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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Born & Raised in a Summer Haze & a Mini ASOS Loot.

If you follow me on Twitter I'm sure you'll have seen my impatient tweets yesterday as I was waiting for the Parcelforce man to deliver my ASOS parcel. The free next day delivery & 20% off ASOS own brand suckered me in & I just had to make an order. It was totally out of my control, honest!

Lately I've been lusting after pretty rings. I go through phases with rings, sometimes I love the look of wearing lots of them at once, but other times I think that looks so silly on me & just wear one or two simple ones. At the moment, the tackier they are the better! I love peace symbols so I'm unable to resist them and I just had to have that red beauty. It's truly tack-tastic but I adore it!

I've found myself looking at the Dainty Doll make up range a lot since it launched on ASOS. It's no secret I am super pale so perhaps that's why this range appeals so much. It's creator, Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud fame, truly embraces her pale skin tone & she looks completely gorgeous. The blushers are £13 which may seem expensive to some, but after seeing the quality of the product and the packaging, I'm more than happy to pay that.

The packaging is sleek and very grown-up looking, you definitely wouldn't be embarrassed pulling this out of your bag for an on-the-go touch up. You get a huge mirror which I really like to have in a compact like this and there's no need to carry an extra mirror with you, this is more than sufficient.

This particular colour stood out to me for two reasons, firstly it's called Hippy Shake (you really can't escape those Wagner memories!) and secondly to me it looked like quite an unusual shade. The pigmentation when you run your finger lightly over the powder is amazing, if not a little scary. However when you blend the product into your skin you're left with a beautiful lavender sheen which I love.

The list of dresses I'm lusting over is ridiculously long but this shirt dress is one I just had to have right now.

On the website they described this colour as simply 'purple' but in real life it's the most beautiful warm mulberry colour that's so perfect for the current season. Everything about it is lovely, it fits perfectly & it's the exact length I like my dresses to be. I'm 5'8
& on me it sits about 4 or 5 inches above my knee.

I dusted my new Dainty Doll blush over Illamasqua Promise today & I think it looks super pretty. The lavender sheen is subtle but when the light hits your face it gives another dimension to the cheek. Please excuse me, I am such a blush geek! I've also been loving the Naked palette, if you can get hold of this you really should, it's wonderful!

Did you get sucked in by the ASOS discount? I'm debating purchasing the navy version of this dress, should I?  

PS. Yes, my hair is no longer pink, it's violet & I ♥ it!


  1. i think the navy version would look gorgeous on you too! :) i've been looking at some peter pan collar stuff on asos of late, really really need to restrain myself haha! :)

  2. ps. your hair is pretty darn amazing!<3

  3. Love the violet! How does it compare to having the pink?
    That shirt dress is amazing. I love the shape of shirt dresses, because I really like things with a bit more structure. It would be amazing in navy, i think xxx

  4. I WANT THAT PEACE RING! I looked on ASOS yesterday, and saw it :) its yummy
    You look lovely in the photos hun, like the more purple hair

  5. Ohhhh my god this dainty doll powder looks soooo pigmented. I want IT !!!
    And the naked palette too :)

  6. Can you believe I saw the ASOS offer and forgot about it until it was too late? Failsville. The Dainty Doll blush looks gorgeous! Hippy Shake has to be the best name ever! I'm still trying to track down the Naked Palette. I'm hoping Mum will succeed and it will be sat under the Christmas tree come Christmas Day :D xoxo

  7. I need that little peace ring! <3

  8. I LOVE getting huge blingy rings, tacky is good. :)

    That dress looks lovely on you. Love the hair also.


  9. You are so GORGEOUS! Great post and great loot. I really respect you for embracing your natural skin instead of tanning like most people. I wish people would pay more attention to how damaging tanning is and understand that 'tan' does not equal attractive.

    I think the shirt dress really shows off your small waist. GET THE NAVY!!

  10. I love your dress! You should defintiely get it in Navy :) I wish I could get it but as i'm only 5ft it would be a bit long :( xx

  11. I desperately need to make an ASOS order! That dress is SO lovely - the color is perfect, definitely get it in navy :) The blush looks gorgeous. Loving your hair btw! <3 xo

  12. I love the dress and your new hair.
    But why should the blush be kept out of reach of children?

  13. The purple looks ace! I really love the dress too, super flattering.

    I finally got my hands on the Naked palette and thought that might feed my makeup addiction long enough not to spend this weekend, but alas, now I want some Dainty Doll stuff. Pale girls unite!

  14. @Irene - Aww thank you! Asos is too tempting haha!
    @Heather-Louise - I think I prefer this to the pink, I'm not sure why! Yeah, I really like fitted things!
    @Steph - Thank you beautiful! You should totally get the peace ring, it's super cute!
    @MariLou - It's super sheer once it's blended out. Still very pretty!
    @Kim - Aww I hope it's waiting for you for Christmas, it really is lovely!
    @Victoria - It's so cute!
    @Kelly - Thank you! Haha gotta love a bit of tack! :p
    @Alyse - Aww thank you! I think I'm gonna get the navy for sure! I'm all about the pale, tanning is waaaay too much effort!
    @Caz - They have it in the petite range too! :D
    @Laura - You totally should! <3
    @Musing on Beauty - Thank youu! Haha I'm not sure, maybe just incase they eat it or something? That can't be good for them!
    @Konni - Aww yayy for the pale! :D


  15. I'm crazy for rings at the moment, must NOT click on ASOS. Must.Not.

  16. I ADORE that colour ombre in your hair! In fact, I think I prefer it to the pink, its gorgeous and goes so well with that dress! x

  17. I love your hair! I wish I could pull it off like you! Also those rings are gorgeous :) xxx

  18. Absolutely adore both of those rings, you have such good taste in jewellery! They are on the right side of the fine line between pretty and tacky (: I love your dress! Buy the navy version! ;) xxxx

  19. I love mulberry as a colour, was going to paint my kitchen it, makes me feel cosy. That jewellery is immense, deffo a lover. i was going to try some dainty doll as I am quite pale, will have to check it out xxxx

  20. I adore that peace ring - so quirky! I've got really pale skin so I'm glad you featured the Dainty Doll products. I'm gunna have to go out and purchase something I think. You look amazing in that shirt dress and oh my gosh I envy your hair! What a cool ombre. Mulberry is one of my favourite colours at the moment. I think you should get the navy seeing as this one looks so good! Have a lovely weekend.

  21. I love your hair!!! Even a wee bit more than the pink I think!! And I am loving the volume :D I really really want to try some dainty doll products - I'm rather intrigued xxx

  22. wow you got lots of lovely bits! i really like the dress, its very wearable too so i think the navy version would be a good purchase. And your hair is amazing btw! x

  23. That blush looks gorgeous! I love pinky lavender shades for the cheeks - it's a little bit more unusual and unexpected but so flattering :) I also absolutely love your hair color with your dress! xx

  24. I really like your new look! That dress is stunning!

  25. amazing hair! I love the peace ring, i would love a peace symbol necklace




  26. Love every single thing.. that peace ring is so cute! And I lovelovelove that dress on you.. perfect shape!
    Your hair looks fabulous.. i like the darker colour.. you are bad ass ;)

  27. Jennie the purple looks incredible! The dainty doll blush looks lovely, I'm quite a big fan of Nicola (it's the hair i tell you!) so I may need to have a look at the range. The shirt dress looks like such a perfect fit, it is just gorgeous on! xo

    p.s The Wagner memories will never leave my mind!!

  28. Love all of this, especially the hair! Dress and necklace are both gorgeous too and making me want to go onto ASOS!


  29. @Laura - Do it! hehe
    @Katie - Thank you! I prefer it to the pink too I think! <3
    @Aqsa - Aww I'm sure you could too! I'm the least 'out there' person ever haha.
    @Michelle - Aww you're too kind! Everyone loves a bit of tackiness every now and then and if they don't they're telling porky pies hehe. You've twisted my arm, I'm gonna get the navy :D
    @Gem - You're right, it's a beautiful colour, I wish it was around more often! I'm impressed with Dainty Doll so far, think I'm going to pick up the more pinky coloured blusher too.
    @Bee - High five for being pale, I think it's a good range. A little pricey but if the products work then it's instantly worth it. Aww thank you so much :) Hope you have a lovely weekend too!
    @Nic - I'm liking it more than the pink too I think! It went a bit volume crazy :D Definitely one to check out I think, always a bit risky ordering online, I'd love to see the range in person!
    @head over heels - Definitely, gonna get a lot of wear out of something like this, not too pricey either! Thank youu :)
    @Tiffany - I totally agree! Aww <3
    @Shopperita - Thank you lovely!
    @Becky-May - <3
    @Emma Jade - Aww thank you beautiful. Haha!!
    @Emma - Nicola is gorgeous, I adore her hair too! Haha Wagner forever!
    @Kat - Thank you lovely! ASOS is amazing but it will steal all your money in return for pretty things hehe


  30. Well as I tweeted to you this week..I ordered something pre 20% off and then some thing in the 20% off sale/free next day delivery..which came!

    But the other thing I ordered before the sale still hasn't come...dying to unwrap it as it's a lovely xmas present for the boyfriend :)

    Really love the look of the blusher..but I have far too many now.

    Actually just love sitting reading your post, will have to comment for often. :)

    Fee x

  31. soooo lovely :)))))



  32. I love your peace necklace! It's at a great length, too.

  33. I keep meaning to try the dainty doll stuff, and your hair looks great! lovely lovely things xo

  34. @Fee - Aww yay for ASOS parcels! I hope the second one comes soon! Thank you sweets, that means a lot!
    @minnja - :)
    @Amaris - Thank you!
    @Claire - <3


  35. I'm really pale so always been intrigued by the Dainty Doll range. The colour of the blush looks fab! May have to give it a whirl! Also love the dress! Really beautiful colour!

  36. your hair is gorgeous! i think i like the purple even more than the pink!
    i've been looking at dainty doll make-up for a while too - might have to go ahead and purchase some now :)

  37. I absolutely love your hair like this, purple definetely suits you! :) xx

  38. I wish I had your hair girl! So thick and with a lot of volume! So lucky!

  39. Hi!
    WOW!!! You just have such a great style-I love that peace symbols are your thing and you rock 'em.
    I absolutely love this outfit too, how your hair sorta goes with the maroon of the shirt dress.
    Great blog!!!
    If you want to follow me, I will definitely follow you!!!

  40. That dress looks gorgeous on you - I love it :)


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