehe it's not possible. He's got me wrapped round his little finger! :p


  15. your bunny is so adorable!


  16. your bunny is so cute little fellow :)

  17. aww your bunny is so cute. My baby bunny died 2 months ago but we think we are nearly ready for another. We have arranged to visit some baby bunnies next week to chose 2 that we are going to pick up when we get back from china. They will be miniature lops and I cant wait. Tipsy liked wicker baskets and wicker car scratch balls that she could chase and chew on.

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