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Friday, 10 December 2010

November Favourites.

Phew, it’s finally December! Although individually each month seems to have flown by, all in all it has felt like a very long year! Lets just say I’m determined to make 2011 a better year in every way possible. I need a fresh start. It wasn’t difficult at all to pick out my favourite products of November so I shall stop waffling about nothing & begin waffling about pretty things!

November was the month I changed my pink ombre to violet ombre and loved it! Again I went with a dye from the brand Directions and the colour is simply called violet. I think it's a beautiful colour, I much prefer it to the pink & I think it suits me a lot more.

A few months ago I dropped my bottle of Lola perfume, the little spray nozzle flew off and I couldn’t find it for ages. My room got too messy to cope with, I had a huge tidy up and finally found the missing piece of the bottle! Lola is one of my absolute favourite perfumes and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again!

Superstar shampoo and conditioner by Bed Head have become my all time favourite hair products. Do they give me thick massive hair, no not really and to be honest, I didn’t expect them to. They have however definitely helped to keep my hair in much better condition and it’s so manageable now. I love the packaging and the product smells so so good. I really love these and they're such good value for money if you find a good online deal!

The cold weather has prompted me to reach for more moisturising lip products and one I’ve been using a lot is Vintage Pink from Rimmel’s moisture renew line of lipsticks. It’s quite a dark purpley-pink colour, which I don’t usually go for, but I really like this one and I feel it suits my pale complexion.

Rooting through my blush drawer I came across an old favourite that hasn’t been shown much love in recent weeks so I dug it out and remembered just why I love it so much. This is the Paris Show blush from the brand Modelista and it leaves the prettiest pink flush on the cheek with just the right amount of shimmer. It’s beautiful, so if you can get your hands on Modelista & this is still available, I’d say it’s a good purchase!

Another blush I’ve shown a lot of love over the past month is Hippy Shake from Dainty Doll. This is so unusual and leaves the most beautiful lavender toned sheen on my cheeks. I’ve been using this over a variety of pink toned blushers and it just adds something extra to my make up while still being very subtle. It’s just gorgeous, really gorgeous!

Neal’s Yard Chamomile Cleanser has popped up in quite a few of my favourites posts and I still absolutely adore it. It removes all traces of make up, even waterproof mascara, without irritating my sensitive skin in any way. It has a lovely subtle & fresh scent and it feels so luxurious as you’re using it. If I could recommend only one Neal’s Yard product, it would be this one. It’s just lovely!

Finally I couldn’t not include this in my favourites because I have used it so many times in the short space of time I’ve had it and that’s quite impressive considering I’m not really an eyeshadow person. There’s not a lot I can say about the Naked Palette that hasn’t already been said, it’s such a lovely palette and you can create so many different looks with it. It’s quite pricey I agree, but I don’t feel the need to purchase any other neutral shadows now, I have everything right here.

What were your November favourites? Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Everytime I see on of your massive product posts, I just want to run out and buy more products. I'm going shopping today, too. Ahhh, enabled! Now I want that Naked palette despite the fact that I possess a million and one eyeshadows in brown/beige/neutral etc.

    Have you considered doing a post on your makeup and beauty products collection? I'm so curious!

  2. Nice products.
    I own the Rimmel - Vintage pink too but I don't find myself wearing it that often. I love its smell!!
    I'm so curious about that perfume and I'll smell it next time I'll go to Sephora.

    P.S. What do you want for Christmas? (products :P)

  3. I still haven't bought Lola by Marc Jacobs! If I manage to get a job after Christmas, that'll be one of my first major purchases, it's such a lovely scent (: Another thing I must try is that cleanser (or similar!) from Neal's Yard, your reviews always persuade me to look into trying their products! xx

  4. Love your favourites, i really want to try something from the Nicola Roberts line, it intrigues me :) Fern xx

  5. great list! I think I'll try the rimmel lipstick

  6. I'm hoping to get my hands on the Naked pallette for christmas!!

    Love your blog x

  7. Part of me still really wants the Naked pallette, I wasn't overly keen on the packaging but the eyeshadows look amazing, and I know from past experience UD shadows live up to there standards.

    And the Dainty Doll blush looks perfect, I have admired this range for quite a while xx

  8. I really really want the naked pallette i might treat myself if i get some money for christmas.
    I use to use that purple dye when i had a coloured strip in my hair :)

  9. Hippy shake looks like a lovely colour, That dye reminds me of my crazy hair dying in my little 'mosher' days haha xx

  10. i wear lola.
    it is my favorite perfumes ever. <3
    great list.

  11. I saw a set of Nicola Roberts' make up line in an in-flight magazine recently and was tempted to try something as I have her colouring...I see that she's making very pale foundations! I'm still in the first flush of love with my UD Naked palette too!
    Kat x
    If you like Urban Decay check out my Book of Shadows III Giveaway!

  12. Lola is one of my favourite perfumes too. I've read so much about the Dainty Doll line so am glad to hear that the blusher is good - I really want to try some of the products. x

  13. @Alyse - Hehee. You need the naked palette, trust me! :p I really don't have a very big collection, but I will do a post for sure :)
    @Shopperita - Lola is lovely, I'm sure you'll love it! Sometimes I find vintage pink hard to wear, it's so unlike anything else I have. There are so many products I'd love to get for Christmas. Some Neal's Yard skincare, some Benefit blushes and I'd really like to pick up a few MAC products since I don't have any yet! What do you want for Christmas?
    @Michelle - Hehe the cleanser is a lovely product, not too pricey either!
    @Fern - Aww thank you! The Dainty doll blush called my girl I think looks so pretty!
    @dodo - I really recommend it :)
    @Hanna Elouise - Aww it'd make a lovely present for sure!
    @Alice - Absolutely, such great quality!
    @Bows and Butterflies - ooh you should, it's really lovely!
    @Monika - hahaa!
    @gee - It's so lovely! Thank you :)
    @Kat O - Love UD :)


  14. Lola is my favourite perfume too! It has such a gorgeous smell, my grandparents bought me a HUGE bottle for my birthday!

  15. Hippy Shake looks so beautiful. I haven't tried any Dainty Doll I really must! xxx

  16. Thank you for answering me. :)
    I would love to get the Vera Wang - Princess perfume and a Mac powder or blush but we'll see. Hope you'll get everything you want. :)

  17. @Lily Lipstick - Lola really is a beautiful scent! Quite impressed with Dainty Doll so far, I'm looking forward to trying a few more products :)
    @Laura - Ahh it'll last forever! My boyfriend's parents got me a huge bottle last Christmas and I still have half left!
    @May - It's a really unusual shade! :)
    @Shopperita - Thank you for checking back, I wish blogger had a better comment reply system! Ooh I tried Princess in Boots the other day and it's a gorgeous scent! I hope you get everything you want too <3


  18. I want to make 2011 a better year as well :) I have been waiting for the Naked palette to be back in stock here! Sadly, it hasn't yet :/ Your pictures are always so clear and neat. Makes your blog a whole lot easier to read, thank you!

  19. I love your favourites posts :) I love Marc Jacobs Daisy and i'm sure i'd probably like Lola too, the design of the bottle is really pretty!
    I really want to get the Naked palette if I get any money for Christmas as everyone seems to love it! xx

  20. I just love your blog!! This post has made me want to buy all of these products!! Neals Yards products are always so nice too, quite tempted to splurge out on that cleanser xx

  21. I am defo lusting over the naked pallete, and I am also a lola wearer :) I found the bottle too big to take with me when I went travelling though which was gutting, so I bought a limited edition of bottle of daisy instead (SLIGHTLY less bigger flower on the top, haha) but was so glad to get back to lola when I got home! aaah, so thats how you did your ombre :) how often have you had to redo it? xx

  22. @Amaris - Thank you :)
    @Caz - I always love the bottles hehe.
    @Influence - Aww thank you! The cleanser is quite reasonably priced which is good!
    @Ayden - Haha awww, they're both lovely scents :) Yes, it's super easy but I have to re-do it almost every other hair wash. It fades so quickly, but I think I'm getting tired of it now so the quick fade will be good for when I want normal hair again :)


  23. I LOVEEE Lola too! It's such a lovely perfume (:

  24. I want to see pictures of your new hair!



  25. I've been toying with the idea of putting some coloured streaks in my hair for a while but I didn't have a clue what sort of dye to use - am very tempted to try this one out, the colour is lovely!

    And yeah, the Naked Palette is gorgeous, I was just thinking recently how I didn't really have many neutral shadows. If it's still available I might have to get it as a Christmas present... from myself :P

  26. Naked palette from UB, I want it so bad. <3



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