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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Snapshot 007.

001. Okay, I admit it. This is a bit of a cheat photograph in the sense I didn't take it this week, but I've been so envious of all the pretty snow pictures I've seen over the past few days & I wanted one of my own! This was the first and so far, the only time I've seen proper snow. My boyfriend drove us up to one of the highest peaks in the Derbyshire Dales last year and it was beautiful.

002. Without intending to get to sentimental, I'd really like to thank everyone that leaves a comment, sends me a sweet email or even just simply reads my blog anonymously. I really do appreciate it so so much, more than you could ever imagine probably. I've met some lovely ladies that I would call real friends through blogging & that's something I'm so incredibly grateful for. I sometimes wish the land of blogger were a real place where we could all meet for a natter over a cuppa and spend an afternoon shopping for pretty things. I imagine that would get very expensive, but it'd be so much fun. In all honestly my life is a little bit of a mess at the moment, things are looking up but I really do love having my little piece of the Internet to escape to. Thank you so much for being here. ♥

003. I seem to have a new song obsession every week at the moment & right now it's Someone like You by Adele. I've honestly listened to this pretty much constantly all weekend and I think it's so beautiful. Adele is a gorgeous woman who just has to stand there & sing and she completely captivates me. I adore her.

004. I'm a little bit excited for the X Factor tonight, yep, I'm a geek. It's a double kicking off tonight which always seems so much more exciting! I'm thinking Cher, Mary & Katie might be in a bit of trouble, what do you think?

Have you seen any snow where you live yet


  1. It is so snowy here! But it's at the point now where it's getting quite dangerous - I fell and Tom had to drive to work which took him about an hour!

    You know how much I love your blog, I get proper excited everytime a new blog comes up on my dashboard. (i'm such a loser haha)

    Hope you're ok lovey xxx

  2. Love that photo!
    I love snow :)

  3. Ah that photo is beautiful Jennie. You deserve all the nice comments and love you get, you are such a sweet girl. Wouldn't it be lovely to all meet up and have a chat? One day hey!


  4. What i wouldn't give to see snow right now! Its so humid and hot in Perth, Australia right now! How about we swap? hehe
    keep up with the beautiful posts hun!


  5. i live in Surrey and i'm yet to see a sprinkle of snow - boo! that photo is making me want christmas to come even sooner! xxx

  6. Ah!!!! snap on your X-Factor predictions!!!

    please check out our blog :-)

  7. Ahhh, the weekly Xfactor tweets as I write my lab reports every weekend. I think the majority of my tweeting buddies are from the UK because those are the only sorts of tweets on my Twitter homepage on the weekends.

    Sorry that your life is so crazy. Hope it all works out soon. Mine's sort of, too, but I'm keeping it out of the blog and public sphere. It's really mean that people are taking digs at you for no reason whatsoever because you've never said anything mean/offensive/rude.

    No snow here yet.

  8. You really are rather good at photography my love! This week I've not been as active on blogger and twitter due to uni deadlines which made me sad and realised that I love speaking to everyone everyday! xx

  9. We've got snow and it seems to be staying :D I'm sure you'll get some soon, I believe we're in for lots of wintery showers this week.

    I'm totally with you on 002, I like to escape to my little piece of the internet too and there are some lovely people in the blogging world. Haha imagine if we did all meet up for shopping!

    I love Adele's new track, I heard it the other day and was totally captivated by it, she's got such a wonderful voice. I'm also loving Ellie Goulding's version of Your Song. And I'm more than a little obsessed with Pink's new album :D

    I definitely agree with you on the X Factor predictions for tonight!


  10. @Heather-Louise - Aww yeah, snow can be very annoying if you get lots of it all the time! I'm still a little kid when it comes to snow because it never ever does here! N'aww thank you sweets, hope you're well too!
    @Mila - :)
    @Eleanor - Aww thank you! Hehe it would be amazing. Imagine us all descending on some shops haha.
    @alexis - Ahh yeah, it's your summer now! That's super weird! Thank you lovely :)
    @Sarah - Aww yeah I'm excited for Christmas too!
    @Elisabeth & Theresa - :)
    @Alyse - Hahaa you don't even need to watch the show to know exactly what's going on with all the tweeting!
    @Nicola - Aww thank you sweets! I've missed seeing you around, but hopefully you'll be back soon once your diss is out of the way! :)
    @Kim - Aww I'm jealous! I want it to snow lots here so I can't make it into work next week. Not gonna happen lol.
    Haha that would be amazing, I think the staff in the shops would be a bit confused/overwhelmed!


  11. Your blog is really beautiful and has a strange calming effect on me. I think it's because it makes me imagine living by the sea which would be marvellous. And you like such nice things.

    There's snow here (oop north) and I'm hoping it sticks around till Christmas (coz I'm dreaming of a white one, of course!)

    I really dislike Cher and Katie. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll both get booted tonight? A girl can dream...

  12. Such a beautiful photo as always! I love the idea of looking into the unknown, even though in reality I'd be blimmin' terrified! We haven't had snow and I doubt we will, being by the docks and everything. I'd love the land of Blogger to be a real place as well! Met so many lovely people via blogging, including you! *end soppiness* Hope you've had a wonderful week minus FS stupidity sweet. xx

  13. i definitely agree with you about the x factor, cher sounded awful yesterday!xxx

  14. Gorgeous shot! I love the snow... until I have to drive in it! Then it gets a bit scary. x

  15. Ah, snow! Supposedly, it will start snowing here tomorrow, dunno what to think of it yet as my only pair of winter shoes died on me last week :/

    I'm so sad I can't watch the X Factor UK over here; I really like it more than the German edition.

  16. I really cannot wait for xfactor later, I'm going to be SO lost when it ends.

  17. @Konni - Hopefully it'll be a white Christmas! I totally agree about Cher and Katie - fingers crossed eh?!
    @Michelle - Thank you sweets! N'aww <3
    @Holly - She did, can't believe the judges thought she was amazing!
    @Jen - Thank you! That's true, it's just pretty to look at hehe.
    @Anisha - Aww you need some more winter shoes!


  18. Absolutely stunning photo! I LOVE Adele - she's so gorgeous & has an amazing voice <3 Totally agree with 002. - what a lovely place that would be :) xo

  19. @Laura - Ahh me neither, I love it!
    @Laura - She's so beautiful! Hehe it'd be amazing!


  20. I have become incredibly addicted to X-factor despite not wanting to! I love Rebecca and Cher but wasn't a fan of Cher's songs last night! Personally I am hoping we say goodbye to Mary and Wagner! x

  21. Loved your little sentimental blurb there, youre such a nice girl jennie and your blog is always a joy to read ♥ I completely get what you mean about wishing the blogosphere was a real place sometimes. I know that so many girls on this would be great friends to have just around the corner! Hope you feel better soon and things start to turn around for you. sending you a massive hug! xx

  22. Hi, I only just found your blog a few days ago and am thoroughly enjoying it!
    Just looked out of the window and found out it must have been snowing all day. Everything's white here! Amazing :-) I've been waiting for the snow to arrive for quite some time now as there's normally a lot of snow in Austria at this time of the year.
    (Oh, and to everybody wondering about me not seeing all the snow outside my window: I was practicing my heart out for an upcoming audition :-))))
    I have to watch X-factor on youtube which makes it quite hard to keep up :-)

    0x0x Hannah

  23. That's a gorgeous photograph!

    I also love love LOVE adele! Have a listen to Joanna Newsom aswell (I've got a song of hers on my blog), and also, well, it's a bit old skool, but some Janis Joplin. That's the sort of stuff I love to listen to when I'm studying/procrastinating.

  24. Beautiful photo, and gosh how amazing is Adele?

  25. Its super snowy here! I just posted my snowman but now actually am desperate to do a full snow post haha!

  26. I dont what i would do if i didn't have my blog to rant on! i have quiet abit of snow where i am! :)

  27. Amazing photography - love the graininess too it in the sky, it really gives that sense of being really foggy and still! If that makes any sense.

    Beautiful, beautiful.
    Would make a fab print!

    Fee x


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