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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Snapshot 008.

001. I cannot believe it actually snowed here this week. I was probably about 5 the last time it snowed this much! I sort of got my very own snow day too, which made me smile lots! We all love unexpected days off work!

002. Today I have to go to work for 3 hours, it would seem a little pointless but it gives me an excuse to have a quick look around a few shops after so it’s okay. I’m hoping Primark have some weekend type bags in because I really don’t want to have to take a proper suitcase on the train with me on Monday. I know accessorize have some lovely ones in at the moment but they’re so pricey!

003. I can’t believe I’m at 730 followers, I’m astounded and so happy! So as a little thank you I’m going to pick up a few pretty things for a mini Christmas giveaway. That post should hopefully be up before the end of the week! What would you lovelies prefer – a few winners to get a couple of little prizes or one winner to get all of the prizes? I’m not sure, but I think I’m leaning towards a few winners. That sounds more fun! Either way it’s not going to be a huge giveaway although I really wish I could afford one!

004. I have decided to disable my formspring account indefinitely. I’m pretty sure that it's just more trouble than it’s worth. You should all read Gem’s fabulous post about haters and also read the way Beth fabulously addressed someone’s idiotic ‘question’ directed at her.

005. My house is officially on the market and I’m a little bit sad. This is my childhood home so part of me wants to keep hold of it forever and not let anyone else have it but I know that’s not possible. I think sometimes you have to embrace change even if it’s the last thing you want.

Have a lovely Sunday sweethearts!


  1. Those photo's are lovely! I was surprised it snowed where I lived too! I'm sure I've asked you this before but I'm going to ask you again, sorry haha, what cameras do you use? You use a few don't you?
    You deserve everyone of those 730 followers and many many more! Your blog is one of the best and have some of the best photos xx

  2. Have a lovely weekend Jen, hope you find a great bag to travel with. It is sad to move house, but you never know, you may fall head over heels in love with your new one eh. Thanks for linking to the post, so sad that you have had to delete the Formspring, but it is completely understandable. Lots of love xxxx

  3. oh let me know if u find a bag.. im on the hunt for one too!
    &giveaway sounds coooooooooooooool :)

  4. I love how pretty the snow makes everything look! It's melting here, hopefully will be back for xmas :)
    Oh and glad you disabled your FS account, it's not nice to log on to such horrible comments. Especially when you're clearly such a lovely girl! Nevermind eh, people can email you or tweet you if they have questions xx

  5. Congratulations on your blog growth! If anyone deserves it, it's you.

    I think disabling your formspring is a good idea. People (or maybe the same person) are just unnecessarily hating on you and you don't deserve people trying to bring you down. I saw both Gem and Beth's posts and I was really appalled by what someone had written to Beth.

    It's still Saturday over here as I write this!

  6. amazing post!
    looking forward to your little giveaway, i'm also debating doing one too!
    and i deactivated my formspring too, its now just a bullying website for the cowardly twits who insults others for no reason! probably a good thing you deactivated it, dont want you getting upset over something so insignificant!


  7. the garden covered with snow looks so beautiful! ♥

  8. Dig out the old childhood albums, you'll always have the fab memories of your house x (love the bird house, btw!)

    You have loads of followers because your blog is awesome. I heart it!

  9. Same i was so excited too with the snow gave me 3 days off which was good so i could have a childish play but then revise for my exams tomorrow :/

    I know exactly what you mean with formspring its definitely a bitch fest on there and cause way to much hassle than its supposed to !

    A few mini prizes for few followers sounds much better to me :) Can spread the christmas spirit abit more :)

    Also you're spot on with the idea of change , sometimes you have to change even if you don't like it its part of life and you addressed the situation very well :)

    Love your style very much hun :)

    Loves Eloise xoxo

  10. love the birdcage in the snapshot:) i think formspring is just a place where people can say irrelevant things instead of asking. it's quite silly really, noone should be targeted! and primark do have some nice flowery weekend bags, i saw them but i didn't buy one :)xx

  11. aww you're snow is lovely :)
    it probably is a good idea to get rid of the formspring, things that have popping up on it this week (Beth's in particular) have made me so angry!
    That's a real shame about your house love :( when we sold my childhood home, i had to move over 200 miles away so i hope you're not having to go that far! hope you have a lovely week xxx

  12. I love what you said about change, I always panic I'll have to lose my childhood home one day but I know it's inevitable and I should embrace it like you have!

  13. Lucky you with the snow, we hardly got any. Boo.

    Well done on the followers totally deserved. And thanks for the links will go check out the posts now.

    Have a great Sunday.xx

  14. @Abbie - Aww thank you! I use a Nikon D50 SLR which is super old now and I have a little Nikon Coolpix L22 :)
    @Gem - Yeah, the move is a little daunting but I get to be closer to my family :)
    @Cotton - Primark have some great ones for £6! Bargain :)
    @Sarah - Thank you lovely!
    @Alyse - Aww thank you! Ooh you're back in time hehee
    @COURTZMELV - totally agree!
    @susanne - it makes everything pretty :)
    @konni - Aww that's lovely, thank you <3
    @Eloise - Thank you beautiful :)
    @Irene - Totally agree! Thanks hun, I found one. £6 is such a bargain!
    @Heather-Louise - I'm having to move quite far too but I'll be nearer to my family so that's nice! <3
    @MediterraneanX - You might be lucky and get to keep it! But sometimes change is good :)
    @Laura - You too sweets!
    @Kelly - Aww I hope you get some soon! <3


  15. Wow beautiful snowy shots!! My childhood home is all the way in the US and I live in Ireland so I know how you feel :( I've been back there and the new owner even let us inside to look around but the "magic" was gone, it looked completely different...sometimes it's better to just keep things in your memory box...it's more comforting that way! <3 <3

  16. Lovely snow pics! I was in England until yesterday and I really enjoyed the snow there, eve though it caused me some trouble too! :)



  17. Lovely Pics Jennie and congrats on all the followers! :)xxx

  18. Congrats on the followers, you deserve them! x

  19. Aaaw hope you found a bag! I'm glad you think I addressed that idiot well, I didn't want it to be completely incoherent lol I'd be devastated if my childhood was sold too! Stay strong xxxx


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