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Monday, 8 November 2010

What I Wore: Every now and then my memories ache.

Skirt: Debbie Shuchat from TK Maxx.
Black Tee: Primark.
Cardi: George at Asda.
Necklace: ASOS.
This skirt makes my already generous hips look even larger but for someone who was once so insecure, it no longer bothers me. I just adore the skirt, it’s fluttery, very feminine and I love to wear it. Fashion should be about feeling good about yourself, not feeling uncomfortable or letting anyone else make you feel uncomfortable.

I’m not a slim girl, I never have been and I have no desire to be. I love to eat, I hate working out, so this is me & I’ve learned to love my figure. Sure I’ll happily admit I’m carrying a few extra pounds but I’m not unhealthy and as a size 12, I do not consider myself ‘fat’. For some reason my weight/shape seems to bother at least one person who likes to send me anonymous ‘questions’ through formspring. I’ve stopped answering them because they’re just getting ridiculous but I just wanted to take the time to say, shhhh!

I've been having a bit of a wardrobe clear out, mostly to make room for more pretty dresses, and it hit me that I never ever wear jeans anymore. Once upon a time I lived in them, I thought they were the most comfortable thing in the world but now I can't stand them. It's funny how our style changes, sometimes without us even noticing!

Is there anything you used to wear a lot of that you no longer like?


  1. I've never been a fan of jeans, I've only owned a handful of them in my life, I think the main thing is them fitting. The only shops jeans actually fit me (and aren't crazily expensive) are topshop and river island.

    I can't think of anything I used to wear a lot but don't now. My style has changed a lot over the years but I think I've sort of worn similar things, if that even makes any sense!! :) xx

  2. you have a stunning figure and a great blog! i always read your new posts :) and its funny because i haven't worn jeans since i was maybe 13? and a month ago i bought my first pair in 4 years! haha:) dont know whats got into me xx

  3. P.s still loving the hair! And your skirt is really pretty :) xx

  4. Really pretty outfit! I love the skirt! x

  5. In the summer I love wearing dresses and I forget about the jeans but in the winter time, I'm cold so I turn to jeans.

    Lovely outfit! ♥

  6. Love this skirt. So so so stunning on you. You always wear such lovely colours and prints/patterns. You are an inspiration xx

  7. I used to live in skirts - either mini or the retro 60s shape - but know I just cannot wear them. I dunno what it is, I just don't feel comfortable in them anymore, so tend to stick to dresses! I do love a nice pair of jeans every now and then though :)

    Beautiful outfit, and I hope you have a better week this week, lovely.

    Heather-Lou xxx

  8. Your figure is completely natural and that's beautiful ! Screw those who think otherwise.

    Haha, there used to be A LOT in my wardrobe that I used to wear frequently that I didn't any more but moving out helped me finally give away & get rid of the things I don't use or wear.

    On a side not, I love your ombre hair ! Did you dye it yourself or salon ? I've been wanting to do something similar but most salons here don't know what balayage is ;-x So I think I might have to do it myself .. ;-D

  9. Thats really pretty. I used to wear jeans all the time but I live in leggings now :)


  10. I never wear jeans any more either, they're really uncomfortable to wear, unless you wear them in for a few days! Lovely outfit Jennie, I love your cardy and skirt! xx

  11. I used to live in pumps but I find myself reaching for boots a lot more now, I know that's maybe because of the weather,but me and my mom wear flip flops for as long as we can lol. xxx

  12. i'm having a wardrobe clear out hehe i'm selling some too for a charity close to my heart(:, your hips do not look big at all and don't listen to the anons! i'm cringing at some of the things i once owned, i've just noticed big puffy winter jackets dont suit me haha eww:|

  13. i always wore jeans up until the age of about 13/14 and now i find them so unflattering! you have a fab figure jennie<3,xxx

  14. I used to be a trainers and jeans kinda girl for a long time and now I can't imagaine ever wearing them. I only really wear trainers if I'm going to the gym now!

    You look gorgeous and I totally agree that fashion should be about feeling good.


  15. That skirt is stunning on you.

    And fuck formspring anons (I have a few pesterers on there right now too)


  16. Who cares about Anons? They're only mean because they can hide behind anonymity.

    I think that skirt looks lovely on you and you're really, really beautiful. I think you look voluptuous and feminine and it's wonderful!

  17. Your figure is gorgeous!!! I am a size 12 and I embrace it, I dont care what anyone thinks, I am me and thats that.
    Funnily enough, I used to live in jeans too, I didnt even own a dress a few years ago, lol. I think it is funny how style changes but I do believe that since leggings have come in fashion, thats the only reason I dont wear jeans otherwise I would still be a jeans girl lol

  18. oh i'm exactly the same with jeans now, i havn't worn jeans in ages and have taken them out of my wardrobe and hidden them away in a drawer :)

    Oh and btw, you have a lovely figure!!


  19. Hello...just saw your blog link...wanted to say hi...adorable outfit...love the hair!!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  20. You look so gorgeous! Glad you've started to embrace your figure :) I don't see how people could call you fat, you're definitely not - you have a lovely, girly figure! Love this outfit btw :)
    I used to absolutely live in leggings, but now that i've discovered jeggings they've kind of started to collect some dust!

  21. Oh wow you're gorgeous! I get what you mean about the skirt, I have a few skirts like that and ok, they make my hips look bigger but then they also make me look like I have a proper hourglass shape, so it's win win eh? I'm a size 14/16 and I've sort of accepted my shape although i could do with some toning, I feel I could never give up my fave foods :P and omg I have given up jeans as well, ok i wore my jeggings yesterday but for school i haven't worn em in ageeeeeeeees love your outfit btw and i'm following :) xxx

  22. I've been working backwards through your blog, and after seeing your newer post (wearing the gorgeous shirt dress from ASOS) I was thinking what a lovely figure you have and how that is what I want to look like. Damn right you should love your figure! The anon pesterer is just jealous ;) x


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