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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Review: Good Things Face Mask & Eye Cream.

A few months ago the PR company that represent Naked Bodycare offered to send me a couple of items from the new Good Things skincare range. If you don't know much about Good Things you can read my introduction post here. Knowing how much I love the Naked range & my appreciation for products with natural ingredients they thought this was a range I would really enjoy & they certainly weren't wrong!

At the time my skin care routine was missing an eye cream and a face mask so those were the two products that I was lucky enough to receive. The Five Minute Facial Face Mask appeals to me because as the name suggests, it only takes 5 minutes. What can I say? I'm very impatient! 

The mask claims to make skin clearer, brighter and smoother. The formulation contains green clay and kaolin to draw out impurities, avocado oil to moisturise, goji berry extract to soothe & willow bark extract for radiance. I don't know how it manages to fulfill its claims in just 5 minutes but it really does and I guess that's the most important part - it actually works! It also smells divine which I think is always a bonus & makes me reach for a product more often.

Since it is a clay based mask and will bring any impurities to the surface of the skin I wouldn't recommend using this the night before a big event or a special occasion as you may well end up with a new little (unwelcome) friend on your face! The formula is easy to distribute over your face & you really don't need to use a lot each time which makes it really excellent value for money. I've used mine once or twice a week for around 4 months now and I still have plenty left, although I've already purchased a back up for when I do run out. I wouldn't be without this product now, I think it does a fabulous job.

You can purchase the Five Minute Facial Face Mask from Boots priced at £5.99 for 100ml or you can read more about it here on the Good Things website.

The second product I received is the Bright Eyes Eye Cream which claims to reduce dark circles and puffiness. I know that eye creams aren't an essential part of a skincare routine for everyone & they weren't for me until I turned 21. I know I know, 21 is far from old but my gosh, I feel old right now! I also wear contact lenses on a regular basis so I feel like I tug at my under eye area more than other people and I think that prevention is key!

The eye cream comes in a little squeezable tube with a narrow applicator which makes it very hygienic. The instructions say to apply a small amount of cream around your eye area and gently tap, (don't rub!) the product with your ring fingers until it's fully absorbed.

This is a very light cream as the range is aimed at young skin, so if you feel like you need a lot of extra moisture around your eyes then this probably won't be the product for you. The light consistency means that the cream is absorbed quickly which I always love, especially in the mornings when I don't want to be waiting around for a long time before being able to apply my make up.I have very dark under eye circles that I don't think any product will ever cure, but I can definitely notice a significant difference when I use this in the mornings. My eyes don't look as tired and they feel more refreshed. I think that's pretty impressive for such an inexpensive skin care product!

The tube is deceptively tiny, I can assure you it will last a very long time because you only have to use the smallest amount each time, so again this is excellent value for money! You can purchase the Bright Eyes Eye Cream from Boots, priced at £5.99 for 15ml or you can read more about the products here on the Good Things website.

Have you ever tried anything from the Good Things range? What did you think?


  1. I used the freshening polish and it broke me out. I seem to be the only person who doesn't get on with this brand which is a shame because I wnat to use products that are free from nasties but I doubt it's to be.

  2. I've been looking for this range in my Boots at home, but I think it's a bit small to stock it. Definitely going to hunt it down in Manchester, it sounds perfect for me :)

    By interest, what do you use to cover up your under-eye circles, as any concealer I use seems to end up smudging around and looking quite 'cakey'.

    Emma x

  3. ooh i might try the eye cream, my dark circles are terrible!xxx

  4. These look lovely!

    I'm currently trying to get used to the cream cleanser after Liz Earle and I haven't made my mind up yet!


  5. ahh that eye cream looks sounds good! i need a new one im not sure about longevity of eye cream but preeeeeeeeeetty sure mine is far past it! haha

  6. Desperate to get my hands on the face mask, and have been since i seen your first post! also really intrigued about the eye cream (i wear contacts too), and have read rave reviews on the boots website about the cleanser so will hopefully pick that up soon :) i love your reviews, because they actually tell you stuff about the product, rather than just what you think about it xxx

  7. I have the day cream and night cream from the range and neither are moisturising enough for my skin, but having said that my skin is drier this time of year so I'll have another go next Summer! I am interested in the mask but worried it'll dry me out even more.

    PS I am 26, which ain't exactly old. Just how young do you have to be to have 'young skin'? *ponders*

    Great post, as always x

  8. I'm definitely going to pick a few products up from this range as i've heard lots of 'Good Things' ;) about them. I really want a new moisturiser and I can't seem to find a good cleanser either! Thanks for a fab review :) x

  9. Thanks so much fore this review, very helpful (:

  10. Great review!! I had never heard of this brand but I'm really curious to try it out now :) Loved the photos btw <3

  11. I would love to try the face mask, I really dont look after my skin as much as I should (and I am also rather impatient) So thanks for the review girlie - I am always hesitant to try new face products incase I do break out, but I really need to start a regular skin routine before its too late! This range really looks right up my street, going to check out the website now! xx

  12. I've been looking for a new eye cream, this one sounds like a sound choice.

  13. @Rhamnousia - Aww that's a shame. Maybe try Neal's Yard?
    @Emma - I use a mix of Benefit Boi-ing and Benefit Erase Paste :)
    @Holly - Aww, it won't work miracles but I think it's helped a little :)
    @Rachel - I've not tried the cleanser. I really like the Chamomile cleanser from Neal's Yard. :)
    @Larx - hehee
    @Heather-Louise - Thank you! The cleanser does sound really lovely! Let me know how you get on with them if you do give them a go :)
    @konni - Thank you. The vitamin e & avocado cream from Neal's Yard might be worth a look if you have drier skin, it's what I'm using at the moment and I love it.
    @Caz - hehe! :)
    @Marisa - No problem!
    @Anna - Thank you! :)
    @Jazzy - :)
    @Ayden - Aww! I think this range is definitely worth a look!
    @Laura - Worth a try for sure!


  14. I almost bought the eye cream from Boots yesterday...


  15. I used the Good Things Mattifying moisturiser during the summer, the "Stop That Spot" lotion and still use on and off the Dream Cream night cream. I love the berry smell of the products but I didn't like the moisturiser, it felt like it was clogging my skin. Maybe I was stressed and breaking out anyway, but I seemed to get more spots when I used it and my skin felt coated.
    The other two I liked very much but the ingredients don't seem very potent!

    I really like your blog by the way, just read you post about having an 'identity crisis'- resonated with me because I dropped out of fashion school two years ago and I felt just how you described for a time afterwards. I was going to comment under it but then thought you might not see it and I literally discovered your blog about 15 minutes ago, so a recent post seemed better!


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