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Monday, 22 November 2010

What I Wore: Hippy Hippy Shake.

If you watched the UK version of the X Factor last Saturday I'm sure hearing the words hippy hippy shake will make you immediately think of Wagner & his interesting Beatles medley. I definitely do & it's really not the nicest of thoughts! Sorry Wagner!

Black Cardigan: Boohoo.
Dress: Boohoo.
Tights: Asda.
I always refer to this as my hippie dress and I absolutely love it. It's very different from my usual soft florals and cinched in waist but I think a bit of a change is good every now and again. I don't think it suits me as much as some of my other dresses but that's okay, I still really enjoy wearing it & that's what fashion is all about for me.

I've washed out the majority of my pink ombre in preparation for a new colour. After much deliberation I've settled on violet by Directions which left on for just a couple of minutes gives me the prettiest lilac coloured hair. I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye to my coloured ombre just yet, I feel really plain without it, even if it does limit my make up options!

Do you have an item of clothing that you love but doesn't fit in with your usual style? Also do you have any colour recommendations for my next ombre? I'm still contemplating blue but it's a little scary!


  1. I think maybe a deep purple? That would look nice. xx

  2. Really pretty dress. Boohoo do such great items :)


  3. Looooove that dress perfect for all seasons :)
    Lilac and blue ombres would look amazing! Red would be great for christmas too :)

  4. I still feel like I'm figuring out what my 'style' actually is, so I'm always going through phases of styles! I really like paisley print, it looks like a dress that would look great in summer as well.

    I also feel like having coloured hair limits your make up and your clothes. When I had purple hair I always felt like I couldn't wear anything that would clash with it! Lilac sounds nice :) If you put blue on top of it though it might turn a funny colour! You could try red maybe? :)


  5. beautiful paisley print dress




  6. What a lovely dress, I love the colours in it and the pattern is beautiful.
    I think once you start colouring your hair you get addicted and feel so plain without it. My hair is naturally dark blonde but I can't remember the last time it was like that naturally.... 10 years maybe!
    Go for the turquoise, it is such a pretty blue! Lagoon blue is also lovely. Remember you can mix directions to create a unique hair colour too :) xx

  7. I shop from boohoo too! I got 2 cute cardigans so cheap! I love that site.

  8. That's a funky dress! Gotta love Wagner hahaa. I agree with Gem - a deep plum/purple would look lovely. Good luck with your hair quest (:

  9. Oh I do love a Paisley pattern! I think a lilac would look gorgeous in your hair. I'm jealous, I think my hair would look hideous with colours in it :(! xo

  10. lo0ving your hippie dress :) The pattern is quite lovely

  11. To be fair your hair always seems to look gorgeous regardless of the colour! Purple sounds good though.

    Your version of the hippy shake is a lot better than Wagner's, that's for sure. *shudder* I do love a dress that keeps on giving all year round XD

  12. That is a gorgeous dress :)


  13. Gorgeous dress....a lovely pop of colour in these cold winter months

    T x

  14. @Gem - I was thinking about a warm plummy purple!
    @Kate - They do, & it's so affordable which is amazing!
    @Fern - Thank you :)
    @Emma Jade - Ooh that's a good idea!
    @Emma - Totally agree! I can't wear corals atm because of the shade of my hair, I miss them!
    @Becky-May - Thank you :)
    @Rebecca - I'm tempted by the turquoise!
    @Anca - It's so affordable, love it!
    @Bee - Thank you!
    @Dreams that Glitter - <3
    @Emma - Aww no it wouldn't!
    @Amber Blue Bird - Thank you!
    @Konni - Aww <3
    @Amey Jane - :)
    @Tabitha Bluebell - Absolutely!


  15. i really love that dress!

  16. @Sarah - It's super pretty, was a bargain too!


  17. Ewww Wagner and his thrusting. Nonono. :(

    Love this dress, really pretty print.
    Ombre next, would be cool to see a reverse, so dark ends? Might be different.


  18. LOVE the dress! :) gorgeous! You are so tempting me to dye part of mine a funky colour! lol xx

  19. This dress is just gorgeous! I bought a purple one with a similar pattern in the summer and was never out of it! x

  20. I think violet would be gorgeous! Blue would look lovely as well. You have the prettiest little dresses :) I have a few plaid tops that really don't fit into my usual style, i don't know why i keep buying them! Haha xo

  21. @Kelly - Hahaaa! Oh Wagner. So much lol!
    @Beth - You should, it'd look amazing!
    @LittleDreamGirl - Aww sounds lovely!
    @Laura - Thank you sweets!



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