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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Updated Skin Care Routine.

Maintaining a good skincare routine is something that’s really important to me. Having had acne in the past and turning 21 this year are the two things that have made me really consider the products I use on my face.

My absolute favourite cleanser, which I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about many times before, is the Chamomile Cleanser from Neal’s Yard. I use this at night, massaging it into dry skin and removing it with a warm muslin cloth. This takes off all my make up, even waterproof mascara, and leaves my skin feeling super clean.

After cleansing I like to use a face wash and there are three different ones I really like. If I feel like my skin needs a little extra gentle exfoliation then I’ll use the Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash from Naked Bodycare which has little beads in it that burst as you massage it into your skin. If my skin doesn’t need that then I’ll use either the Softening Face Wash from Naked Bodycare or the Daily Care Face Wash from Organic Surge. They’re both rose scented which I really like and they leave my skin feeling really soft and not tight in any way.

After patting my skin dry I soak a cotton pad in a little distilled witch hazel and gently wipe it all over my face. This has really improved the tone of my skin and it feels really cooling and soothing which is lovely. If I have any spots then I will apply a little witch hazel gel on to them and by the morning they will have significantly reduced in size.

My favourite night time moisturiser is the Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream from Neal’s Yard. This is quite a rich cream but it’s not at all greasy and sinks into the skin so quickly. I definitely couldn’t be without this product, especially in the winter time because my skin is beautifully moisturised when I wake up in the mornings.

After moisturising I like to apply my eye cream. The Bright Eyes Eye Cream from Good Things is a lovely one because it’s so light and can be used morning and night. Maybe I’m imagining it but I feel as though my dark circles aren’t as bad as they were before I started using this and at the very least I feel like I’m doing something to help my under eye area. I wear contact lenses so I feel like I tug at that delicate area more than most people so applying an eye cream makes me feel better!

In the mornings I don’t tend to do a lot, if my skin is feeling oily I will use one of my rose face washes or I’ll run a little distilled witch hazel over my face. If my skin feels fine then I’ll apply my daily moisturiser. In the summer I’ll just use the Almond Moisturiser from Neal’s Yard, which I find is really light and sinks in instantly. In the winter I find my skin needs something a little bit extra so I use a little of the Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture from Neal’s Yard as well. The combination of both creams provides a really lovely smooth base for my make up.

My lips get so dry it’s ridiculous. I know that most people swear by Carmex but for some reason that makes my lips even worse. My all time favourite lip balm is the Shea Lip Butter from The Body Shop, it’s so moisturising and it smells gorgeous! On days where my lips are exceptionally chapped I will use the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser under another lip balm for that extra layer of moisture. My newest favourite is the Nivea Pearly shine which is again, really moisturising & it adds a touch of frosty pink colour to the lips which is really pretty.

The last product I'm going to talk about it the Five Minute Facial Face Mask from Good Things. I use this once a week, sometimes more if my skin needs extra help, as a mini treatment. This does really draw out impurities so I wouldn't use this the day before an important event or you may well find a new unwanted little friend setting up home on your face. My skin is visibly brighter and refreshed after using this mask and I wouldn't want to be without this product in my routine now.

Do you have a skin care routine you stick to? What are your favourite skin care products?


  1. You look like you have a great regime going on there, i am really interested in trying some of the neal's yard products but not got round to it yet x

  2. I love skin care posts! You are always one of my original witch hazel ladies ha! I really want to gel now too! xx

  3. This is such a useful post!
    You have such lovely skin so it's great to see which products you use. I don't really have much of a routine- I need one- but i've been regularly using Boots No7 Beautifully balanced cleanser and Lush Dark Angels :) xx

  4. You make me wanna go and buy the lip butter from The Body Shop!! :D

  5. i've never heard of any of these products but they seem pretty cool :)

  6. I need to check out the Good Things range, and get some distilled witch hazel - I've been meaning to pick that up for a while so thanks for the reminder!
    Kat x
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  7. Thanks for posting this, will definitely have to give some of these products a go! Would you strongly recommend witch hazel? xo

  8. I love your skincare routine! Especially liking that you use alot of natural things! I am yet to properly try Niels Yard but I love that Blistex Lipbalm, all though my friends like to make fun of me when i have white gunge all over my mouth! HAHA! I also like the Naked shampoo range :) Fern, xxx

  9. I love that you have so many products. I thought I was excessive with the products I use! I started getting real, serious acne this summer so I can't use as wide a range of products as I like to. I'm a fan of Clinique's Acne System, Shiseido Benefiance eye cream, and this drugstore find eye cream. I'm all over Clinique and Aveeno moisturizers, too.

    Bleh, this was a super long comment, but you got me all excited about skin products!

  10. @Nicoletta - They are really lovely, I would definitely recommend the brand!
    @Nic - I will forever love you for recommending witch hazel!
    @Lauren - Ooh I've heard good things about both those products, I hope they work for you!
    @Shopperita - Ooh you should, it's really lovely!
    @Susanne - They're lovely :)
    @Kat - Hehe no problem!
    @Jess - Absolutely! It might dry your skin out so I'd use it sparingly depending on your skin type!
    @Fern - Haha ahh that happens to me too!
    @Alyse - Hehe I love skincare! I think it's so important to have a good routine.


  11. I have my eyes on a few Neal's Yard products and I've told myself one day I will buy them. Maybe in the new year when I'm not so skint. I really need new skin products. Lovely post, you're always so informative :) xo

  12. I love Neals yard, i have a moisturiser and it smells out of this world, you're right, sinks right in. Yum xx

  13. my favorite skin care product is MOISTURIZER! I could never live without it :)


  14. Wow! That's so much! I do nothing, and I guess it shows! Maybe I need to buy some of this stuff lol xxx

  15. You have got loads!!!! I just rely in my Clinique 3 step, I just adore it. x

  16. The Naked Bodycare range is more extensive than I realised - I am a Boots stalwart and didn't know they only stock a few products. if only there were more! I must check out the website.

    I have only tried one Neal's Yard product which is the Power Berry moisture cream but would love to try more.

    Lip balms are bit of a nightmare in this cold weather but I rate the Blistex one too. Good call!

    Love your blog Jennie XD

  17. I love that most of them are natural products. It shows that brands dont need to fill them with crap! :) x


  18. @Emma - Aww thank you!
    @Gem - Love Neal's Yard! Well worth the money!
    @Chelsea Lane - Me either!
    @Beth - Noo you have lovely skin! I'm jealous!
    @Hannah - Luckyyy!
    @Konni - Some products are online exclusives so it's definitely worth checking out their website!
    @The Real Steph - Exactly!
    @Ivy - :)


  19. Lovely post - i feel that I dont do enough for my skin. I use the Burts Bees lipbalm :)


  20. I wanna try that cleanser you use! :) I've been looking for a new cleanser to use since none of the ones i've tried so far are really working. I either get too dry or too oily from them. but right now I really like using my Lancome toner! it really works at evening out my skin tone.


  21. What a great routine! Thank you for sharing this, its really interesting to see what products you use. I dont have a clue when it comes to proper skincare, I really should get a move on and take care of my skin while its still young xx

  22. Oh wow, such intriguing products that I must now try, especially the Witch!


  23. @Amey Jane - Ooh I've never tried that but I really want to :)
    @Jennifer and Sherry - It's a really lovely cleanser, definitely recommend it!
    @Ayden - Deffo think a routine is a good idea, even if it's just a few simple products. :)
    @Dreams That Glitter - I couldn't be without it!



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