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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Snapshot 004.

001. Good things have to come after the thunderstorm has passed, right? I'm just going to hope they do because hope is all I've got left right now. I'm so broken and only time is going to fix it especially when I have to be the strong one.
002. Ralphie is still being his cheeky little usual self. I love him lots, but I am not loving his new tendency of biting his cage bars. He has so many toys and yummy things to chew but nope, apparently cage bars are nicer. I hope for my own sanity he stops soon!
003. I think I'm becoming a make up snob, which in some cases isn't a bad thing but I just know that somewhere along the line I'm missing out on some great products! Maybe I'm just a bit out of love with make up at the moment, or maybe I'm just okay with the size of my collection now.
004. There are only 48 sleeps until Christmas. Are you excited? I'm excited! There's something about all the lights, wrapping up warm and Christmas songs that just makes me smile! Admittedly I'm not looking forward to working in retail over the holiday period, I'm so sick of rude customers already that I'm not planning on just taking any abuse or snide comments. I honestly didn't realise people could be so rude, how naive I once was.


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  1. Things will always get better lovely, just sometimes it takes a long time :( hope you're doing ok.
    Ah I love Christmas time - not the whole present giving thing, just the time itself - everything just looks so much prettier I think! But I'm in retail too, and everyone is turning into a psycho already. Really not excited for this!

    Heather-Lou xxx

  2. I hope you're okay Jennie, sending lots of hugs to you! <3 Oh the sound of pets biting their cage bars is such an annoying one haha, Ralphie is adorable though so I'll let him off! Cannot wait until Christmas :D xx

  3. I'm so looking forward to Christmas too! & I'm also dreading the rush of working in retail during the Christmas period but hey ho, I'm sure the money will make it worth it.

  4. Oh I'm the same with regards to working over Christmas - I seriously didn't know people could be THAT rude until I started working in retail. The cheek of some people is astonishing. I would never even think of being like that to someone.

    Chin up, Missy. Hope is never a bad thing to have. x

  5. Please don't stop these posts! It'll be so nice for you to read over them in a few months. Do NOT take any crap,I hate rude people, just say 'excuse me, there's no need to talk to me like that' (Even if you want to say some thing FAR worse!) lol xxxx

  6. I promise things DO get better.

  7. @Heather-Lou - Haha gotta hate Christmas retail! But I love all the decorations and lights, so pretty!

    @Michelle - Aww I know, it's too difficult to be angry with Ralphie when he's just so cute!

    @Bee - Exactly, thinking of the pennies is the only way to get through!

    @Alison - Ahh I know, so rude! We're people too, there's no need to treat us like crap!

    @Beth - Aww thank you! Haha I'll definitely keep that in mind!

    @Laura - <3


  8. Good things always come after thunderstorms...always :)
    just stay positive and everything will work out for the best it always does.

  9. Hope you're okay. I gave out free samples of Oxfam tea and coffee today, and some people were so grumpy and rude - it's free, for goodness' sake!
    Anyway, I bought the Good Things facemask on your recommmendation, and agree it is so nice! Thanks for doing your monthly favourites, this stranger really enjoys reading your posts :)

  10. I'm the same I didn't realise how horrible some people could be over such trivial things! I would never dream of being rude to someone in a shop (well I try not to be rude to anyone but yanno!)
    I do hope things are ok with you lovely, try and stay strong. xoxo

  11. @S and O - Aww thank you :)
    @G - Haha people are unnecessarily rude, I'd be over the moon if someone gave me free tea! Aww I'm so happy you like it, such a good product that is affordable!
    @Emma - Yeah, it's fair enough if customers don't wanna be chatty and stuff but there's no need for rude comments especially when i go out of my way not to be pushy or pester them when i know they want to browse alone!



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