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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Snapshot 006 & Announcing the Winner.

001. The beach in the winter time is my absolute favourite place, ever. This is the beach at Hengistbury Head in Dorset & it really is just perfect.
002. My giveaway closed yesterday & today I picked the winners name out of a hat. It took forever to write out all the names, if you got 2 entries for already being a follower then you name went into the hat twice.

After folding all the pieces of paper up I popped them into the only hat I own, my teal beret that absolutely love! I do wish I owned a top hat, purely for moments like this, but the beret had to do!

And the winner is....
Congratulations lovely! Let me know if it's still Resist Lipstick that you would like & I'll get your prize all sent off asap! ♥ 

Hopefully I'll have another little giveaway up sometime very very soon!


  1. Congrats to the winner and that photo is gorgeous!

  2. Oh that photo is just wonderful. I still wish I lived close to a beach; only went and picked the one place on the South Coast with no beach didn't I?! xxx

  3. Congratulations to the winner! Loved the Sunday Snapshot and your pics of you picking the winner, you really captured the suspense!! Hee hee xxx

  4. Congrats for Emma Jade! I can't believe you wrote out all those names. That's so much dedication and heart that went into that.

    You live by the beach? You're so lucky.

  5. COngrats to the winner! :D

  6. Gorgeous photo <3 I need to go to the beach! Congrats Emma :) xx

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thank you so much! Yes i would still absolutely LOVE the resist lipstick :D
    Aaaah so happy :)

  8. @Jennifer - Thank you! :)
    @Michelle - Hahaa awww. You have a Yo! Sushi and good shops though!
    @May - Hehee thank youuu!
    @Alyse - It was way more fun that doing the standard random.org thing. And yess, the beach is the only thing I love about living where I do :)
    @Shopperita - :)
    @Laura - Thank youu! The beach is lovely!
    @Emma Jade - You're so welcome sweets :)


  9. I love your photography and congrats to Emma Jade :)

  10. YEY!!!! I'm SO GLAD Em won. Woop Woop xx

  11. @Caz - Thank you! :)
    @Gem - She's SO lovely!


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